Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

09/05/2017 Kirtan Kriya

As you are to hear, so you are to listen.

Sat Nam


09/05/2017 Tratakam

Be with every



What is not



What you can’t see



What you don’t know



My approach

Is subtle


Will you see



In the dark

In the Light


I am there

Can you see


As you care

Can you feel


A welcoming

Of all beings


Be in the vibration

That soothes your mind


My vibration

Is to heal


What can be



What can be



See the present

As unlimited


Forget the past

Eliminate it


Be able to listen

In this moment


Where you are

Is how you are listening


Have you seen me



I do to you

In so many ways


Did you dream with me

As you slept


Your love

Is to direct


My vibration

To all the world


From your heart

My love


Create this moment

Bless the earth


See perfection

In each breath


I give to you




Be with me


If you seek

If you listen


You will find me

In every breath


Sat Nam

09/04/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to your inner peace to find Soul.

Sat Nam


09/04/2017 Tratakam

So much love

So much respect


That you give

To me


Give the same

To all


Every person

Is full of me


Can you see me

Can you find me


Every person

Is me


See me

With grace


See me

With consciousness


I am



What could be

Without me


What could be

Without my love


Every person

Is filled with my love


Be the One

That opens each heart


To knowing

Their Truth


Give each moment

A pause



To feel my Light



To share


What I give to you

Is to be given


Stay with my stillness

Just be


Relax with me here

I want you to live



Within my stillness


Stay here



You will see

So much more


You will experience

So much more


You will become



To become all

To unite all



To me


Where you want to be

Is with me


Every thought

Every wish


To be with me

Is simply a choice



As I am


To find my love

Is to love yourself


Share every sight

Of my love


To choose not to see

Is a choice


Who chooses

Is my choice



With humility


You are graceful

You are humble


Remember your Truth

With each


What challenges you



It is me

In front of you



Reflecting who you are


Sat Nam

09/03/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Where there is love, there is no pain, only peace.

Sat Nam


09/03/2017 Tratakam

Looking forward

To see a myth


Looking backward

To see a gift


No hopes

No regrets


Wake with me

In this moment


Right here

Right now


What you are

Look around


What are you

Do you see


You are sitting

Still with me


See the wonder

See the blessing


In each gift

I give to you


What you do

Is what you are


Give a gift

For each in front of you


What do you see

Look closer


What do you hear

Listen deeper


Be open

Be free


Be in the present

With me


Can you enjoy

With pure gratitude


For what you have

May be gone tomorrow


What do you have

You have me



Look at me


I am everything

I am everywhere


I am in front of you

I am inside you


Look at me

Set me free


Give me life

Acknowledge me


Inside another

Is me


Release their pain

Acknowledge me


In them

In you



As one with me


Give the gift

Of my Light


By remembering

My Light


A moment

To remember me


Creating me

In each one


That you see

That you feel



Give my love


Open your heart

And give


To every known

To every unknown



Give my love


As you sit

Here in me


Remember this place



When you are to give

Open your being



That you are sitting with me



With me


From my sacred being



As you are

So you will be


Within my stillness



Breathe with me

Receive your Truth


Your life

Is to live with me


Sat Nam