Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

09/15/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Commitment to your excellence will generate prosperity.

A person who is free in spirit does not limit themselves or others.

Sat Nam


09/15/2019 Tratakam

Use each tool

Cut each string


Free yourself

Be present with me


I am One

I am All


All live with free will

I patiently observe them All


Send love

Send neutrality


Allow each life

To live independently


Each life

My vibration


Clouded with thoughts

The mind creates possibilities


I am now

I am breathing now


I am your breath

Breathe now


Each life

Lives as what they are


Pure innocence

Pure negligence


It is the choice of all

Live with or without me


A single path

Some see as many


A single path

Some see as none


Two reasons

To live without me


One reason

To be One with me


Let everything go

Leave everything behind


I am your life

I am with you


Others resist

To choose themselves


You resist

To care for others


My path is here

Be with me


For all will know

That You are for All


Loving each one

Freeing each one


Living for me

Is living for all


Forgive your thoughts

Forgive their actions


The mind creates selfishness

Forgive each selfish act


Forgive yourself

Bless each breath


Sat Nam


09/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the flow that is telling you to let go.

Sat Nam


09/14/2019 Tratakam


Will never set you free


Serve your Truth

Silence your mind


Your presence

Is required in this world



Let your mind go


Once in my flow

Your mind will be soothed


Happiness in mind

Is a mind that serves



Sit and breathe with me


Where others are lost

You are to walk


You are your Truth

You are my life


You are to live

As I guide You


Where there is friction

Refrain from diction


Go within

Neutralize this world


Focus on my Word

Focus on my love


My message is clear

Begin to listen


Let go of your mind’s emotions

They are limiting you


Your footsteps

Are mine


Be present

See my presence


Relax your mind

Allow your Soul to be


My Light is everywhere

If you choose to see


Your life is now

Your heart is full



Live as my child


Create my Light

Where others create darkness


Help those that seek

Clear their path to me


Sat Nam


09/12/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Love gathers all to be present and free.

Sat Nam


09/12/2019 Tratakam


Since birth



Since birth


Hearing my love

Wandering alone



Your life


You are with me

You are never alone


Hearing my Word

You remain at peace


See me

I am with you now



On being present



On what You are


You are

My gift


Remain silent

When storms brew


Radiate my Light

Allow the waves to calm



See from a new angle


What you seeing

Will change forever


If you see

With me


Quietly focus

On your stillness


Remain with me

Remain free


Free from thoughts

That serve none


Free to be

Serving All


Walk with grace

Speak my Word


Smile with me

When darkness confronts you



The minds of others


Creating needs

That will never be reached


Heal this world

Help them to see


They already have everything

If they are able to breathe


A tiny pebble

Filled with so much love


Radiate this world

From the point that You are



Forgive every wave


It is a part

Of what is me


My calm sea

My wave filled ocean


Swimming with me

All are One


Sat Nam