Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

06/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be present with the life that Soul guides you to experiencing.

Sat Nam



06/07/2017 Tratakam

To be

Alone with me


Be free

Allow yourself to see


That all are one

Together with me


You are more

Than what your eyes see


Create a life

That represents me


See the present

To release


What should be forgotten

What has not happened





As one

With me


You can

And you will


Develop a life

That is growing


Like a seed

Continuing upward



Becoming something new


Feel my tears

Watering you


Your pains with growth

Are an illusion


Enjoy your experience

Feel your transformation


What you are

You will not be tomorrow


Be present

Learn from what is now


I give

In the present


You live

In the present


My breath

In the present moment


Connecting you to me

To give you everything


What is more

When all are one


What is here

Beside me now


Your awareness

Your humility


Your strength

Is in this moment


Carry me

To expand my love


To give to all

What is in your heart


A life

With my love


As you walk

You are one


Live for each breath

To feel


My Truth

My Wisdom


Will bring you

To my vision





You are the seed

That creates my love


Nurture your life

With my Word


Welcome your growth

Into a new world


That will bring awareness

Of your Truth


Smile my love

You are beautiful


When you are

One with me



Sat Nam

06/06/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Send your love to every tear, to every smile, to every breath.

Sat Nam



06/06/2017 Tratakam

Look into my heart

What can you see


Are you using

Your abilities


To be neutral

To be fair


To be the one

That lives


With trust

With love


From the deepest



Do you bring



My test for you

Is for you to believe


In every moment

Give your love


To the one

That creates doubt


Shine my Light

Allow my truth


To be known

As the greatest brilliance


To each eye

See through my eyes


To each unknown

Give my wisdom


For all to be

Together as one


With me

With my love


You are here

With a purpose


Live your life

From my heart



With my steps


Guiding you

To life’s magic


Your life is to lead

With humility


You will walk

Simply to walk with me


You are a guide

You are my Light


Your footsteps

Are permanent


Every breath

Will be known


As the unknown

You will create


Believe what you are

You are me


Before you speak



Two words

Which do you choose


Surrender your tongue

To my Word


See the Truth

In all


Breathe my love

To surrender to me


Your life will be

Your life’s dream


To be

In my arms


With every word

With every step



In my embrace



Of my whispers



As one who is loved


Your dream

Is my reality


You are here

With me


You are to be

Every tear


That fills my ocean

With my love


By the world

You are a guide





Every moment

Within my grace



Sat Nam

06/05/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Being free is the ability to let go of everything that you have ever known, and trust.

Sat Nam



06/05/2017 Tratakam

What is to be

Will be


What is left to chance

Is for you to see


The wonder

The brilliance


Of becoming

My reality


There is an option

That is in your hands


What will you choose

I know


If you trust

That I know


Then relax

It is what is best for you


Believe in my love

Trust that I care


All I do

Is give to you


You want to run

You want to hide


From what my love

I am everywhere


To disappear

Is your dream


If you do

You will find


You are everywhere

With me


You are to be

A Light in each heart



To send my love


What fills you

Is what I need to heal


Be full

Be my warrior


Steady your heart

Know you serve me


When you are still

While being filled


The greatest stillness

Will be achieved


When you listen

To my Word


As you feel

And you let go


To disappear

So that I can be


Your life

Your identity


Let everything go

To become all


When you connect

To my stillness


You can feel what is inside you

From my eyes of neutrality


Bless what I brought to you

Give my Light that I placed in you


You are

My guide


When you listen

When you trust


When you become

Your Truth


Receive every thought

Receive every feeling


See it

Feel it


Experience it

From my breath


As you are still

You expand


To an extent

I hope you understand


That you are everywhere

You are the universe


Everything contained

Everything free





When you see

Through my eyes


Now that you are still

You have disappeared


You are everything

That you long to be


You are my grace

You are my Light


You give



You love



From my heart

You see



At a single point


Your love



As my One

Who is all



Sat Nam