Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

10/15/2019 Kirtan Kriya

To be without negativity is to live without creating negativity.

Sat Nam


10/15/2019 Tratakam


As You are


Let each day

Be as I am


Focus on me

Enter my vibration


Being One with me

Is being with me



With All


Your life

Is every life


Many times

Many places


Walking together

Walking as One


With your awareness

Of my every string


When I play

Your heart sings


Every note

Alive in my love


As my child

Gleeful to be near



For my love



For my perfection


My neutrality

My pure stillness


See each one

As my perfection



In many forms


My perfection

Each one


Favoring me

Is creating negativity


Be free

Love every aspect of me


What stills you

Stirs another


Come with me

I am so full


I share with All

I am grateful


For every life

Is my song


Every life

Is my life



I will sing


Through each One

I deliver my Word



Listen with your love



My love


Sat Nam


10/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

An openness to living creates an awareness of love.

Sat Nam


10/14/2019 Tratakam

The door you see

Is the door to me


As you pass

You can feel





Entering life

To be life


Understanding reality

To know the unknown


Life is

As life is lived



On my sound


Bring yourself

To me


In your thoughts

In your words


Bring yourself

To me


Focus on living

With my love


Focus on being

My love


Carry your self



With your strength

You will be victorious



In your Truth


Your love

Will be


Everything known

Everything unknown


Our love

Is every reality



Be here now


Enjoy these moments

Bring yourself to neutral


No past

No future





Relying on my Light

To be at peace


My Light

Showering upon you


Creating each step

Filling each heart


Walk with me

Step into my ease









Is every life


Sat Nam


10/11/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Begin to believe in the existence of Truth.

Sat Nam


10/11/2019 Tratakam

So many feelings

Lost to control



In an endless sea


I am in stillness

Quietly waiting


Beside you

All around you


I am in stillness

When you feel waves


Every terrifying ocean

Is your illusion


A tragedy

That all come to see


A tragedy

Because misfortune is easier


Challenge your life

Be alive with me


Cherish today

As I cherish you today


You are loved

You are my love



Project what you are


A life

Created to give


Here you are



If this moment

Were the last moment


Then this moment now

Would not be real


As all cease to exist

All are alive


As I know

So you live



Live today


Your life is wandering

See your path



To bring my love


To many

To one


To one life

That receives my love


Let go

Feel blessed


Let go of pain

Feel my love



Where you have never been



Where you have lived forever


As you become still

You become alive


Lose everything

Feel your birth


My arms are here

To raise you


My love is present

Feel my blessings


Relax now

You have wings


You are free

As free as you see


As One with me

You are if you believe


Sat Nam