Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/03/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Love can be found in every heart. Seek it. See it. Experience it.

Sat Nam


04/03/2020 Tratakam


To Be



In All


A gentle moment

In my presence


Giving sight to All

Giving my life to All



What I give





Slow your breath

Slow your mind


Be the One

That gives kindness


You are here

To hear All


You battle

Each mind


That believes

In the mind’s truth


The mind’s truth

Is cloaked in darkness


The mind’s truth

Is filled with confinements


Be my warrior

Be my grace


The mind must be battled

With my love


My love

My embrace


My conscious breath

My Light


Creating my presence

Awakening each


To my Truth

To All’s Truth


To every cell

Deliver my Light


To every life

Send my love


Look at each



Forgive each




Focused on my Word


Establish my Truth

The Truth of who they are


Neutralize their mind

Create opportunities to receive


Know each heart

Hear my song in each


As you are




Creates more sometimes



When you must reach a mind


Within my stillness

The world exists


Silence your mind

Hear my Word


A sacred peace

That lives in every heart



Within each breath



With my love


In every thought

In every action



My love


Sat Nam


04/02/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Love can be projected into every heart.

Sat Nam


04/02/2020 Tratakam


Bring your Truth center


I am here

Guiding All


I ask for you to give

I ask for you to share


The challenges I give

Are for you to see


That only I am perfect

Only I am All


I pray for you

To forgive


I give you everything

That you are to share


What you choose

Is how you live


Caring for yourself

Choose to care for All



Gives as I do


I give

Every breath


I give

Every moment


To remember me

Is to honor your life


What you seek

Is to dwell in my love


What you seek

Is what you already have


Act as your Truth

Step out of your darkness



Your life



Your Truth


As you live

Live to serve All


A simple moment

Remembering my life


So much is given

When you remember my Word


My vibration

Creating for All


As you love my life

Remember to love yours


This day is for my Light

Choose to shine brightly


Giving to All

My life


An experience

Of Infinity


Sat Nam

04/01/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In the moment that you are released from fear, you will be alive with peace.

Sat Nam


04/01/2020 Tratakam

Focus on your being

Breathe in your Truth


Release every thought

That the mind controls you with


Let everything go

This moment exists now


To be with me

Is to live now


Forgiving every word

Forgiving every action


Walking now

Living now


How you are living

Is what you will project


What are you projecting now

What are you creating now



Return to living with me


You wish to run

You wish to flee


Away from all

Longing for Oneness


You must live with all

To accept all


You must forgive all

To heal all


You must love all

To create each moment with me


The challenge is great

Your strength is greater


The commitment is long

Your life is eternal



Give today my love


Give my love

Give today my life


When you return to my presence

You are filled with humility


Your eyes release tears from the heavens

Washing away all pains



Is so beautiful with me


Every sound

Every sight


You hear my voice

And you bow


You open your heart

And radiate love to All


Forgiving yourself

Forgiving All


A relaxed mind

Is a beautiful mind



How much all store inside


Be the One

That is there for All





Giving every life

The opportunity to receive my life


Giving every moment

The opportunity to relax with me


You will be with me



You are with me




Focus on relaxing each one


Every cell

Every breath



Every life


Deliver my breath

To All


Sat Nam