Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

07/25/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Remembrance of the One creates the vibration of love.

Sat Nam


07/25/2019 Tratakam


Send your breathe


To every heart

Send my love


My life

Will become known


Prepare yourself

Be your Truth


In my Light

You will be born


As One with me

You shall become known


Your life

Let it go


Look into my eyes



Where you are

Is to be received


An opportunity

To know the unknown


So many versions

Each one unique


My love

I exist in every shape


What you see

Is what you are to heal


Love my children

Love my creation


A heart to be

In love with All


My love

The True vibration of All


Connect to my life

That is the Light in All


Awaken yourself

Be the one that gives


Remember my name

Slow down your day


Live as You

Send everything else away


Be what You are

Be who You are


I am everything perfect

As I am everything imperfect


Love yourself

Create remembrance


I am alive

In every heart


Through remembrance

I am brought to the front


I look at You

Through all eyes


As I approach You

Let yourself feel free


Give yourself

Let your life be known


A moment given

Is a moment grown


Sat Nam


07/24/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Life begins with now.

Sat Nam


07/24/2019 Tratakam

Listen to my Word

That sings


From your heart

From your Soul


A life to be

Present with me


Lift your head

Look at me


In front of You

Living through You



Is for living



With my breath



Put your mind at rest



Honor each breath


A world with so many

Be with All


Bless each one

Listen to my Word


In silence

You will be heard



Create peace within


As you do

Life will begin


Hear each cell

Focus on my love


Each way to travel

Is forward towards me



Created by life


Each full circle

Begins with a single point


Infinite directions

One Word


My Word

Creation in All



Relax your hold


Life is known

Through humility


Life is born

By my hands



The gift of love


Bless this world

Breathe with me


Sat Nam


07/22/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Within each dimension the common thread are your vibrations.

Sat Nam


07/22/2019 Tratakam


Realize your state


What needs



What desires



In this world

You exist


As your vibrations

Created by you


To heal

Is to be aware


Reaching for answers

Go within yourself


Admit to your doubts

Admit to your fears


Begin to believe

That you can heal yourself


The vibrations that linger

Are the ones you run from



Embrace each one


Vibrations appear

Vibrations dissipate



Unite each one


Your Truth

Is your true vibration



My Word is your Truth


Unite your vibrations

Heal each one


Begin your life

As I have created You


Your life stirred

Your vibrations presented


Love each one

Give them to me


Enjoy your past

See how far you have come


My life

You have walked forward with me


A triumphant moment

A pure victory


My love

My love is your core


My Truth

Is your song



This is an opportunity


Past vibrations

Are to be healed


You are healing them

By embracing them


With my love

With your conscious acceptance


Your life

Was my gift to You


Your life

Is my gift to You








As you do

My world will follow


As my Light

You will guide



As your Truth is revealed


Sat Nam