Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/02/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Share your breath with Soul. Relax and enjoy each breath with Soul.

Sat Nam



01/02/2017 Tratakam

Why can you dance

Because your life is not a trance


You can be happy

You can be free


You can be a memory

Of me


When life becomes a chore

You have surrendered


To what is not me

And the way that I exist


I do not hesitate

I do not calculate


I don’t demand

I won’t command


You to be

What you are not to be


Relax with your mind

You are of the same kind


You look to me

When you need to see


Do not worry

Of others reality


You cannot free them

That is up to me


Would you like

To destroy their mind


Then you are not

Being me


Begin with a glance

Yes, a glance


My glance of grace

Will end all disgrace


Just a cast

Of my eye


In the direction

Of what you spy


Just a motion

Never a commotion


Simply observe

And see



In what all do


When this happens

I become present


And there I am

For all to see


Encourage their madness

To be fully present


Because then you can shine

The Light of me


Help others to relax

So that they can be present


In a state of neutrality

They will be with me


Listen to the chance

To be in a dance


With me

With all


Life is to be me

In all that you do


A dance to be free

A dance to be me


Oh how it can be

A perfect reality


Life with borders

Is not me


I am Infinity

I will not be


Only a small piece

Of what I can be


Be the example

Of unlimited standards


You must be strong

You must have courage


To be me

With an open heart


When you are questioned

When you are doubted


Remember me

So that you will listen


To my words

To my love


Never question

Never judge


Always be

Free with me


As others shall be

You already are


Free with me

Alive within my heart



Sat Nam





01/01/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Each day, with each breath, become closer and closer to Soul.

Sat Nam


01/01/2017 Tratakam

To win the hearts of All

Is your assignment from me


It is not simple

It is not grand


It simply is

The task at hand


You must love

What projects hate


As you do

They will see



In all that they do


The wonder you know of me

Is what will set others free


You can be me

In the face of hostility


Observe their eyes

See me in them


Allow them to feel

Me as them


What can they feel

When you make them feel


For the first time

That they are real


You must remain neutral

You must be me


In all that you see

In all that you be


God is for All

They must proclaim


Simply because

You lead them to me


No one is lost

They are only detached


From my reality

From love


Their hearts may feel pain

Without knowing my Truth


That only love

Exists where I am


I am their heart

There is nothing else there


Except pure beauty

And pure neutrality


You must not challenge them

With your mind


You must only use

Words that are mine


You must give up

Your identity


To serve me

To allow me to be


You must give up

Your reality


I must be

You must choose


That I am for you

If I become you


The decision is yours

With every word


Will you choose words

Or will you choose my Word


Love is not a game

It is me


To see others

As they are seen by me


Can you do this

Can you love



All are to be loved


In their pure form

You will only see


If you leave

Your mind’s self behind


You will want to shout

As they proclaim


That I

Am only


Their doubts

Their pains


Their reason

For not being me


Allow them to speak

You must listen


In order to hear me

In their every word


Even if they hurt

You must allow this


They must expose their fear

So that I may target


The love that is there

Residing with me


Do you understand

Do you agree


That I am all

All are me


I am what you speak of

When you speak of love


The experience

Of your heart


Is me

In its pure form


The pain that is there

Is not me


It must be set free

In order to be with me


This is how I create

This is how I free


Simply by listening

When you are me


Find the darkness

Bring it to me


Shine my Light

That gives you sight


Sat Nam

12/31/2016 Kirtan Kriya

When you open your heart, only your Truth remains.

Sat Nam



12/31/2016 Tratakam

When you listen

Who is speaking


Is it me

Or is it you


You must choose

What you listen to


I cannot defend

You against you


You are weak

When you choose


To be without

Me in your heart


When I am alive

And breathing inside you


What do you feel

What do you know


It is quite different

From any other thing


That has happened

In your reality


When you are familiar

With a bad behavior


What are you to do

Except return to me


You do know

You can be free


With me

If you choose


Come with me now

To a place that is unknown


You must relax

You must believe


That I am guiding you

To me


I will never

Send you away


I want you near to me

I want you to stay


You must choose

Your thoughts


Will it be me

Or will it be you


I only speak gracefully

I only commit fully


I will never be angry

I will never be unkind


I am for your life

You fill me with life


Now that you

Are here with me


Are you sad

Are you blue


Are you angry

Are you confused


You are simply

In my arms


Cared for

And loved


You and I

Are forever and more


I love as you do

You know it is true


If you are without

It is not true


You are never without

You are always full


Of me

Of my Light


You can be

Free with me


You can be

This way everyday


Can you feel

Can you see


A life without me

A life without Infinity


Rest in me

Rest your mind


You can overcome

Your own mind


By being with me

When you are seeing


Your old patterns



Let them go

Just be free


To be new

To be alive


To be as you are now

With me


I love you always

I will always proclaim it


What happens

To cause your routines to return


Can only be seen

By me


You must be my warrior

You must believe


That this is for me

This is for humanity


I want to achieve

What I need you to complete


You must believe

That you are not where you were


You are here with me

Now, in the present


As you continue

Create the vibration of me


Remember me

When you doubt


Return to me

When you want to shout


You need no tears

To be with me


You need your Soul

To be free


If there is pain

I will vanish again


I am still there

You just need to listen


But once you listen

Your pain will vanish again


Stop the cycle

Stop the routine


As it begins

It shall be transformed


If you stay

With me


Send my Light

To all that is sent to you



Sat Nam