Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/31/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Hear your voice.  Listen to the vibration.  Are you aware, of your own vibration?

Sat Nam


12/31/2019 Tratakam

What you feel



As you are here

With me


Tune into your song

Feel your vibration


Your Truth

Know what you are


A time to heal

Is approaching


With each conscious breath

I deliver to you


An opportunity

Receive my blessing


Life is to give

Give what brings neutrality


In order to heal darkness

You must be neutral



Covers the Light


What is the Truth

What is beneath the darkness



Creates reactions



Blind you to the Truth


Each life is a gift

Honor each one


For what I give to You

I give to All


In this day

Receive to give


As you give

You calm each ocean


A world of reactions

Healed by my vibration


Carrying each across

Is giving each peace



Through stillness


In every calm water

Life is flowing freely


Without resistance

Without hesitation


My waters of tranquility

Created through love



That forgives All



That heals All



That transforms every darkness



Is anything that is not neutral



My vibration is neutral


It creates



Each life interprets

Each life reflects


See through everything

To see my Light that is my Truth


I am giving to you

I feel your gratitude


Your love for me

Gives so much to this world



Your limitations


Walk with me

As your born Truth



Limits my Truth



Is my Truth


Live today

Free from perfection


Live today

As I do


Seeing my love

In all that I see


Sat Nam


12/29/2019 Kirtan Kriya

As the energy around you approaches, gracefully remain the Light that you are.

Sat Nam


12/29/2019 Tratakam


Be with the Soul



What you are


What is approaching

What is far


Be my Light

That touches All


The moment you feel

Return to my love


My love

Be neutral


The day will pass

The adventure will start


Be my one

That projects my love


Into each eye

Reflect my love


Be my presence

That remains neutral


Chant my Word

Send all to me


The world is waiting

To be healed by me


My love exists

In every life


Walk my love

Give everyone my sight


My presence



My love

Is real


My life

Awakening in All


The moment you feel

Focus on my Word



You will be neutral


Remember my Word

Give everything to me


Your day

Is where I am


Relax every cell



Feel my peace

Surrounding you


Let all feel at peace

Remain peaceful


What others are

Is where they are


Allow each to be

As they are


You are to live

As your Truth


Place each foot



Create my path

For others to choose


Each choice

Is one that I choose






In reverence of All


Sat Nam


12/28/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In your voice there is the sound of neutrality.  Find it.  Allow it to live freely.  Allow it to be what is has been born to be.

Sat Nam


12/28/2019 Tratakam

The flow

Is inside you


The flow

Is You


The Soul of You

That is All


In this life

You are to live


Live your life

As I serve it


I serve

Every life


In service

We live humbly



Creates neutrality


Always grateful

Always remembering my Word


Your life is nothing

As I am All


Your life is nothing to compliment

Your life is nothing to ridicule


When you are nothing

You serve All


Actions done to bring self-worth

Are actions done in vain


Attempting to live for neutrality

Is being on my path consciously


Others will walk effortlessly

With complete unconsciousness


Look at these lives

As the life that I am living


To be flowing and to be with me

Is a life that requires your focus


Mindlessly living

Without concern


Is a life

That is born young



To experience everything



For the first time


Welcome them

Be an example of my consciousness


The ones that have walked before

Have much to be shared


So many experiences

That must be healed for All


Your life

Is to be your heart


What you know is Truth

Is simply to be lived


Let others questions

Let others doubt


The ones that judge

Are the ones that are without


Without my wisdom guiding their minds

Without my love leading their hearts


Pray for them

Be neutral with them


What protects my Infinity

Will protect what is Truth



Live to live with my life


Sat Nam