Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

11/20/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In love there is only peace.

Sat Nam


11/20/2019 Tratakam

Within my eyes

Is your reflection


What you feel

Is how you see


How is this day

How is your day


Release ownership

How is my day


My day

Is free


My day

Is full


My day

Is a gift


For all

To be One


Travelling free

Remembering me



To be One



The one that is present


What is present

Is what I give to you


Life changes

In an instant


Care for those

That lose their way



Happens instantly


Care for those

That feel lost


This life gathers

All that is to be One


All life

Is One



Listen to me


You are living



Breathe this day

Live it with me



Your life for today



As I walk with you


Remember my Word

Feel my presence


As you live today

Remember that I am with you


Present me

To all that you see


My love

My love is calling me


Within each heart

You will find me


See me

Believe that I exist


When you live with me

You see me in all


Bow your head

Be humble


What you do not understand

Release your need to control



I am all


In forgiveness

You will be neutral


In neutrality

You will be One with all


Sat Nam


11/19/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Softy approach your day.

Sat Nam


11/19/2019 Tratakam

Where are you going

Where have you been


Be now

Be here with me


Enjoy today

Tomorrow is not now


Love yesterday

Free it from you


Allow the past

To be released


What you hold on to

You limit


What needs to be released

Need to be healed


Every circle

Is seen by you


Understand it

Comfort it


Dance with it

As you free it



In your heart



One with you



My Word



Where you have always been



To your heart


My love for you

Will always be present



Your love


Create your love

As your presence


To you understand

Are you ready to be


My love

My love as your presence


Be your love

Project your love


Everything you love

Send your love to everything


Your love

My love


Your love

My love


Your love

Will create my love


In this moment

You are to be


My love

My love for all



Is free with my love



Is free with my love


To be present

To be now



My Light within you


All time

Exists in a single moment


If you love

Every moment


My love

Is so Light


My love

Is so full


My love

You are everything to be loved


My love

You are everything to be shared


Send my love

To every life


When your love

Longs to be shared


Sat Nam


11/18/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In this life there is love and there is judgement.  Heal that which you judge.  Love yourself.

Sat Nam


11/18/2019 Tratakam

Where you go

Is where you have been


See your life

See your patterns


What has returned

Is for you to heal



Return to me


Be alive

Know that you are real


Your awareness

Is real


What you are given to see

Is a gift from me


When where you have been

Is where you are now



Breathe with me


See it

See its Truth with me


Let all emotions go

Be neutral with me


Allow us

To study it


Allow us

To heal it


You and All Light Ones

Allow love to love your life


What you understand

Is every life


What you feel

Is every life


The ones that need the most

Are the ones that take you away


You must remain

As your Truth


You must serve



Every life

Is All


So much love

Focused on those helplessly in need


Focus my love

On those that are strong equally


Any imbalance

Creates more imbalance


An imbalance

Is where you are not neutral


Neutral eyes

Do care


Neutral eyes

Do love


Neutral eyes

See as I do


To understand those in need

Is to accept all with neutrality


Forgive the ones

That are so far


Forgive the ones

That are helplessly so far


As you love

Forgive all



The one that creates hate


Equally as you love

The one that is hated


Forgive yourself

For judging the auras of other



Is a lack of neutrality



Creates emotions that lead



Can be both positive and neutral


What you care for so much



Be neutral

Give the true gift of my love


My healing Light

Give my healing Light


From your Truth

From our neutrality


Sat Nam