Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/14/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Believe that the One is guiding You to where you are to be.

Sat Nam


04/14/2020 Tratakam

The world is calling

Are you listening


Be still

Be your Truth



Breathe with me


Allow my flow

To enter into you


In every cell

See my Light



Vibrating my name


My love

Fills every part of you


Giving you everything

That you need


Your stillness

Is a part of me


Guiding you

Bringing you to me


In stillness

You will be everything


Your stillness

Is what I am


It calls all



It radiates to all

Healing every moment



Our sacred space


Longing to be

Alive within your grace



Where grace dances



Neutrality’s greatest warrior


Still your mind
Breathe my love



Allow your Truth to be


In every moment

Someone is radiating darkness



Reflects my Light


In every moment

Someone is in great need of healing



Creates a healing environment


My love

Builds every life


Give to me

Everything that you fear


I am pure stillness

I am pure Light


I will create a moment

In which you can heal


All you have to do

Is be still with me



A place where you are neutral



Where you no longer fear


To fear someone else

Is to not trust your strength


Trust your life

As you trust my Word


Believe in your life

As you believe in my existence


To heal your self

Is to heal the world


Live in this moment

For every moment


Be alive today

Love every moment



Releases what is no longer needed



Paves a path to my Truth



Creates stillness


What you need

Is what You already have


Breathe with me

Realize where You are



Within my heart


Sat Nam


04/12/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Love releases everything that is no longer needed.

Sat Nam


04/12/2020 Tratakam

My love

Releases All


My love

Lives within All


My love

Fills your heart


In order for you to start

You must release my love



To give


Return to center

Focus on now


Look what you have



Look at what I am giving you



Open your heart

Return to your Truth


As you were

So you will return


What I place in your life

Is for you to remain neutral


Remain neutral

Remain your Truth


All return

To me


All return

To my love


All return

To Infinity


What is not received in this lifetime by the mind

Is received by the Soul


Walking this Earth

Bound and limited by the mind



Be free


Walk with me

Show All our Truth



My love


Open your heart



Open your heart



Open your heart

Give everything to All


Give my love

To every darkness


Give my love

To every pain


Give my love

To every negative word


Give my love

To everything


It is easy

To give my love to what is neutral


It is easy

To give my love to what wishes to receive


It is your opportunity

To give my love to what causes you pain


Your opportunities are not challenges

Your opportunities are my gifts to you


Your life

Is to give my love


My love

Give my love


Where others are

Is where you have been


In my Light

You are to give



To what I have created


My love

Has the ability to transform


All that is darkness

Shall join with is Light


To be my love

All must unite


In your heart

There is a key


A key to neutrality

A key to a new way



What you are


You are here

To share your heart


Your heart

A door to my world


Your hear

A way to live consciously


A trail to my love

A path to neutral


Remain neutral

Be true to what you are


My love

You are my seed of love


Sat Nam


04/10/2020 Kirtan Kriya

When you send love, you create love.

Sat Nam


04/10/2020 Tratakam


Quiet your mind

Quiet your speech


In this moment

You are with me


In love

With every life


Creating love

Giving love



On my life


Carrying You

To All



What calls for love



What cries out in pain


My love

Forgives all


In every direction

Call out my name


Send my love

Release All from pain



The mind’s control


Love this moment

Realize that I am giving



My wisdom



The Truth of All



My love



Every desire



Every heart



My love


Approach all

With my love


Sat Nam