Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

10/10/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Live each moment with your life.

Sat Nam


10/10/2019 Tratakam


Be free


Enjoy this life

Enjoy every opportunity



On my hand


Holding yours

Guiding each step


Your choices

Have my interests at stake



It is my step



It is my breath



This wonderful life


Caring for your life

Caring for each life


Be it your routine

Caring for me



Where I place my feet


Open your heart

To what you think is not your heart


What you believe

You live



Closes your possibilities


Open your heart

Be as I wish to be


Hold my unknown

Close to your heart


What is in your arms

Is life’s pure start


Feel it now

My creation


Care for it

Give my pure intention


My gentle glance

Coming from your eyes


Your heart fully open

Creates my skies


Love so great

Is the love that I share


Be here with me



Remain my stillness

Remain my strength


Be open

To your Truth at last


Holding all my life

In your arms of infinity


Care my child

Care for me


So beautiful

I see


So innocent

I am


I am

I am


I am pure love

I am your life


Sat Nam


10/09/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Care for the One that lives within you and as you.

Sat Nam


10/09/2019 Tratakam

Sit with me

Listen to my Word


Focus now

You are to be here


Come closer

To now






In this moment



My life



Slow life down


Where are You

Be One with You now


Be alive

Realize that this moment lives


A life

On my stage


Carrying my Word

In your heart


Walking the unknown

Leading the known


My life

Is always present



In this moment



Sharing what is needed


My love

My compassion


For every life

For each life


Be aware

Of your actions


Walk my path

Carry my Light


Be aware

Of your thoughts


You are creating

Focus on my Word








Be silent

Be still


Focusing on my Word

Brings peace to this world


Focusing on my Truth

Opens every eye


Opening every heart

Allows each to feel my love


Sat Nam


10/07/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Place the other within your eyes.  See your Truth.

Sat Nam


10/07/2019 Tratakam

See your life

Before You now


A dance

A celebration


For the world

To be elevated


My love

You create my love


Yes, my love



A gift

As grand as I am


My love

Created with a delicate hand



To love


Your grand purpose

Is to love


Every situation

Every commotion


Create my love

Bring all to their humility


To be with my love

Is to be my love


Give each the opportunity

To receive


My love

My endless stream


Placing creation

In the hands of All



You walk with me


As you were born

So you shall every be


Remember your days

Of fearlessness


Remember my Word

That gathers All


Into my vibration

My love carries each One


Pure bliss

As my love is known


A blessed life

Living with my song


My wings

Are to help you carry others


Remember your Truth

Be your heart


My message

Is my command


Obey my Word

Love as your heart leads


In my world

You will lead


Sat Nam