Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

09/02/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is neutral.  Peace is neutral.  The Light is neutral.

Sat Nam


09/02/2017 Tratakam

Respect yourself

Respect others


Be consistent

With your being


When you are lost

Find me


I am with you



Bring yourself home

Home with me


You are always here

See your way


How you project

How you feel


What you create

Is real


Every thought

Be of me


Every judgement

Give to me


I am your Truth

All are my Truth



That you are nothing


A single drop

Loved so sweetly


Share my love

Give it to all


I am everything



I am each drop

I am the ocean


To carry you

Is to carry me


Find your way

Realize that you are me


What do you want

Without your breath



Your life is led by me


So empty

So full


Remember me



Where you go

Leave behind


Be present

Be now


Be grateful

In this moment


I give

You live



Appreciate all


Be kind

To all


Be humble

To all


Be my Light

To all


Where you are lost

Is where I am not


A mind’s message

Without my love


Be the One

Remember me


All my love

Is there always


What is not

Let go


A foolish thought

That needs to fly


Let it be

Let it go


So many thoughts

That are to go


Be with me

Sit by my side


Feel the ocean

That we are


Every drop



So much peace

If you go within


To be with me

Is to breathe


As you are

So will you create


Create my stillness

Do not hesitate



Will make you strong


To be with me

In all kinds


Be with me

Make it your mission


To see my love

In everything lost


Fill each one

With my Light


Give to all

What I fill you with


Always humble

Always present


With my love

In the present



Sat Nam

09/01/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Allow Soul to lead.

Sat Nam


09/01/2017 Tratakam

How can a life be

With me


Simply dream

Of my love


Every thought

Every action



With my love



To be aware


That you are

As you are to be


So many desires

So many wishes


Can you be

With my life


My life

It is for you


Can you be satisfied

Can you be fulfilled


With my life

That is everything


For you

For all


If you choose

To be


In the arms

Of my love


My beloved

You are so dear


Be at peace

With the day


Be at peace






You can be



You can be

At peace


Walk with me

Accept my hand


You are

As I create you to be


Live with my Word

In your mind


Train yourself to believe

That you are my life


As you focus

You will become your Truth


Can you

Will you


Accept the life

I give to you


Play with your breath

See how much you can do


Receive my love

In each breath



Sat Nam

08/31/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Trust the One that brings you life.

Sat Nam


08/31/2017 Tratakam

Silently speaking

Silently listening


Do you hear

My voice



Your voice



Your ears


As you are

So will you live



Be with me


Let it go

The past is not a mystery


Moving forward

With no fear


In these moments

You are so dear


A life of being

Filled with love



To project love



To create love



On what you love



On me


I create

As you do


Do you know

What is happening to you


I do

I do create you


You are at peace

When you know


That all your life

Is as I told



You are mine


In all that you do

Speak to me



Your words



My Word


What you achieve

Is for me


What you miss

Is for me


You need

One thing


You need

Your breath


To live

To feel


Thank me

For your breath


I am everything

That you need



With my love



That you are filled with love


You are

Because I am


A sacred space

Within your body


You know the way

To your Truth


You know the way

To your Truth


I guide you

With every breath


Open your eyes

Open your ears


You know the way

To your Truth


You know the way

To your Truth



What gives you strength



What controls nothing






With me


Live purely

Live from my Light


Inside you

Is all around you


You have the key

That I give to you


With every breath

You are to live


As you behave

So will I too


My Truth

Is your Truth



Be to create peace


To be my stillness

Is for you


You can

And you will



You will achieve


In an instant



Sat Nam