Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/26/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Open your life to Soul.  Open your experience to living on a Soul level.

Sat Nam



01/26/2017 Tratakam


As I walk with you



As I speak to you



As I listen to you


You can only listen

When I tell you to


If you listen

Have gratitude


For the opportunity

To grow


You are my seed

Of my Light


Grow with me

My Infinity


Yes you are

You are Infinity


You are so brave

When you are with me


You are my child

My precious child


You give to me



I watch you grow

In famine and in fame


I give you love

And you know


That I am always

Your dream


You stay with me

While you are sleeping


You walk this life

In your dream of me


You trust that I live

In the hearts of all


Life is so simple

When you know me


Life is so limitless

When you never test


That I am you

And you are me


You are to be

You are to be me


As you grow

You reach new heights


With the universe

You always find



Wherever you go


I am your thoughts

Before you speak


You speak



You share



You listen

To me


You hear me

In the voice of all


You reflect me

In all your answers


You receive my Word

And you share


What is not for you

What is for all


My little seed

You are so bright


You are my reflection

Without hesitation


You give

With love in your heart


You live

To walk with me


Your life will be

Full of me


Because you choose

To be with me


I am your song

I am your flight


You go

To fulfill your delight


Of being with me

My companion


My child

My Light



Give to all


You are awakening

As you grow


Nurture your being

Continue listening


I am with you

I am guiding you


You are growing

You are changing


Into an awareness

That is only me



Sat Nam

01/25/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Send the seed of the Guru.  Plant love in the hearts of all.

Sat Nam



01/25/2017 Tratakam

Is the truth you speak

My Truth


Do not claim

To be neutral


When your words

Are filled with passion


Passion is not me

I live in neutrality


What do you feel

When you are with me


I am without words

I do not speak


I am many

And I am none


How do you explain me

With only your tongue


What you send

So you will receive


Connect with this wisdom

Connect with me


I do not slander

I do not slay


I only speak

With neutrality


Live in my heart

Connect to your heart


Dwell with me

Become me


My Word

Is a vibration


It created the stars

It created the entire Universe


When others speak

What do they project


When you speak

What do you create


Send my Light

Send my wisdom


Pray for all

That they will listen


To what is in you

To what is in all


I live with you

I live with all


May all connect

To what they are


Their Truth

Is me


I am your heart

I am your Light


I give you

Your sight


Of what love is

Of what living is


Live for all

Live to serve all


Will others be

In the consciousness of me


Send me to them

Send my Light


Send my vibration

Consciously direct my vibration


If you are living in neutrality

You are living as me


My Word

Is my vibration


Create as me

Create this world


I am the creator

I create


I give you the ability

To create with me


Only if you live

As me


You are me

As I am you


What you speak

Is it as me


Speak to the hearts of others

Speak directly as me


Join the Light in you

To the Light in them


Become the Universe

Become Infinity


You are free

When you are with me


There are no limits

To what you can be


You are all

And all are you


Live in this reality

It is the Truth of me


As you do

Others will be


When you live with me

In neutrality


Your vibration

Is a part of me


Live with this responsibility

Live with this respectfully


All your words

Speak gracefully


All your thoughts

May they be of me


Your life

Give to me



As I have given to you


Surrender your life

To neutrality


When you give

You will receive


Your breath

I give to you


This is your gift

In everything that you do


You exist

Because I give to you


Now is the time

To give to me


Give me your thoughts

Give me your heart


Share with me

In all that you do


Give me to others

Give my Light to all


So that I may become

The reality of all




Sat Nam

01/24/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Receive each person that you see with love.  Send them the divine vibration of the Light.

Sat Nam



01/24/2017 Tratakam

The Light!

My Light!


Is for you

Is for your sight


I give to you

I give me to you


What do you do

With me in you


Do you share

Do you dare to share


Give me to all

Give only me


Let others be

I see them clearly


More than you

Will ever see


Open your eyes

Open your hearts


To me

To what I see


Do you see me

Or do you experience me


Do you relax

When you are with me


Who are you

When you feel me near


Is this the idea

Behind all creation


To relax with me

To be still with me


For I am in all

I am all creation


With this wisdom

Do you agree


That life is nothing

Without me


Every life that you see

Is me


How do you treat me

How do you receive me


With respect

With loyalty


Begin to believe

That the other person is me



That the other person is you


I am you

You are me


You are all

And you are You


The You in you

Is the Light of me


Connect with your

True Identity


Believe that you can be me

In pure neutrality


Your life is to give

That which you receive from me


Give to others



Shine the Light

That I fill you with


Shine the Light

Be so bright


That all will see



Live as I do

Live to give to all


Every breath

To every being


Is given

Is gifted


Have you thanked me

For each breath that you receive


Every breath

To all


Is a gift

From me


Every creation

Receives this breath


Bow to my creation

Respect what you see


It is me

It is my creation


Now is the time

To be as your words say


If you don’t see me in all

You don’t see me at all


Live your words

Live in harmony


With me

With my creation


Choose to live

From neutrality


My life is stillness

My life is flowing


Be with me

Be with my love


Receive my wisdom

Receive my breath


With humility

With your consciousness


Allow it to awaken you

To life’s true purpose


Life is to create

With me



Sat Nam