Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

07/29/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Be the words that create love.

Sat Nam


07/29/2019 Tratakam

The group

Is All


The individual

Must merge with the group


To be One

To be completely with me



Every life



Is completeness



Is Infinity



Is being present with All


Continue your day

With my hand in yours


Create this day

Enjoy the start


Catch the stars

Leave everything behind


Quietly breathing

Stay with me


Remember my love

Remember your heart


Listening to my sound

Creates my life within You


Bringing you closer

Releasing you from everything



Complete freedom


No attachments

No routines


Living each day

As a day with me


Love this moment

Be in this moment


Your breath

Will take you to me


Sat Nam




07/28/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Awareness of the day will create gratitude for the day.

Sat Nam


07/28/2019 Tratakam

Lost at sea

Shipwrecked with me



Swim with me


Enjoy this day

We are free


To feel the breeze

To appreciate the air we breathe



You are


My life

You are living


Enjoy each wave

Ride each one


Riding it

To be One with it


Life is beautiful

If You look at it


You will see me

Everywhere You look


I am the wave

I am the ocean


I await You

As You come to shore


I keep your head

Above water with me



You always are



With me


Seeing my Truth

You will see You


Living to feel

Alive with me



Free yourself


My only rule

Is to be who You are


Remembering my Word

Your heart is my Light


Your love

Is my love for All



Hear my Word


The love in your heart

Is my love for All


In this moment

Realize what You are


In shape

And in form


You walk this earth

You breathe my life


You are

Simply my love


To reach All

To give All


Walk my love

You have loving to do


Live this day

Knowing who You are


Bow your mind

To your Truth


Stand beside me

Live as You


My love

My love You are


Sat Nam


07/26/2019 Kirtan Kriya

To unite every darkness with the Light, you must be One with every aspect of the self.

Sat Nam


07/26/2019 Tratakam

Let yourself be free

Release every yesterday


Living in the past

Prevents You to see


Life is living

With me


In every shape

In every form


My love




As you let go


My love

You are everything now


You talk to the trees

To play with the breeze


You sing my song

To fill every being



Is as You are


Feel this moment

This is what you are


Repeat this moment

Live now



This is to be your path


To live in this moment

With every breath


Acknowledging each Soul

While humbling each mind


Remain with me

Let nothing escape


Bow in reverence

To my life


Remain still

With each mind



Sacred living


Watch it create

Allow the old to dissipate



Opens and transforms


Your reactions

Are what you feel


Projected at you

To be healed


As all approach

Receive through sight


Reflect my Light

Healing through neutrality


My love

My love will heal


From within

My life is born


From within

Each is transformed


Guide their chaos

You are my life


As you live in my ocean

You swim with each one


Your spirit is free

Your strength is infinity


Guiding all to safety

Returning them to my Light


Sat Nam