04/26/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Smile into the eyes of the One

Sat Nam


04/26/2018 Tratakam





Is not to be had


Your life

Is to reflect my love


Your life

Is to radiate my love



Are for those that do not listen


My Truth

Is my only command



Follow me


Side by side

We walk together



Follow my lead



Love their life


Your life

Is my perfect creation



Every aspect of it


As I create change

Be who you are


You love

Experiencing my creation


You listen

You see


The effect

Of me


I am the only domino

I am every One


You live in glee

When you hold my hand


So much love

Radiating from you


When you believe

That I love you


I love

Through every experience


Every sensation

Heightened by my hand


My creation

Tip toe with me


There is so much

That most choose not to see


Be my joy

Be my passion


When there is pain

Be my wisdom


All have been born

With my wisdom


Each capable

To cure themselves


With my love

Understand what you are


The body

Is neutral



Is neutral


The mind

Is to be trained


Choose the path of neutrality

Live the experience of All


Sat Nam