Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

11/29/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Bring love into your life.  Release everything else.

Sat Nam


11/29/2018 Tratakam


Into my reach



Allow yourself to breathe


Define your life

With a tree


Giving so much

Without being seen



Until there is no more


Even then

Giving even more


As you give

Give to all life



You will need to breathe


Give to me

Give everything to me


In order to give

You must be free



From your past


Everything that occurred

Can be no more


Free yourself

I am opening every door


Give to me

What wants to control



Focus on my breath


An opportunity

To unveil what hides within you


Every past dream

Every past nightmare


Allow it to walk

To me


Let it go

It is you no more


Give your past to me



Let go

Of every false identity


Every experience

Is not who you are


You are the One

That survived


You were victorious

You are who you are


My child

My life


What you experienced

Is what I chose for you to heal


Give it to me now

Give me your veil


Lift yourself

Allow my Light to welcome you


Sat Nam


11/28/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Begin each day with humility and gratitude.

Sat Nam


11/28/2018 Tratakam

Begin your life

With each day


Begin to feel



By the air

That serves you


Around the earth

My breath reaches all


Within each breath

Is my gift to you



I give you life


Each day

That I choose


Choose to be humble

By what I am


Instead of being humbled

By what you are not


A different perspective

A new way of thought


Choose to live

As my breath


My breath

Pure in form


My breath



My Word

Has reached you


Now give

Surrender your day



Serve with gratitude


My hands

Are holding yours


Focus now



I ask of your service

Where is your day


It is within you

You are here with me



By smiling



Your being



Is what I ask of you


Let go of thinking

Of your day



Live your day


You can be

Alive and awake


With me

As me


Ask for nothing

Receive everything


I am giving you




Live as my life


With my breath

You have All


In remembrance

Live your day



Radiate my Light to All


Sat Nam


11/26/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Don’t ridicule that which you will not defend.

Sat Nam


11/26/2018 Tratakam




What do you see

In you


What do you feel

When you see


Take a moment

Relax deeply


The Guru is present

As a representation of me


Present yourself

Allow the world to see



All eyes



My Truth


My Word

Creates my vibration


All can be healed

Through thought alone


You know

My power


You experience

My life


Focus now

Breathe with me


Your best

Is expected of you


Let go

Of man’s example


Your original steps

Are calling you


You feel my beauty

In all that you see


How another feels

When they have received me


Through your reflection

I will be delivered


Your love is so deep

Tears are so shallow


Your commitment

Is to defend my earth



Your vision



Your feet


Each One that sees

Must begin to release


What has been given

Is to be given


Open your heart

Feel your confidence


What you are

Must be told


Let go

Of birth’s surroundings


You were born

Into my hands


Let go

Of life’s embrace


You live

In my arms


You were born

As all are born


You are to live

As One


Your life

Is to be my life


As I placed your feet on this soil

Represent me


Sat Nam