04/30/2018 Kirtan Kriya

New beginnings can be found within each breath.

Sat Nam


04/30/2018 Tratakam

You are to see



In the eyes

Of everyone


You are

My life


See my love

All are there


Starting and stopping

A routine


Looking for love

My love is always there


High and low

Illusionary movement


Your mind’s trap

Pure confinement


Release yourself

Establish your Truth


Each breath

Each thought



My name


Life is changing



Life is moving




My Truth





Many lives

Around you now


What is my name

Where are my thoughts


Know my lives

Accept my life in you


Your life

Is my life


Live my life

As I choose


Choose to be graceful

When I create conflict


Heal all judgement

Starting from within


Choose to be still

When I give you chaos


Recognize your ability

To be victorious


You can be still

When the world explodes


Choose to be present

Accept your role


Longing to be alone

Choose my destiny


Be present

Allow all to see


Through sight

That sees through me


Each of my eyes

Will open to see me


My vibration

Awakens all


You have come



You will awaken

Each heart


My vibration

Blessed your births


Sat Nam