Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

08/16/2019 Kirtan Kriya

By the end there will be a beginning.

Sat Nam


08/16/2019 Tratakam

Clear your body

Become pure


Clear your mind

Become neutral


Beginning with me

Shall be your routine


Begin with me

Feel your Truth


Letting go

Becoming free


Where you wake

Is where I am to be



Return to me


Free your path

Neutralize our world


Each vibration received

Neutralize it



Look at each vibration


Accept that it exists



Forgive it

Transform it


Send my love

Send my stillness


Open your eyes to it

Open your heart to it


As it is

Receive it


Our stillness

Our Light


Will transform every vibration

As we receive it neutrally


Sat Nam


08/15/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Relax this world with your breath.

Sat Nam


08/15/2019 Tratakam


Stay with me


Run to my arms

As we sit side by side


Relaxing this vibration

Heal this world


This vibration

Has come to You


To create

My love through You


Tensions released

My love is now free


To be

To live


Be present

Remember what You are


My love

I am your Truth


I know your Name

I fill your heart


Relax your being

You are in my arms



With me



We will heal together


Gently live

As my love


Fiercely live

As my Truth


In all situations

With all thoughts


Defend my love

Defend my Truth


Be my stillness

In every moment


Recognize each moment

As a moment for You


Instantly neutralizing

Every vibration


Your only Truth

Is my pure stillness


Each moment

You remember your Truth


My love

My love is born


Sat Nam


08/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Remembering an experience of the One will bring the One present.

Sat Nam


08/14/2019 Tratakam

Your name

Is my Name


Believing in yourself

Is believing in me


We are free

When You breathe



We are


Feeling alive

From my breath known


Being alive

Is my gift to You



Is only a game



Live as You are



Is for All


Each child

See them now


They are my breath

Serve them now


Each life

In their mother’s arms


See them

As they were born


Each Soul

Given a life unknown


Awaken their hearts

Set their Soul free


Nourish their lives

Recognize their Truth


My love

Is every heart


My Light

Guides every path


My breath

I give to every life


To love me

Is to love every life


To serve me

Is to serve every one


My life

Walk as I lead


Your heart is full

Your wings are free


Each song You hear

Is a blessing from me


Tears of humility

Cleanse this earth


Being alive

Begins with my breath


You are life

You are love


You are my world

That All are from


Open their eyes

With our sight


Sat Nam