Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/14/2017 Kirtan Kriya

The Soul of you is the Soul of All.  Love the beauty of who you are.

Sat Nam





01/14/2017 Tratakam

What is a story

Without my Word


You can read

You can experience me


Do you think

Without me


A story from me

Is me


My story

Is my Word


All the thoughts

All the actions


Come from me

From my creation


It is my love

It is my gift


For you to speak

The Word of me


I have seen




I have created everything


Can you comprehend Infinity

With a single mind


Can you see all

With only two eyes


If you believe in me

You do


You see through me

You exist through me


You see

What I see


You exist

Only as me


As you still yourself

You blossom


Into me

Into my existence


Your mind

So simple


Yet is can create

So much chaos


See the world

As I do


As a part of Infinity

As One with Infinity


There is so much more

That you can experience


And yet

You can only be


As I have intended

As I have created for you


Have gratitude

For your life



That which I have shared with you


Your mind

Is only one aspect of this world


In the darkness

Your mind shall be


Until you travel

To the petals


To me

To my love


Experience my Light



All that I do

Is for you


I give

You receive


The only gift

That I wish to receive


If for you

To receive me


Open your arms

Feel my love


In all your pains

In all your loves


I give to you

I give


You receive

You receive me


Your heart must be open

Your mind must obey


In order to serve

In order to receive me


In all that you do

In all that you see


Receive me

Receive my blessings


You can feel

Me on your cheek


As the wind blows

As the trees speak


In your heart

Is where you are to seek



Sat Nam

01/13/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be free with your love.  Relax and enjoy when others begin to love all.

Sat Nam



01/13/2017 Tratakam

Others will be

As I have made them to be


Will you set them free

Will you let them be me


They will fly

They will soar


They will live

As me and more


Will you accept

As they are


When they are me

When they are not me


I can be

I can be free


In all hearts

For eternity


Will you see it

Will you allow the experience


So that all can feel

The blessing that is me


I am always in your heart

Do not try to contain it


Allow it out

Allow others to expand


Their consciousness of me

When I am free


You are here

As a blessing


You are the blessing

That I give to all


I am for all

Just as I am for you


You can live

By sharing me


You will have

All that you need


If you release me

From an open heart


As you radiate me

You will be filled with me


We will always be



You are my Light

You are my Soul


You are me

As I hold you close


Free me

Give me


To those that need

To those that see


To all that I choose

To be with you


In your presence

In your mind


In all that you do

In all that you see


They are me

Give me to me


Let go of your hold

Of keeping me close


I am always with you

Even when you forget





Everything changes

Except me


I am infinity

I am consistent


With Truth

With my Word


I never change

Because I am always changing



And the entire world


Let yourself see



Through your eyes

With my many eyes


Receive that which I give

To you


See the unknown

Experience the unseen


As you do

You will set all free


To be with me

To be with you


Forgive the constraints

That living creates


You are not living

Because you are me


You are nothing

Because you are all


Exist here with me



You are always here

But you need to see


The reality of life

As it exists without me


In the hearts

Of the empty


I fill you with me

So that you can be



My Light


To share

To give


In this human form

In this human life


You are me

You give me life


To fill those that are empty

Of what exists within them


Let go of your hold

That this life attaches you to me


You are more than this life

You are me


As you give

You will see


Only me

Only us


I am within you

I am around you


Just as you are

When you are in my reality


Free from confinement

Free from thought


Share as I do

Share yourself with an open heart


Your life is to serve



To all

That are me


I am in all

All are me


Give the Light

That you have received


You will be filled

As you fill All


You are my beloved

My sweet child


Love for me

Love with my open heart


Give my blessings

Give my love


Shine the Light

That will give all sight


Of me

Of my love




Sat Nam

01/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Every breath is a new beginning with Soul.  Every breath, a new beginning.

Sat Nam


01/12/2017 Tratakam

Listen to your Soul

Listen to your Soul


Have patience sweet one

Have patience for the One


What He delivers

Is for you


Not for your pleasure

Not for your pain


For your experience

For your learning


What you need

Is not known to you


How do you expand

If you think you know everything



Do not hold your breath


How will you receive

What is to become


Every part of you

Every cell within you


Open your heart

To relax your mind


You do not need

A fresh start


You need to listen

To what is in front of you


Let go of the mind

It does not want to start


It wants the finish

The finish only


It only wants

To know before it begins


How is this life

How is this living


To have control

Over everything


To feel secure

That you feel pleasure


Your mind

Is not to be entertained


Train your mind




When it needs to listen


It cannot overcome

The Light of the One


With each breath

That I deliver to you


You become me

As I become you


You must receive this breath

That is the solution


To all of life

For all the wisdom


Within each breath

Is me


Every mind

Needs to be trained


Not only yours

You are not the only one


That needs to learn

To listen to my heart


You are one with me

You are one with All


You can create

All can create


You do every day

As All do


With every thought

With every word


You create

Do you create me


When you open your heart to me

You relax instantly


You receive those

That cause you pain


As though they are



What do they want

Is not for you to know


They want me

As All do


Does the mind accept this



Or does it deny

Even the thought of me


Please be me

In all that you do


You will not change

Nor will you change anyone


Be me

That is everything


Be as I created you

No matter how bold


If your words are of Truth

Then you speak as I do


I am always

In neutrality


Does the mind accept



Train the mind to believe

That it is the only place to be


Be this example

Resist the constant swaying


Of the minds

Need to explain



As not me


I am

I am


I am everything

I am everything to you


Live as One with me

For all to see


I am everything

In your heart


For All to see

For all to hear


That you have chosen me

As your life’s only desire


As you be

One with me


You are happy

With everything


Your only need

Is to be with me


What others reject

You will accept


As me

As all creation is me


Smile when you see

An opportunity


For growth

For neutrality


You were born

As me


In your word

In your heart


You are forever

As One with me



Sat Nam