Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/15/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Patiently listen to another to receive the Light that is in All.

Sat Nam


01/15/2020 Tratakam

You see beauty

In every life


Receive their Light

Know my Name


Every experience

Can be of my life


In this moment

Breathe consciously


Knowing your Truth

Be confident with You


You have been born

To bring my love


You have been born

To recognize my love in all


Walking each moment

Within my embrace


Welcoming each life

Believing that you know


That I am in every life

You feel every cell


You defend every moment

With my Truth


When neutrality is lost

You arrive to heal it


Neutral words

Are harsh to the ego


Project neutrality

As you project my love


Silence your mind

To every mind


Defend your neutrality

Defend my Word


I am free

I am everything


I experience all

I create all


I am not confined

I am not limited


I live each day

As a new day


I accept all

I am all


I love all

I create all


Bless every life

Allow my Light to flow


Your neutral state

Will create my space


Within my sacred space

I will heal


To feel alive

Is to feel my grace


Love this moment

With me


It is alive

For eternity


My life speaks

My heart projects


As you breathe

Expand your Self


A moment with me

Is a moment to bless


Sat Nam


01/14/2020 Kirtan Kriya

When the mind has been healed, love is forever.

Sat Nam


01/14/2020 Tratakam


Is felt



Is real



Can be healed


As a person ages

Their mind collects negativity


Storing it

Referencing it


Creating a way

To limit your life


Creating ways

To limit other lives


The difference of youth

Is the freedom


The freedom

To receive love


The freedom

To give love


The freedom

To live


Each moment

As it is


When you feel negativity




That you will forgive



That you will move on


Command your mind

To let it go


Store nothing

Release everything


Nothing from the past

Nothing from the future


The only Truth

Is the present


My presence

In the present


I love every life

In each moment I love





Neutral words

Maintain my flow


Neutral words

Awaken the Soul


Guide each Soul

Remain neutral


As you forgive

Your heart blooms


Your love

Will bring you to neutral


Our life

Will continue to grow



What is now


The hours that have passed

Are gone


What is now

Realize your life now


Sing my Word

Create this moment



Everything that you experience


Cherish each moment

That you remember me


My vibration

Is always felt


As you listen to my Word

You create my vibration


My vibration

Becomes your vibration


Sat Nam


01/13/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Live your life to better your self, to make your self more at ease, to be your self that is your Truth.

Sat Nam


01/13/2020 Tratakam

Enter your life

Connect to your Truth


You will walk with me

If you remember to breathe



Release control



Is beautiful


In every existence

There is beauty


My Truth

Is before you


Allow others

To live


Feel joy

From what is shared with you


Feel neutral

From what is not shared with you



With your life


Revisiting the past

Is a habit of most


If you release your control

You will be free to live now


Old behaviors

Are familiar not neutral


The mind is at ease

Where it has been before


The mind knows how to react

To what it has reacted to before


You are allowed

To be You


You are free

To walk to your life


Your thoughts are felt

As they are very real



To all that lives


Every vibration

Is alive


All are felt

Most are ignored


The mind wants




You are to breathe


With your abilities

You can breathe consciously


You can serve others

You can acknowledge others


Use your gifts

To receive others


The strength that I give to you

Is to remain neutral


Revitalize yourself

Live as I whisper to you


What I give to you



Each day you live

Live gratefully


The sun will set

The moon will rise


The moon will set

The sun will rise


Rise to your day

Bow to my life


The present

Is now


Clear each vibration

Vibrate my Name


My love heals

My Word creates



Allows all to live as One


Negativity is healed

By opening your heart


Forgiving what it has created

Guiding it to unite with the Light


The Teacher

Is every student


Sat Nam