Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

08/13/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Practice defending your neutrality with neutrality.

Sat Nam


08/13/2019 Tratakam


Be this moment



The breeze



Pure motion


My eternal flow

Is within You


Be this moment

Recognize my being



Begins with You


Relax this moment

Gently be





Care for yourself

Prepare for All



Where You are



Find me


Settle the mind

Enjoy what is present


What is present

Is everywhere


My love

Calling to All


Earth’s love

Grounding your being



Be present with me





My awareness

Is neutral


Each message

Hear with your Truth



Hears my Truth


The mind

Creates opinions


Each breath

Soothing each cell


Each breath

Filling You with my Light


Every breath

Be with me


Sat Nam


08/12/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Redirecting your focus to neutrality will clear your path.

Sat Nam


08/12/2019 Tratakam

Begin your life




Is my song



Is my heart


Today is everything

That You want to be


Walk with me



Living now

Is your great purpose in life


Living now

Is your command


Calming the seas

By seeing with me


The way you think

Is the way you project


Focusing on my Word

Creates my Word


Life is simple

If you remain neutral



Is an inclusion of All


Every thought

Every action


Every life

Every heart


In unity

We have perfection


I am All

As I live as All


Your silence

Will create peace within You


Your life is present

If You are present with me


This life

Is for You to live


Speak your Truth

Give birth to your life


Humbly speaking

Creating love in All


Serve this world

Hold my hand


Sat Nam



08/11/2019 Kirtan Kriya

When the neutrality of love is experienced, love is felt for All.

Sat Nam


08/11/2019 Tratakam


The Truth of love lived


Every life

Felt neutrally


Every life

Lives as me


You feel their heart

You see their Light


As their mind approaches

Focus on my Word


As their judgment projects

Project my Word


Be patient

Be still


Your strength

Is found in being neutral


Allow their darkness

To flow



Will cure this world


As their thoughts explode

Focus on being peaceful


Reflect my Light

Protect your stillness


See my arms

They embrace You


To shield You

To strengthen You


My love

Remember my love



Attract You


You walk

To where I must go


You seek

What I must heal


Your Light

Others darkness



Each other


Longing to heal

Longing to be healed


Duality cured

When union occurs


Introduce your Truth

Welcome their fears


You are with me

I am here to heal


My love

My love is here as You


Sat Nam