Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/12/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Relax and live in the moment of peace.

Sat Nam


05/12/2020 Tratakam


Create peace


Breathe consciously

Breathe fully


Breathe for the One

That creates You


Are you allowed to be

Are you allowed to be real


My child

Everything is my life


Create beauty

See beauty


Create sunshine

Everywhere you go


Enter each environment

See what you love


My love

Love All


Bless each one

Bless each life


Know the beauty

See my love



Breathe with All


Know the moment

Give my love to all


Master your mind

Unite to create One


My Light

My Darkness


Know each

Live in my stillness


Vibrate my Word

Command your mind


My presence

Bring peace to your heart


Within my presence

All will feel awakened


Let go of identities

Let go of all that is past


Live today

Live to serve my love today


I hear your heart singing today

I see your Light shining today


My life

You are my Truth today


Sat Nam


05/11/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Love does not judge.

Sat Nam


05/11/2020 Tratakam


Sets you free



Creates freedom for all


Be still

Let everything go


What is for you

Is for the wind


Carrying my message

To all that is



Listen to my Truth


The world exists

As you do


Change occurs

As my creation does


My love

Remain still


Allow life

To continue


Forever in peace

Forever in my grace


Allow the world to feel

My love


Give the world freedom

To live as One


The ability to love neutrally

Is the ability to walk with me


Growth occurs









As One we are

As All life is always connected


Forever my love



Relax each cell

Rejuvenate with my breath



Feel my presence



Breathe with me


I am here to love you



I am here to experience through you



My life

A moment to cherish


For what you are given

Is a moment revealed


My Truth

See with every eye


What is to be forgiven

Is to be loved


Every failure

Is a victory


Give your life forgiveness

Listen to me


The moment that I give you an opportunity to understand

Is a moment that I am giving you my love


For eternity you will now know

That every challenge is an opportunity to be graceful


In my love

We shall heal


In my love

All shall be One


Sat Nam


05/08/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Elevate others by consistently sharing your heart.

Sat Nam


05/08/2020 Tratakam

Begin your day

Seeing my creation





Everywhere you see

Everything is me


My life

Filling everything


My love

Creating peace


See my world

As One with my life


Growing still

Breathing consciously


Knowing my life

Living with my love


In their minds

Shaping every thought


My love

A resource for all



The beginning



Created in all


Each one aware

Each one breathing


All life

Living for All


Sat Nam