Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/16/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Live within the unknown, in joy of the moment, the conscious moment that you receive everything with the breath.


05/16/2020 Tratakam

Consciously breathing

Consciously knowing


The world around you

Is growing within


My Light is healing

My life is revealing


My love

Is becoming All


Life is living

My life


All are becoming still

My stillness


Feel my presence

Know your life


In every moment

There is Light


Every moment

Fill with my Light



Breathe in my life


Begin to live

With my command


What I speak

Is for you to hear


With your heart

With your Soul



Allow yourself to grow


My Word nourishes

My Word satisfies


Every longing

Every cell



Hear your Soul


My life

Within You


Generously giving my love

Patiently calming each thought


My life

Living as One with you


Find my love

In every moment


Remember my life

In every breath


Live today

Live as You today


Sat Nam


05/15/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Believe that your life can uplift all life.

Sat Nam


05/15/2020 Tratakam

In the moment that you forgive

My love will be known


My Truth will radiate

My Light will bring all home



Forgive with my life


For what is unknown by most

Is alive in their Truth


Bless my day

Pray that I give sight to all


For what is occurring

Is what I choose


You can give

You can receive


You are blessed

Now give my blessings


To every life

That receives my breath



Allow all to be present


In my love

In my Light


Create a moment

That all can see my life


In this moment



Give your life



Let go of teachings

Created by minds


My wisdom

Is given in each breath


The world is known

In an instant


My Truth is revealed

When neutrality is lived



Delivers your humility



Presents your grace



Allows you to understand All


In this moment

Receive your breath



That you are one moment






Honoring your life



Honoring all life


Sat Nam


05/14/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In order to be become free, change must be welcomed.

Sat Nam


05/14/2020 Tratakam

You can feel

Be free from feeling


You can fly

Fly with me


Let the world go

Be free


Walking with me

You will always sing


The moment you forgive

Is the moment I am


Filled with my love

The world will sing





In this moment

Feel relaxed



I am


What takes you far

Walk away from


Recognizing what needs to be healed

Is not becoming what needs to be healed


My love that you give

Is my love that you are


My everything

Living to serve



With my love



Be with me today



Are always together


Our life judged

Is our life unseen



Walk to where I lead



A new direction



My path seen


My Light

See what you are


I am within All

Yet I am free from All


Be my love for All

Be free from All


Leave yesterday

Be my today


Sat Nam