Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/02/2018 Kirtan Kriya

How you live is how you choose to represent your life.

Sat Nam


12/02/2018 Tratakam

Represent yourself

As the Light of the One



Your Truth



The way you wish to be


You are patient

You are graceful


When you choose

To remember me


Live in the moment

Without any needs


Be kind

I am watching you


Be compassionate

I am with you


Choose to deliver

My presence


Respect my vibration

It is with you always


In each life

There are so many games


Be present

Return to what you are



Focus on my breath


Release me

From within you


Release me

Through you


Focus now

Breathe with me


When I present trouble

Release me to heal


My wisdom

Will be known


My vibration

Will transform


To see with me

Is to see unity


In every cause

In every effect


My dream

Drawing you to me


On your path

You shall be


My Light

Shines in every direction


My prayers

Embracing you in blessings



Be as you are with me


In every moment

Remember my name


A timeless message

Presented now



Deeply listen


Your heart

Calls you now


You are walking

See our feet


Bring awareness

Silence your words


Expose my Truth

In the hearts of All


Hear my Word

Calling from each One


My life

Is born from each seed


Sat Nam


12/01/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Life is lived and understood only when all life is respected and appreciated.

Sat Nam

12/01/2018 Tratakam

Who are you to judge?  Who are you to ridicule?  When a life is loved, even by one other, then that life should be treated with respect.  We are not here to create negativity.  If you thoughts are negative, then you are being negative.  Accept that!  Do not wait to be told that you are not what you are attempting to represent.  Are your words neutral?  Then you have not yet learned the One’s Truth.  Are your words kind and compassionate?  Then you have not remembered the One.  Are your words filled with guidance?  Then you have chosen to not represent God’s Word.  As a Teacher, you are to seek neutrality in every situation.  Send the vibration of God’s Light.  Experience God’s vibration through His Word.  If the time has come that you are no longer a student seeking humility, then stop living a false identity.  Go.  Leave everything behind.  Be your foolish dreams.  Be your mind’s guidance.  If the thought of leaving God gives you a glimpse at a feeling that you never wish to feel, then command your mind.  Give yourself the guidance that it needs!  Pray that you may be the one that chants the name of the One with each breath.  Leave this worldly day behind!  What is it?  A day to be someone who complains and ridicules?  Make this day God’s day!  You have been chosen to give God’s experience!  Lead!  Lead with what you connect to instantly!  Give God your day!  Show your respect!  Show your humility!  Allow your grace to lead you through the moment that God’s presence is most needed.  Bow your head.  Accept your defeats.  Learn from these moments so that you may be victorious over the challenges of the day.  Remember God’s Word.  Remember His gift.  Your breath, is His breath.  When the moment begins that you need God’s Light to be present, pray.  Pray that you can surrender yourself to serve.  Pray that you can radiate the One’s Light to clear every path.  Pray.  Pray that you can bow to every life.

Sat Nam


11/30/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Be patient with the vibrations that come to you for healing.

Sat Nam


11/30/2018 Tratakam


Give yourself peace


I am aware

I am leading


As you walk

I feel your feet


Letting go

Is the most difficult feat


Attached to sensations

Life in its confined state



Of sensations unknown



As One


A way of being

In line with your heart


Where your dreams







A simple state


You feel

So you must know


Your challenge

Is to let go





Life is moving

Toward my Light



Is always living


Every life

Is living now


Can you feel

Can you comprehend


That your needs

Are like all others



Created by fear





Many stones

Create a wall


Can you continue

Will you let go


One by one

Continue with me


Which one

Will bring all down









Pray with me


I am your Light

I am your love


I will give to you

Until your last one



Create each sun


Where there is love

You will also find none


Eliminate the game

Challenge each thought


The end

Can never be sought


Sat Nam