Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/27/2019 Kirtan Kriya

If you let go and trust, then resistance is replaced with flowing, attachment free breaths.

Sat Nam


12/27/2019 Tratakam

The life that you lead

Is the life that you live


Where you wish to go

Lead yourself


Lead your mind

Commit to your Truth


The Universal Truth

Is the Truth of All


Where you wish to be

Is where your Soul is now


Mostly you live

Where your mind is



Full of opinions


Full of fantasies

Out of control with negativity



To what is next


Your Truth will never be next

Your Truth is always



What is always present


Never ending

Never changing


Your Truth

Neutrality’s pure form


Present yourself

Present every aspect of your self


With love

With confidence



Is created by self-judgment



Is lived as a choice


Choose your Truth

Or choose your mind


As the mind leads

Your life is full of misery and questions


The Truth

Is simply your Truth


A day to be in silence

Welcome the flow of life


In silence

You will hear me


In silence

You will hear All


When your mind is quiet

The world is One


When the mind rule

Wars are fun


My love

Silence each mind


Sit with my breath

Bring peace to this earth


My gifts

Shower You


My love

Embraces You


My love

My Word guides You


Today I have spoken

Today you are to listen


I am here

I listen always


My life

You are my life



Live our life


Sat Nam


12/25/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In the beginning there was a sound.  A sound that created love for all.  In this sound was all.  Every life was shining brilliantly, to show the world how sound can heal.

Sat Nam


12/25/2019 Tratakam

A voice

That feels like magic


Moving air

To create


A world that halts

A love that resonates


Creating a song

That is my voice


Stopping every mind

Bringing forth every Soul


My Word

Coming through All



Embracing my sound current


Dancing with treetops

Cooling cheeks with ease



Giving the unknown dimensions


A Sacred sound current

Born to heal All


Delivered from timelessness

Kept without form


My Word

In human form



To create my vibration


Every life

Given so much meaning


My Word

A story in every letter


My vibration

Touching each heart


In remembrance we seek

In remembrance return


Sit today

Sit and be still


Allow the day to live

As you remain with me


Life cools

Life warms


In my Word

You will find three songs


One is high

One is low


One is neutral

To heal this world


Every aspect

Is pure in form


Remember to listen

All equal One


Sat Nam


12/24/2019 Kirtan Kriya

The moment life is born, is the moment I am born.

Sat Nam


12/24/2019 Tratakam


Is so precious


Every life

Is a gift


Every life

Is a gift to live



Every moment


To remain neutral

Is to achieve my way


You live

To feel



To create


Every mind

Looks for what is next


Every mind

Focuses on regrets of the past


Live with me



The present

Is flowing continuously


This moment

Continuously changes



Listen to my Word


The world waits

When I wish to be heard


The world exists

As I do


The world is confined

I free you


Choose to be

Your breath


The messages heard



This day

A gift to be received



On where I lead your day


This day

Will be only today


You chose

Now live your choice


Choose again

See what may be


Your strength is needed

Your stillness created


A moment to be

Is a moment to live


Every day

Live each moment


What you feel

Is what you are allowing


So many to feel

Let it all go


Project my love

Do not absorb


What I give to you

Reflect to all


What you encounter

Reflect to me


I am all knowing

I am all powerful


What you see



What is in need

Give to me



As I want you to be


Free from attachments

Free from everything


Free to be

In love with life


My love

My sacred life



To be my love


Sat Nam