Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

07/17/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Live the life that creates your breath.

Sat Nam


07/17/2019 Tratakam

Rejuvenate all life

Bless your life


Fill each one

With my Light



Their love



My love


From with them

I am born


I breathe

For All



To Seek



To free


Our life

Benefits this moment


My Truth



Within each situation

Infinity can be found


Within a judgment

Confinement is found


Roam this earth

With freedom in your heart


My love

My message is love


Your life

Is to be known


Sat Nam



07/15/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Your nature is your patience that comes through your flow with neutrality.

Sat Nam


07/15/2019 Tratakam

Begin this life

Walk with me


As my Light

You are guiding


As my warrior

You are seeking


Being my Teacher

Projecting my love


As my example

You will create each path


Leading to me

You are clearing All



Healing every high and low


A seed of peace

Planted by You


My love

Growing in each one


Loving cared for

Fiercely honored


Each child of mine

Is cared for by You


You see me

You feel me


You bow your head

When others fear


My love

Grown by You


Acknowledging my Truth

Healing all doubts


This life

Is so full


This life

Is a gift


To be



As love

As my sacred love


A pure innocence

Born within All


From my love

My love is grown


My life

Your heart



To deliver my Word





My love

My tears fall


Your love

Fills All


Your light

Guides All


Your life

Serves All


Transforming each seed

Growing their wings


Glowing with love

You free their wings


As my love

All will forever be


In your arms

In your heart



My love is felt


Sat Nam


07/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

The Truth can be found in love that creates freedom.

Sat Nam


07/14/2019 Tratakam

Life can be



When all are full

When all are seen



Is beautiful


Free in spirit

Is always


Free in mind

Requires patience





All are my life

All are freely lively


As they are

As I wish to be


Let go

Of expectations


Let go

Of routines


A perfect today

Will never be the same


Each day

Live freely


A new day

Is a different day


Completely unique

Individually beautiful



As my Truth



As my life


Hold my hand

As I carry You


Soaring with glee

As You listen to me



To my Word



My song


My life

You are everything





My Word

In your heart


Stand with me

You are


Freedom is equality

Equality is neutrality



My sacred creation


Experienced by those

That choose to be


My life

My heart’s song





My vibration

Is always felt


Always experienced

May it be received



That it soothes each mind


Walking away

Is an illusion


My vibration

Is everywhere



Create my Word


A moment with me

Will embrace for eternity


Give your heart

Silence your mind


Listen today

All seek to share


Their experience of me

Is each in unique form


Sat Nam