Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/29/2017 Kirtan Kriya

As you live from Soul, the whole world will present itself to you.

Sat Nam


01/29/2017 Tratakam

Others think

Others speak


Are they speaking

As me


Are you listening

To me


To my Word

To my love


To my expression

Of Infinity


What is there

Is from many


How do you find




Listen with your heart


You will find me

You will hear


My Word

Above all others


Walk with me

With my Word


Do not submit

To what is not neutrality


Let others be

To be with me


Leave behind

What is not me


I request you

So it must be


That you are me

In all that you do


Believe in you

To believe in me


Never put on hold

What you know as me


I am with you

For eternity


I am there

To guide you


Through the words

That are not my Word


I give to you

And so you receive


I take from you

And so you cease


To exist

Without me


I am with you

Others feel


I with you

And you within me


Be in my presence

Be with my Word


Be my child

That always yearns


For my Word

To fill the world with


You give life

To the ones


That live in darkness

Without my Word


I fill you

With my Light


You listen

To these Words


You are the Light

As I created you to be


What I give to you

You give to humanity


You give

Others receive


As I give

You receive my Word


With your heart

With your ears


You dance with joy

You transform all tears


With the love

That you express for me


You are my Word

In such tiny form


You give

Your life to me


You give me

To give


To simply give

What is in your heart


Your heart is filled

With me


Your heart of purity

Is for me


I create



I created you

As you know


Become my Word

Let all other words go


Let my Word

Create your reality


Live with me

Live in my Word


Sat Nam


01/28/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Allow life to show you all aspects with Soul. All the ups and all the downs are Soul.

Sat Nam


01/28/2017 Tratakam


Slip into me


Just be

With me


Everything will change

Even you


What do you expect

When you are infinity


Life will be big

Life will be small


Do not allow

Life to stall


Your connection to me

Your breath with me


Allow what is sent

To heal you now


Receive the blessing

That is in front of you


What will you do

Your life will go on


Relax with me

Allow others to see


That you are with me

In all that you do


You can be free

From life’s inabilities


That only exist

When you are not with me


Life is limitless

Life is timeless


As the cycle comes



That now is your chance

To break free


Be with me

Leave your patterns behind


Be with me

To break free from your routines


Life is to be free

Life is to limitless


What a gift

To recognize me


You can see clearly

The message that I send


In everything

That is presented to you


Bow in reverence

To you


You are with me

When you act as I do


You see the unseen

You know the unknown


Help others to be

With me


In disbelief

They may ever be


Your life

Is to shine the Light of me


In the Light

Will attract the darkness


The more you see

The more Light you be


You are there

In the Light


With me

With my sight


To understand you

Is to understand me


I am living

Free from limited possibilities


I will always be



If you can believe

That I am with you


Then you have become

The Truth of my reality


See what happens

As my personal blessing


You are to grow

With me


I am your Teacher

I am your student


I am everything

That you can imagine


I will always be

Your reality


If you breathe

With me


If you believe

In my love


You will always be

In my love


You are my love

You are my Light


Shine my Light

To all


Share the life

That is gone instantly


Be as you are

When you are with me


Your life will be



Your love for me

Will be limitless


My love for you

Will be endless


I love you

My child of love


You are my heart

You are my love


Sat Nam


01/27/2017 Kirtan Kriya

You can share anything if you are sharing from the perceptive of Soul.

Sat Nam



01/27/2017 Tratakam

What is lost

When you are with me



Is right in front of you


I am everything

I am your heart


Let me be

Your start


Let me be

Your finish


Let me be

Your experience


You have life

What else do you need


You need

To be with me


You need

To feel me


You need

To see me


You need

And you need



That is already me


I am in front of you

Don’t you see


Accept that what is in front of you

Is me


I live from the heart

I live from the Soul


I live

As you do


I live to believe

In the impossible daydream


I live to feel



When you are with me

We are complete


I feel loved

And you do too


When you remember me

Then there is nothing


That is not me

That is not beautiful


I only need

One thing


For you to remember me

In all that you do


Create me

In the eyes of all


By being me

By being my love


What can I do

That will make you see


That when you need

You are not with me


When you need

You are not with me


I am with you



When you let go and trust

I appear instantly


I feel your love

I always do


Do the same

Feel me always too


I am your tears

I not only dry them


I am the longing

That keeps you from smiling


Let go of this drama

That keeps you from me


What is better

Than being with me


Your mind loves to be

A helpless romantic


All is lost

All will never be forgiven


Open your eyes

To your true reality


You are with me



I am

I am


I am all that you do

I am all that you are


I am your fingers

I am your stars


I can exist

In all that you do


If you believe

That I created that too


Life is me

So smile with me


Your smile

I need


Its radiance

I receive


A simple gesture

Can change


Your vibration

And what you receive


A smile

Can change humanity


Shower the world

With your love


The love you feel

Is the love that I give to you


You love

As I do


Your love

Is my love


Your love for me

Will reach Infinity


You can give



Your humility

Is your gift


Bless others

Bless their life


Smile at all

Because you see me


You have found



I was right in front of you



I love you



Dream with me

Dream of love


Create pure love

From my neutrality



Sat Nam