Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/11/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Every beginning begins with the breath.

Sat Nam


12/11/2019 Tratakam

Letting go

Falling away from fear


Giggling with joy

As you glide in the air


Your body relaxed

Every tension gone


You are alive

Living with me


What I whisper to you

Is your only to do list


Seek every path

That I asked you to walk


I am every path

I am each path


Where you will walk

Is for our time to be together


Seek to be healed

By your breath


Seek to be loved

By your self


You are living

As my breath


Feel your lungs

Give them my nourishment


Sit with your breath

Understand its path


Listen to its wisdom

Allow yourself this moment


As you create

Realize that you do


Where your heart projects

Creates a path of my Light


Where your mind projects

Creates a path that needs to be healed


Your heart is filled with my love

Your mind is filled with experiences


Your heart is free

Your mind is limited


Command your mind

To bow to your heart


Listen to my Word

Allow it to travel throughout you


Penetrate each cell

Send my breath to each


My love

You are seen by all





See your love



Sat Nam


12/09/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Love is the greatest challenge that has the most benefits.

Sat Nam


12/09/2019 Tratakam


To every Soul



My love


The world awaits you

Now is the time


To walk forward

To listen to every Word


To follow my every command

To believe where your feet are


In my life

Are all


You are to serve



In this moment

Where are you


You see your path

I am lighting it now


The first step

Is your key


Once you begin

You will only be now


Present with me

Present with your heart


You live to serve

Live now


You will find every way

I am leading you always


What seems unreal

Is only your questioning



As I have gifted to you


Rely on your experiences

Rely on what I speak


When you look into their eyes

They feel my love through you


You love their Light

You welcome their Soul


You stir their life

Be there for it to unfold


Carry them

As I carry you


Through their challenges

Through their achievements



Their life is a gift


A gift

To experience me


Sat Nam


12/07/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Believe that your healthy lifestyle is the example for others that you must commit to first.

Sat Nam


12/07/2019 Tratakam


To live as your first breath



This is your breath


You will see

That you believe


You know you do

You always be





Of my love

Of my Light


A gift to you

Creates my pure sight


Make each end

As brilliant as the beginning


Make every beginning

As grounded as the end


What I have asked for

Is for you to live



As who I made you as



As where your heart leads



As your Truth


Let go of your attachments

You know when they began


True security

Is knowing that you are with me


Free yourself

From serving what is not needed


My world

Calls for my vibration


My world

Calls for your song


Your song

Is my song


When I speak

You fall to your knees


When I speak

Your heart sings


Believe in your identity

Walk to me now


Take my hand

Fly with me


I am leading you

To what you seek endlessly


You are with me

Live with me now


Your greatest longing

Is surrounding you now


I am with you



You are in my arms



Remember my Word

Is comes in all forms


If you are my foundation’s step

Support all that arrive to you


See the gift

In all that is with you


My precious life

Is the life of all


Sat Nam