Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/22/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Live your life so that others feel free.

Sat Nam


12/22/2019 Tratakam


What protects



On my Word


Shield yourself

From what you must love





My life

Calls you near


Walk my love

Walk closer


Prepare yourself



Step by step

Recite my name


Shield yourself

With my divinity


What is calling you

Will your eyes choose to see


My life

In darkness form


Sing for me

Sing for all


Give to this world

My sacred sound



Focus on what I present


Heal this moment

Remember my gifts



That live in you



That heal through you


When you choose to let go

The world will be healed


Where you go

Is where all are be led to


Know your position

Know every why


Your existence

Is not pure chance


Your existence

Is pure innocence



To be my song



To deliver my vibration


As you are

In all that you do


Giving the gift of my love

Choosing all equally


Loving every life equally

That is who you are


My love

My sight


Walking this earth

Showing me what needs to be healed


Remain neutral

Project my love



With my love





Project my love

Heal what is seen


Project my love

My neutrality heals


Sat Nam


12/21/2019 Kirtan Kriya

The world will question you.  Your mind will deceive you.  Your Soul will carry you, always.

Sat Nam


12/21/2019 Tratakam


Be your song


Your Teacher

Will guide you


Your Teacher

Will guard you


Your Teacher

Will lift you


The Teacher exists

To serve the student


Your life

Is to server all


Where are you

Where do you stand


On this earth

Under my tree


On my hand

Dancing freely with me


Remember your life

Sit with me


I sing words for you

To call you closer


To wake you

To help you to return


Hear them

Know their worth


I live to serve

As you live to receive



Every unknown


Let go of every daily need

Be free to exist as you are



Look into your eyes


What you are

Is what I am


Realize how you judge



Forgive yourself

See through each disguise


My Light

Is the only existence


All else

Is a temporary form



My life



Your life


In your life

You have walked with my Light



As you know you do



What they choose


My Light creates haste

As my Light creates love



Can be healed so that all is One


My love

Is neutral


You speak my Truth

You see my Truth


You face my darkness

You feel my bliss


My neutrality

Creates creation


Your home

Is my creation


When you are still

You are as I created you


You serve

My love


You serve



Sat Nam


12/19/2019 Kirtan Kriya

If you be still when there are waves, then you will create peace.

Sat Nam


12/19/2019 Tratakam


Create peace within you


As slow as you need

Know every move


Before you step

Before you speak



Remaining with me


Speak my Words

To all that Seek


My love

Connected to what they think


I am with all



Give them my presence



The only difference

Is how the mind thinks


Every mind

Can be commanded by the Soul


Be the example

Of living through Soul


Within every moment

Live with the day


Live as all do

Speak only as I do


With love as sharp as a knife

Neutrality cuts away every device



Clears one’s path to see my love


My love

In clear sight


My love

Dancing in neutrality


As one with Infinity

All will be united



In thought


In Truth

We are already One



Create this day


Give each my sight

Heal every heart


Your stillness

Is of highest caliber


Your stillness

Has been preserved


Through each birth

Through each life


When you are showered

Open your hands to receive



What has been stirred


Give everything to me

Experience the joy in being free


I create loops

Opportunities to release


If you feel that you are reliving

It is because are holding on tight


Once you release

Memories are softened


The body is at peace

The mind becomes restful



All will experience what I give



You will heal



On my gifts that are with you


My love

Is radiating from you strongly


Remain still

Other will challenge what they feel through you


Remain still

Until they release


The peace that I create through you

Is my vibration that will heal all


Sat Nam