04/24/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Love is where love is free.

Sat Nam


04/24/2018 Tratakam

To be at peace

Is to be with me


To hear my Word

Is to be with me


So simply said

You must believe


You live

Because I wish you to be


Alive in my heart

Alive in your heart


Feel our hearts

They beat simultaneously


Letting go

To create unity


You are alive

In ways not understood


To walk

With my hand


To be silent

When so much is heard



To my love


Create peace

In your heart



When you sing


My song

A vibration to be felt


My Word

So hidden to most


My Word

Is everywhere


In each color

In each strand


A beautiful life

With so many moments



To live


Naturally serving

Seeing my Light in All


Continue listening

When you feel



As the breeze guides you to be



As the sun requests you to wake



As my song tells you to sing


My life

In one small stone


Anchoring the world

Through love alone



To be with All



Walk with All



To my love


As you live

Sing silently


I will be heard

Through love


To feel

Each emotion


My strongest

Have been chosen



My love


In our silence

We will heal



Give to me


An experience

Of my creation


Through your stillness

We will create


My world

As I intended it to be


Sat Nam