Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/09/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Send the Light to all the darkness that greets you.

Sat Nam


01/09/2020 Tratakam

Silence your mind

Stay within the Light


Your mind loves drama

Your mind loves being entertained


Within the Light

There is only neutrality



Feel yourself returning to me


Send my Light

Give to the whole world


Every darkness

Radiate my Light



Give until my Light transforms



You must breathe


I am here with you

I am giving you your breath


Feel my presence

Know that you are loved






Feeds insatiably


My Light

Is Infinity


Project my Light

Observe every transformation


My love

Is neutral


There will be no ups

There will be no downs


Life with me

Brings peace to this world


Within your heart

Is my love



That is neutral


Empty your mind

Command it to be silent


The mind’s commotions

Do not exist





My Light




Know that I am here


Your life is pure

You love everything


Your mind is strong

It absorbs everything



What it has stored


You are free

If you let everything go


My love exists

In your heart


Your grace is required

To command your mind


Sat Nam


01/06/2020 Kirtan Kriya

If the mind is in control, then the heart does not feel free.

Sat Nam


01/06/2020 Tratakam


Universal love


My love

Is forever


In those that live

Free from their mind


A path is seen

Each step is real





Through every breath

With so much love



Is a gift


Experience your life

Bow to your self


Your life is calling

Your feelings so real



Allow your heart to be heard


You will be here

With my hand in yours


You love

Now continue to love


Love what is you

Love what you are


Trust my love

Remember my Word



My message so clear


Continue to live

Begin to live


What has been healed

Is cared for by me


All are in my arms

Walk to your day


What is left behind

Is what is with me



I am radiating my love to All


Your life

Is to step where my love is needed


Once you are there

My vibration can begin


Believe in your life

Know that it is real


You are

My love


Creating my love

Where my love is most needed


What challenges you face

Are given to you to heal


They are not only yours

They are the collective’s


Your strength

Is called upon to heal


Your consciousness



Your Light



You are my gift

My gift that gives to All


My love

My love that is given to All


With your embrace

The world heals


Your love

Your love recognizes the Truth


Each drop of darkness

Is a tear longing to feel my love


My love

The gift of my love


Sat Nam


01/04/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Calm your being.  Begin your breath.  Feel how free you are with me.

Sat Nam


01/04/2020 Tratakam

Take a moment

Breathe today


Relax your life

Create peace within yourself


Slow your thoughts




Is true freedom


Gracefully living

Without a mind’s sound


A new world

My way of living


Within my world

You can see every cell


So much Light

So very beautiful


A life so real

With so much more


Open your eyes

See my reality


My life

Creates another life


Calmly realize

That what you are is free


Live in this moment

With only my sound


Silence the mind

Create beauty within


Connect to my love

Project my sacred heart


My life is with you

Share your humility


Your words create

Your words destroy


The moment I speak

I can create the entire world



As I will


Share neutrality

In Duality’s world


Generate peace within



Release what has been stored

Transform every cell now


My arms are to receive

What creates growth in All


Give everything to me

Trust what is natural


Speak as you feel

Speak with love


See your beginning

Return to your Truth now


My Word

Is with You



To You


Sat Nam