Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

06/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya 

Listen to the Word in your heart.

Sat Nam



06/16/2017 Tratakam 

To feed the world 

With a single tear


Becoming an ocean

Is the grand illusion 


As One

We shall ever be


Release your mind

Gaze into my life 


What you will see

Is your mystery 


Your Truth

Is a part of me


You are my love

You give to me


A precious life 

That is so kind


Gently walk 



Give me my sight

Pray for me


To be alive 

Within each heart


Opening your heart 

Will release me


As you encounter

The unripe


Shine my Light

Guide all


To their sight

To their Truth


What you receive 

Give to me


I will transform 

I will elevate 


You are at peace 

In my arms





My Word

Will unite all


Tears will be shed

To create a waterfall 


Of my love

To bless every Soul



Sat Nam

06/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in the purity of every heart.

Sat Nam



06/07/2017 Tratakam

Look for me within

I am here





I am the life

That you give to me


Set me free

Be with me


I exist

As your breath


When you remember 

To breathe 








My love

My life



Me everything 


In a single glance 

You receive


Will you do

The same for me


I want to love

I want to fly


So silly

When you hear this from me


You are me

You are my existence 


Anything you do

Is as I give


To you

Your breath


To live

To be alive


Ask to be blessed 

You are with each breath 


You receive



My beloved

Feel my heart


Beeting within you

To give you sight


Your love

Is my love


For every moment 

That you spend living 



With delight


Your life

Give to me


My Light

Within you


To be brilliant 

To radiate to all


My love

Within each heart



Sat Nam

06/13/2017 Kirtan Kriya Allow the flow of the One to be felt in every one of your cells Sat Nam 06/13/2017 Tratakam Be your best Be your extreme Humble Graceful Powerful with commitment To be with me Ready yourself For your victory To be aware To be calm When you see What is not me See me In everything Love the moment That you are challenged You will be Victorious Your life is a gift To give me gifts Connect to your breath Receive my thoughts Every whisper Every glance You are traveling With not a care Because You believe in me All through the mountains All through the deserts You will be surrounded By my voice Listen Listen to my love In each moment That you remember My existence In all See for me Speak for me If you do You will release you From this moment Be my life To develop the consciousness Of the human race Create My love Create As you already are Creating With every thought Know who you are Know what you are Together we are Creating as one The unlimited moment In a blink of every eye Can see What is my love Can be What is my breath Creating the universe As we are unaware That every moment Is my hand Creating Life as it is Lead this trance Into a conscious moment Lead the awareness Of my life’s breath Lead with my love For all creation To live a life As I intended it to be A gift A journey To see Through my eyes To experience Life as I am Be free With your humility That I am the One In all that I am Serving each moment To be a new beginning Of Love Of Light My shining moment To be alive in each heart Sat Nam