Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

09/08/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be the gift that you are to you.

Sat Nam


09/08/2017 Tratakam

Feel the breeze

Entering me


Feel your words

Affecting me


I am



I am your words

I am your actions


This is the world

That you are creating


When you speak

Create my love


When you speak

Create my Light


In this moment

You will fly


The entire universe

You will become


Without a sound

Without a movement


You will be



Send my love

Send my thoughts


I am you

Now listen


Listen to my Word

To speak my Word


Listen to my way

To live my way





Life is to be



You create



You create



Free yourself

Create my Truth





With each breath

Create my Truth


Believe in my Word

That is free from paper


Trust my Word

That is without form


A mind, a body, a Soul

To live as one


Are you

Living as one


How is your body

Did you serve it


How is your mind

Did you obey it


Where is your Soul

Do you question it



Deeply listen


Your Truth

Is inside you


What can you be

Without me



Without your breath


What can you be

With me



Nothing to be everything


Two words

With opposite meanings


Free yourself

From all words


Live with my Word

As your life


No form

No identity


Simply be

One with me


Sat Nam

09/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Give your patience company.

Sat Nam


09/07/2017 Tratakam

Looking inside

You will find


A gift

From me


Your seeking

Has found me


You are here

With me now



And forever


My Word

Is Truth


My Word

Is your Soul



Listen to your Truth


What you find

Is You


Always live

In peace


Seek my Word

In all that you do


You know

Where you are


You know

Where I am


You know

Your Truth



You know


Have confidence

That you know



Knowing your Truth


As you are

Is how I am





As the flow

Carries you


Be my stillness

Be my Light


Always listening

Always radiating


My love

Creating all


Stillness within

Peace within


With constant movement

All around you


Be still

Be silent


Within your mind

Within your vibration


Be still

Be silent


Allow me to exist

By creating stillness


Step aside

Give life to me


Anchor my love

In a new reality


Be my grounding

Be my flight


In your silence

You are full of my Light


Your will to serve

Will serve all


Overcoming your obstacles

With my Word inside you


Being my vibration

Being my sacred stillness


Full of love

Full of gratitude


For each challenge

That I bring to you


Accept each with love

Receive each with love


Bless all

With my love


I fill you with my love

To give



Give my love


Sat Nam

09/06/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Openly receive the life that you are to live.

Sat Nam


09/06/2017 Tratakam

To be graceful

Is your challenge


In all experiences

That I give to you


To be graceful

Is to be with me





To my love

To my Light





Fully present

In my presence


Is to be



I am with you



Be with me

To be graceful


Everything I give

Is for you to receive



With your hand in mine


Experience life

As me


Your life

Is mine


Accept your life

As my creation


Be creative

Be relaxed


Find a way

To be graceful


Be playful

Be grateful


A life I give

Is full


If you receive

With an open heart


If you receive

Knowing who you are


You are my life

You are my love


What you have

There is more in store


Smile with me

And you will see


That your world

Is for me


I enjoy living

I enjoy adventure


Where there is more

I run to be


Have reverence

For what you are



My Word


It is your heart

That gives you everything


Remember my Word

To bring you to my love


Every battle

Is to win for me


If you leave

You win when you return


That is the mission

That is the achievement


You have returned

To me



As fast as you can


You never left

Because you never forgot


Every breath

Was with me


In all your tears

In all your terrors


You spoke

To me


You are living

With me always


You are graceful

When you accept


That what you are

Is perfect


Every creation

Is perfect


In my eyes

All are one


All are my creation

All are my love


All are perfect

Including who you are


Relax my love

You are my heart


I give to you

For you to feel loved


When you smile

You give me everything


Your full presence

Is your grace



Sat Nam