Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

06/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Relax.  Know that you are filled with all the wisdom of the Light.

Sat Nam



06/12/2017 Tratakam

Become clean

Become pure


Be who you are

To All


Leave your past

That creates doubt


Become free



Walk with me

Until you feel free


To be with me

In front of all


What you need

Is peace


Within your heart

To calm your mind


Trust who you are

Tame the mind


Chase away doubt

Focus on me


When you feel

What appears more powerful



Deeply listen


To my love

That is calling to you


What is there

Is my strength


That resides in you

To create me


In all that you live

In all that you fly


Creating my love

As you remember me


You can feel

Realize that you do


What is for you

Because it is for me


Each opportunity



Receive the commotion

Receive the chaos



You are still with me


Rely on my gift

Of residing within you


Where there is darkness

You will go


Feeling everything

That needs my love


Let go of you

Become my love


What you receive

Is not you


It is my gift

Because you are strong


To be with me

When you feel unsettled


Fly to my love

When you feel


What everything needs

Is my love


Run to me

Show everyone the way


As fast as you can

To return to me


To transform

To neutralize


To bless all

With my presence


You are victorious

Because you believe


That all you need

Is my love


Feel my tears

That you bring to me


Your only need

Is to be with me



Sat Nam

06/11/2017 Kirtan Kriya

You will be as you choose to be.  Soul will be a consistent life force of the One’s love within you.

Sat Nam



06/11/2017 Tratakam

Judge this moment

Judge the world


Judge your word

Judge your judgement


Just let go

Receive no burden


Be alive

Be free


In this present moment

Be with me


If you are with me



Then you are free

You can be


Your Truth

Your love


As you live

As you project


With humility

With reverence


For every life

Because it is my life


You are my dance

You are my song


Live with me

Let go of thinking


Listen to me

Not to the mind’s chatter


Asking questions

Creating doubts


I create love

I create your breath


Your Truth

Is what I give


Live as I live

Walk with sight


As you are

So will you live


Give this moment

A glance of love


See the world

With only one thing


See the present

Forget the past


Learn from the present

Learn to give


As you remember me

So will you become


A projection of me

In every moment


Give to me

As I give to you


My love

Is always present


My sight

Is now


What you will receive

Is from this present moment


Be with my love

Let the illusions go


A life is to live

As your present exists


I give you

What helps you to grow


Love your life

It will give you strength


To love my life

Is your greatest gift


To fill my heart

With your love


To be the reflection

Of my Light


Is my prayer

For all


You can give

So give


Choose your life

Choose to live


As my love

You are forever



Sat Nam

06/10/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Have patience for the One that is guiding you.

Sat Nam



06/10/2017 Tratakam


Your life is free



With me





You can be



You can submit

To anything


It is your choice

You choose


To be

My love


You are from the heavens

And there you shall go


Enjoy this life

I gift to you


So quickly

You will return


Into my arms

I reassure you


When you are free

You are with me


If your longing distracts you

Then breathe


You are with me

I am within you


I am

Your every breath


To become

The unknown


To achieve



You are to be



Without wants

Without needs


Simply be

My love


The world will continue

As you will still live



Without hesitation



Without complaining


It will be done

If you wish it to be


You can command

The world with one hand


If you live

From my heart



To guide



To guard


With my Light

You will illumine all


How beautiful

Nothing can be


All are one

As all are nothing


I am the One

I am all


With no words

That can describe


I live

As all


Never claiming

A single form


Follow me

Become my love


Your Truth

That I place in you


With every breath

Realize your love



To create peace


Within your being

Within all


What will be

Will be my Light


Experience your Truth

With a single touch


Of my Word

That I whisper to all



Sat Nam