Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/18/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Defend what is neutral.

Sat Nam


12/18/2019 Tratakam

As I have travelled with many

So will you


Your life is a choice

For others to make


Will they be neutral

Will they choose to progress


Fear leads most minds

I lead all hearts


When you lead with me

You regret nothing


Confront each mind

Give it my test


To be neutral

Is most difficult


Do not run away

Face what I present


Love what needs my wisdom

Nurture its growth


To create neutrality

You must be neutral


Follow the world

And you will become lost


Follow my Light

And you will sing my song


Life is difficult

When you fear what is next


Express your life

Have fun with it


You can be who you are

Remember who you are


Sit with me

Allow your energy to become neutral


When we acknowledge the universe

The universe serves us


If you ask me for what you need

Receive what I deliver


Your life will always be

The one that I choose



As I wish to live today


Sat Nam


12/16/2019 Kirtan Kriya

What is today will only be today. Live today as today, freely, presently, innocently only aware of what your breath is bringing you today.

Sat Nam


12/16/2019 Tratakam

To bring yourself close to the Light

You must be willing to be close to the Light


You must open your eyes

You must silence your mind


You must be your Truth

You must leave everything behind


Every life will live as it is

With you and without you


Their life will continue to be

With you and without you


You must learn to be there for you

You must commit to serving you


Your Truth is requesting to be served

Your Light is requesting to be shared


Fulfill your Soul to fill every Soul with Light

Be your identity to be everything that is


My world was placed in your heart

You feel that pulse in every breath


You love every life

You wish to serve every life


You will serve only if you serve yourself first

Your Truth is what will lead


In order to follow my command you must guide

In order to guide you must radiate as you do


You must be where were you began

Your life was born to remember always


My every moment is forever in your heart

Your eyes tear drops of my love


Trust my Word

You are to do what you feel you must


You must live each day as it presents

You must give each day my Truth


Serve yourself

Do as I command each day


Where I lead you

Is where I long to be


Commitments to routines prevent growth

Commit to my Word to be free


No one will ever be you

No one will ever live as you do


No one thinks the same

No one has the same opinions


Everyone judges

Everyone longs


Be as I created you to be

Our neutrality creates every heart’s song


As you pass our footsteps leave a trail

Create my path


Fill each step with my Light

Your Truth is my guide for all


Sat Nam


12/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In this world you need to be who you are without interference from your mind.

Sat Nam


12/14/2019 Tratakam




You are travelling

With my Light


Resist no more

What is your reality


Leave behind

What is yesterday


What was

Will be again


When I choose

When you are to be again


In this moment

When it is due





Living each day

As your first day



Cease to exist


When you focus

On my breath


Excited to be



Excited to be

What I choose to be


So many details

Sparkling in front of you


Do you see

Do you wish to see


Open your eyes

See with me


Endless variety

Infinity’s grace


Expectations vanish

The day becomes as I am



Filled with my Light


Joy is experienced

When my heart is revealed


Within all

I am


The world lives

Through our vibration


Give this day

The vibration of my love


Give this day

The freedom to live


Freely with me

Lightly with me


As gracious as my hands

Creating love’s infinite form


My Word

Generated in every sound


Listen with humility

Hear my Truth


The world is awakening

Through you


Sat Nam