Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

11/16/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Life is born from life.  Love is born from love.

Sat Nam


11/16/2019 Tratakam

A blessing

To be received


Are you willing

To follow me


Feel your body

Feel your breath


Be alive

In this still moment


When you awaken

You will be in stillness



Completely aware



From my love


My love

Begins with me


I am loving




With every breath


Choose to receive

Breathe with me


My breath

Requires focus


My breath

Requires patience


My breath

Requires alignment


Letting go

Becoming this moment


My Truth

Is a challenge to each ego


Who will receive

Who will be able to let go


My love

Is given to all



Be at my side


Give this moment

My full attention


Be aware

Of you


Check in

Feel yourself


Where are you living

What are you holding on to


My life gives

My life reveals


You are my Truth

Walk as your Truth now


Holding yourself

In my sacred space


Humbly receiving

As your heart leads your way



Be with me


Your life with others

Will occur naturally


Your life with me

Is your life


Be with me

In every breath


Create peace for others

Stay in my presence



Be patient


Your willingness to receive

Is your ability to receive


Sat Nam


11/15/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Keep your heart open by trusting that your heart is filled with love to share.

Sat Nam


11/15/2019 Tratakam

Stay with me

I am in your heart


I am here

I am with you always



To neutral



Trust me



Create the day



Create now


So much to cherish

So much to let go



Trust me


Live this moment

With my presence


This moment

My presence



Are freed by me



Travel to me



Release your control


Others live

As they are born to


In silence

You hear me


In stillness

You experience me





Let your breath go

Let your Soul be free


My community

Is everywhere


Your heart gives

Your heart heals



Look at your life now


Your life

Is my golden thread


Believe in yourself

Trust you can be my life


Your reactions

Must be soothed


With my breath

You can heal the world


The entire world

Including you


Heal now

Heal with me now


A list of instructions

Is not what you need


You need

Your Truth


You need

Your presence


You have everything

If you receive


Your love

Receive your love


Love yourself

Love every day


Look at your feet

Feel today


You will

You know you will


Create the will

That stands for today



You will live today


As my hand

As my breath


Carry this world

Release it


Your life is known

As a single drop


My world is known

As every drop



Cares for the group



Cares for the self


Care for yourself

As I care for you


You are to live

As I do


You are to love yourself

As I love you


You are to give

As I give to you


All are travelling

On the path


All are living

As one


See this

Know this


Trust my Word

Create my reality


Sat Nam


11/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

When you trust in love, you create the vibration of the One.

Sat Nam


11/14/2019 Tratakam


Release your routine



Realize what is real


What is real

Is me


Create your shield

With my Word


Strengthen your shield

Remember my Word



Realize what is you


Everything is real

Realize what is you


What you feel

Are those approaching


What you feel

Are those projecting



Realize what is you


Did you dream

Do you know


What you think

Is how you grow


Breathe with me

Feel your reach


My love

The world follows





Project my love



My world

Seeks love


My world

Seeks understanding


My world

Wishes to heal



My world



Receive in your Truth



You are real


Your awareness

Will bring peace to you


Remember your heart

Sings my love to you


You are first to stand

You are first to defend


You defend my Truth

In all that you do


The battle at hand

Requires your Truth


Your stillness

Your healing


Your ability

To remain neutral



Your mind



Your mind


Remain still

In the face of all


Remain still

In the needs of all


What is needed

Is your stillness


What will save all

Is your stillness


You have seen this

You have experienced this


I create

When you are still


I heal

When you are neutral


Remain in my presence

Go to your day


My life awaits

My life awaits you today


Sat Nam