Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/11/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Free yourself from all attachments.  What is, is not and what is not is, with Soul.

Sat Nam


01/11/2017 Tratakam

If you dare

Do be


Without doubt

Without hesitation


Then you will be

With me


You will learn

You will experience



The truth that is trust


In all that you do

In all that I send to you


Relax with me

Let others be


What it is

I want them to be


Now do you believe

That I want you to Be


As you are

When you are with me


I do not trick

I do not misconceive


I love

All that there is to be


Share yourself

As you are


When you are with me

When you are in love


With me

And my words


As you are relaxed

So you will create


A life as I create

A life that I believe


Is as me

Is as you


You can remain

In my arms


When you are not alone

When you feel abandoned


You are with me

You are with you


Let go of your thoughts

That are not of me


Relax with me

Relax into my heart


You are

As I create you to be


You are my heart

You are my ears


You do not fear

When you feel me near


You can resist all

When I am present


You must be me

You must listen



Is what you are to be



In pure neutrality


I can be

For all to see


If you commit

To being me


In all life

In your life


There is only to listen

To what is in my heart


When I am in your presence

Allow others to see


The Light

That is me


My Light is you

My Light is for All


Relax my love

Relax and share my love


Be as I have spoken

You have heard


I know

When you listen


I know

When you don’t


I know all

That does not be


Even though

I create


I can be present

In your life


When you leave me

To be not who you are


Be me

Be fearless as me


You can love

As you love me


You are here for all

You are here for all


Share your life with all

Share my Light with all


My creation

Is not to be confined


You are my creation

You are my beloved


I care for you

As you care for All


Live with me

Live for All



Sat Nam

01/10/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Smile and experience all that Soul has lead you to in this day.


01/10/2017 Tratakam

Are you listening

Are you experiencing


All that there is

To me


To my mission

To my dance


To live in life

Without a trance


Of life

Of love


Of being free

Of being me


When you are with me

When you have remembered me


Relax into you

Into who you are


Are you living

Your life’s reality


As you are with me

So shall you be


Be yourself

Be me


Do not hinder

Your life’s purpose


To serve



Serve me

In all that you do


Remember me

Shine the Light of me


With every word

With every thought


You can be

You can sing


You have to remember me

In all that you live for


Life is the path

That I have chosen


For you

For us


To dance together

Is your start


Of living

Of truly being



And me


The life I have given you

Is for all to see


That you and me

Are eternity


Be as brave

As I have made you to be


To live

As I have told you to be


Love is so beautiful

Love is so wonderful


When it is filled

With me


Your song

Is my song


Have you sung

To me today


Have you listened to me today

Have you seen me today


I am there

I always am


Live with seeing me

In those that stand


Before you

Before me


Keep what I give you

Close to me


All is my love

All is my creativity


Life is more full

Than you can understand


Believe that you are

Living with me


What do want to learn

What do you want to explore


You only have me

In your heart


Do not fear this

Do not condemn this


You love others

Only because they are me


This is your gift

This is your sight


To experience me

In all the illusions


That present to you

That were drawn to you


To feel my love

To feel my embrace


Let others be

Who they are


They are me

In all that they are


The Light that I fill you with

Is to be delivered with every breath


From me to you

From you to all


Life is my love

Life is my Soul


Life can be

As you are


If you are living

With me


In your heart

In your thoughts


Life is my gift

Life is your start


Of living as me

Of living as One


Begin walking

With me


In this moment

In this breath


Be with me

Until you part


I embrace you

With my Word


Love by living

In my heart



Sat Nam

01/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen when Soul is slowing your life.  See what there is to see.  Experience a new reality that Soul is showing you.


01/09/2017 Tratakam

Life can be free

Life can be me


If you see

Your true reality


What you want

What you desire


Can only be me

What my heart desires


For I am who

You are to be


When you doubt

When you fear


Is when you are struggling

To not be me


Simply live



As you receive

Receive me


You can be above

You can be below


It is how you choose

To be


Why be worried

Why be doubtful


When you can be



With a loving smile

With a loving embrace


Of what is in store

For you to explore


Your only trace

Will be me


As I am

Who I am


A living reality

For life to be



In all


Life is so grand

So wonderful to be


Time is now

To go and see






For all to see


I am there

In all


How life is mystery

Is not to understand


Enjoy each day

Be kind to everyone


What you see

As you are me


Is beauty

Is love


In purity

Of form



I command you to


You are to be filled

With me


With each breath

I fill you


With my Light

With my love


Travel the world

Bring only what you store


In you

As me


As long as you live in neutrality

There will be nothing but me


Be as the day

Has brought you to be


You have no desires

You have no routines


You wake

To be me


You listen

To experience me


You live

So that I live


Through you

To share through you


Embrace yourself

You are me


I love life

I love living


I want you to feel free

In this reality


With me

With my love


To keep you light

To keep you free


Live now

As me


As you surrender

Your life to me


A infinite world

Will become


Your reality

As me



Sat Nam