Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/05/2017 Kirtan Kriya

When you are weak, believe that you are not.  Let go of the illusion of weakness.  Let Soul be your only identity.

Sat Nam



01/05 2017 Tratakam

Are you treat

For me to me


You are here with me

For eternity


You are already you

In all that you do


Just be as you are

As you are now


In the present

In this instant


You smile

You glow


You are filled with me

You are filled with my love


Be here with me



In the present

In this exact moment


Reside with me

In my arms


You are so in love

With me, I know


Your beauty fills me

As my love fills you


You are my beloved

You heart is so pure


You see me in all

And you love to share



My Word


Take a moment

To be in stillness


With me

With you


Appreciate this sacred space

Appreciate your space


That you create

As I do


You are connected

To me in every moment


That you choose

That you breathe


With me

In your heart


I have created you

As you are


Do not judge

Do not question


See yourself

For who you are


Not your reflection

From your mind


See your grace

See your beauty


See yourself

As you really are


As I created you

And no more


I love you

See this now


In every space

In every cell


Let go of your mind

That likes to store


The words that judge

The words that question


Who you are

And your identity


You feel your mind now

And how real it seems


Let is all go

And fly with me


You are my songbird

You are my Light


You must be in flight

With only me in your sight


You are here with me

You must be strong


Let go of your mind

And return to me and my song


How silly the mind’s thoughts are

They are not strong


My love is everything

My love is your everything


Smile as you do

For me


I am in your heart

For eternity


You are to be

Still with me


As you sing

As you soar


As you be

Who you are


Life is beautiful

Life is a chance


To be me

In every stance


To be me

How to believe


That you are me

You create as me


You are unlimited

You have no bounds


You can capture

The hearts of all


Because you are me

In all that you do


You love from neutrality

You love with grace


Your purity

Will never be in disgrace


Be as you are

Accept every day


That I have chosen for you

In so many ways


Live your life

With my delight


You are my Light

You are my love


You give me

To all that you see


You simply

Radiate me



You are me



Sat Nam

01/04/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Free yourself from your past. You are who you are now with Soul.

Sat Nam



01/04/2016 Tratakam


Deeply listen


To what you hear

In your heart


Dispel the darkness

That takes away me


With the Light

That fills your sight


Others will not believe

That you are me


You are to trust

You are to listen


I do not judge

I do not question


What you hear

Is your heart


Your heart is me

From the start


Others doubt

What they hear


They don’t believe

They live in question


Of my Light

Of my existence


In everything

Including what they see


In the mirror

In their reflection


It is me

Why don’t they see


You are human

You are an experience


Of me

Of me as you


You know

That this is true


Give others

As I give you


Be thy Light

Be thy passion


You can

Because you already do


Listen to me

When I speak


It is true

The Universe is you


Let other’s feel



Through your words

That I give you


I am in them

I am in you


Give sight

In the darkness


Make them believe



By being



With your words

With your actions


Be me

In all that you do


When they question

Shine my Light


Do not run

From your sight


You must be strong

This is your mission


To show my love

When others won’t listen


Do not become

What they have become


Be as you are

In purity of heart


Be my child

Be my love


Be the explanation

Of what there is to explore


I can give



The experience

Of me


If you listen

If you believe


There is love

There is life



In all sight


Open their eyes

To their truth


Help others

To dispel their doubt


Sing your song

That is my song


Listen to them

As they chant along


Hear my words

Through their ears


I am their beloved

As they are my beloved


All life must believe

That they have been gifted


With each breath

They receive


A whole world

That is completely me


You are the reason

That I fill your heart


With the Light

That is for all


Give your life

To me


As I fill you

You will share


With all

With neutrality


Your abilities

Will be timeless


Your actions

Will be conscious


To be with me

In all that you do


The message is delivered

The time is now


To live as One

To live as love



Sat Nam

01/03/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Live with Soul.  Let go of living with all the minds.  With Soul, there is only One.

Sat Nam


01/03/2017 Tratakam

Repeat what you hear

Only if it is me


When I am

Pure neutrality


Only repeat my Words

Leave your mind’s identity


Never utter

It’s insanity


Repeat my Word

To create


I am the Creator

Of all that exists


Create as I do

If I exist


As you

Without your self


Let your identity

As you know it to be


If you speak

As I speak


I am love

I am compassion


I am bliss

I am


Become pure of mind

In your silence


Rest here with me

In your stillness


I am always here

It is time for you


To Be

Here with me


Slow your world

And be with me


Let it all go

It will still be


You will start to see

As you are with me


From neutrality

From love


You will always be in stillness

Your mind will never fight


You will never judge

You will never question


That life

All life


Is my life

Is me


How simple this is

How this will set you free


You can feel

You can breathe


How can this be

Because of me


Believe in your humility

Believe in your grace


Let all else go

Without a trace


Sing for me

I love your song


I love to hear

My Word in human form


I love to feel

My beloveds feel


At home

With me


What a gift

You are to me


To make me feel

That you know that you are loved



You are loved


I love you so

More than you know


I only love

I love all


Your song is my magic

That penetrates the Soul


To remember my love

To remember


Who you are

Who you will always be


You are me

You are my love


Touch the hearts of all

Simply by being me


This is not a challenge

This is your life’s key


To be me

To be the experience of me


In your neutrality

In your grace


In the love that you share

That is pure neutrality


When you look into their eyes

They will see me


You see me

That is how they know


That they are with me

They are with God


They are loved

They will know


Because they know

That you love them so


Without judgment

Without questions


You love

As I do


This is your gift

This is who I am


You are me

In all that you do


Now you are to be me

In your conscious mind


In all that you do

With an open heart



Sat Nam