Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

03/06/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Live in the moment that is filled with love. Before you speak, before you think, remember the One.

Sat Nam


03/06/2020 Tratakam




You must live

With me in your heart


You must live

Remembering my life


You must live

Serving with humility


Every mind

Is a challenge


Are you prepared

For today’s challenge


Every life that you encounter

Send my love


My gifts

Are plentiful


See each mind

Knowing each heart


My Light directed

Directs each one


The day is a gift

The moment is known


My love has been given

To be given to All


Relax your entire being

Respond to each Soul


The mind is vicious

The Soul knows


See their life

As I created it


Be your strength

Be who you are



As your Truth



As your Truth


Your life serves

My love


Sat Nam


03/05/2020 Kirtan Kriya

A paradise can be found in the ability to remain neutral when you are surrounded by everything which is not neutral.

Sat Nam


03/05/2020 Tratakam




Each decision

Is a decision made


In a moment

Everything will fade


A new moment



Which beginning

Are you following



Every step to my Light


People are dreaming

Awake them gently



With their mind



That keep them going


Unsatisfied needs

Unnecessary needs


See challenges

As what they are


Overcome your own

Place your feet slowly


The moment

Is what is


What do you need

Eliminate all thoughts of it


Be with me



Take this moment

To live again



As You are


If you are to live

You are to live with me


As all are

All are to be


You are living

Now live today


Focus on my love

Forget what you think you need


You need my love

My love is with you


You need my breath

My breath gives life to you


Fill yourself with joy

Let go of every mind


Every Soul

Living as One


A gentle day

Within my embrace


Soothing the mind

Allowing my Light to be seen



My love


Breathe and be

One With All


Sat Nam


03/03/2020 Kirtan Kriya

The moment you feel loved, is the moment you open your heart to receiving.

Sat Nam


03/03/2020 Tratakam

Habits and routines

The mind is at ease


Take a moment

To feel alive again


You are free

To live as You


What is trapping you

Is you



To freeing yourself



To being alive again


Open your heart

To everyone


The ones that hurt you

The ones that care for you


If you close your heart to one

You close your heart to all


Can you remain open

In the face of all


Can you be neutral

With all



What causes pain





A life known

Is a life to love


Heal yourself

Feel your heart opening


A key to your heart

Is living within


Within my presence

Within my Light



Breathing each breath


Knowing each truth

Remaining within my Truth


Each truth

May cause the mind pain


My Truth

Opens your heart


You are

As You were born



Live as You now


Know your self

Know your life


Simplicity in life

Is a sacred life


All is simply known

All is simply loved


Sat Nam