Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

11/22/2018 Kirtan Kriya

The real You can become the mountain.

Sat Nam


11/22/2018 Tratakam

Every moment



By memories



To please

The present



On a path



To the unseen



By my wisdom



Through love


A way to be

Clearly known


In front of you

You are reflected


See yourself

Know your reflection


Can you find

Your Truth inside


Quietly experiencing

A golden string


My hand

In yours always



In Truth



Clearly see


Our sight adjusted

In reaching trust



In my love for you



That I live



That I know


Your life

Please respect your life



To your transformation



With my love


Carry your life

Deliver my Word



Sat Nam


11/21/2018 Kirtan Kriya

What vibration from your words do you want the universe to receive?

Sat Nam


11/21/2018 Tratakam

Listen to your words.  With every tool that has been given to you, listen to your words.  The world is not at peace.  Look at the people around you.  Are they at peace?  How much commotion are they creating in their life?  Does the world need more?  If you were given a chance, an opportunity, would you take a chance to create change?  Would you receive anything given as an opportunity?  What has been done is past.  What is happening now?  You must see that you can generate, organize and deliver, life.  Do you understand?  The unknown is unknown to those that wish to believe in an unknown that is not meant to be known.  Live.  Live within your words.  When you realize that your life depends on the vibration in which you are creating, then, then you will choose your words more sincerely.  Do you want to continue complaining?  If you are complaining, then you are creating more complaining.  Remember a simple task.  Restrain from complaining.  Eliminate complaining from your thinking.  You can remember each breath.  You can remember the Word of God.  Live with my love.  Live, with love for yourself.  The world in which you live will receive what you give.  Take this moment to bless this world.  Take this moment to stop the foolish complaining of the mind.  Do you think that you are justified to complain?  Stop.  Stop so that you can begin to live again.  Each moment that passes, as you live with love in your mind, you will begin, again.  Your life will be reborn.  You will be free, again.  The memories of the mind keep the world in chains.  With each vibration of freedom, with each vibration created by the Soul, you will send the vibration of God.  Every vibration of God, creates the experience of Truth within.

Sat Nam


11/20/2018 Kirtan Kriya

A moment of pure peace, pure stillness, introduced as Light, will be received, as the Light.

Sat Nam


11/20/2018 Tratakam

Be aware

Be humble


To the One

That choose to be



Though You


What will each see

Is the mirror you choose


Allow thy Light

To flow through You



Be still



To your day


Each beginning

Each breath



With me


Practice living

With my presence


When I appear

You will have already begun


You can live

Because you do


As my life

You are simply beautiful



As you see my sight



As you feel my insight



Allow my vibration to be



Frees each flow



Live as I live


Through You

As You


Welcome me

Practice welcoming me


The world

Is waiting without hope



My image



My Word


My life

Is to be



Through each and through All






My way


I present myself

When you create neutral



Created through air


Free of form

Free of belonging somewhere


Here for All

Equal in time and space


Let them speak

Be my calm soothing ears


I will speak

As you dream with me


Sat Nam