Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/24/2016 Kirtan Kriya

The love that is in your heart, is Soul.

Sat Nam


12/24/2016 Tratakam

You must surrender

Your mind to me


Your smiles are needed

To cheer the masses


To fill the hearts

That are empty


The Light within you

Is the Light that I placed


In your heart

Very carefully


To fill you with me

For all eyes to share


The magic

The wisdom


That is me

In them


They must see

As you see


They must feel

As you feel


I am in your heart

I am your everything


I feel the pain

I feel the suffering


Of life

Without me


Send them your touch

Of happiness


With me

As your heart


Life is to be



In your thoughts

And in your words


A life with me

Is free


Of all worry

Of all doubt


What shines from you

Is me


What others see

At first


Is you

In all your beauty


What can it be

Their minds insist


It must be magic

It must be tragic


Shine your light

That is me


As they see you

They will begin to see me


In everything

As you do


Do not question

Do not doubt


You are to be



With me

As your companion


You will never be in need

Of simple life’s delusions


You have no needs

You have me


I am eternity

I am your everything


There is only life

There is only living


When you are in a life

With me


I can be

Free with you


As you are free

When you are with me


See the dance

See the enchanted


I need you

As you need me


To reach the hearts

Of all humanity


I am not seen

I am not heard


I am experienced

In an unclaimed form


You know me

You are my heart


You represent



This is your start

And this will be your end


Your life

Is mine


I will only lead you to lightness

Even if you must pass through darkness


For what you deliver

As you go


Is me

In my pure form


I am the Light

That you leave as a trail


Some not seen

Until you are forgotten


But believe

That you have placed me


In all the hearts

That you have passed


You are not to worry

If you do not know


Simply know

That you are loved


By me

My beloved



Sat Nam

12/25/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Soul has become that which is your every thought.

Sat Nam


12/25/2016 Tratakam

Under the idea

Under the distress


That you are not real

That your life is not to feel


You will lose me

To be with yourself


You must become

That which I am


You must be



In all that you do

In all that you see


You must drop your negativity

To become me


I am the Word

I am the neutrality


That fills the holes

That do not exist


With love

With kindness


I can fill your heart

I can fill your life


With all the memories

Of being here with me


I am not a test

I am your life!


I choose to be

With you


I choose to be

In your heart


I choose you

My beloved


If your life is a choice

Then so is mine


I am the creator

Of all the choices


I am the One

That dictates the answers


I am with you

You are the one


That fills me

That lifts me


To the place

That is the heavens


Even though

You are with the masses


Believe in your life

Trust what you have done


Is my doing

Is what must be done


I will not foretell you

I will not forget you


I will simply

Guide you


To your mission

To what must be done


Do not question

Do not judge


Simple be



In what you have been given

In what your life can



For everyone


I am your guidance

I am your love


I am what fills

Your every move


I know your thoughts

I am your passions


I am that

Which brings you closer


To life

To love


I am your life

I am your path


You must see

That there are no regrets


There is only

What I intended it to be


A life with me

Will you choose to see


That you can see

As I can see


What is in the hearts of all

Is me


Go where you are needed

Go where you are led


What is there for you

You may never know


There may be a distraction

There may be an attraction


That is for me to know

And you to simply



With me


In all that you do

In all that you know


You can choose

To be with me


You can choose

To Trust


You can choose life

Over darkness


You want something

You need to let go


Of your reality

And that which you do not know


You will choose

To not want


You will choose

To simply be


That which has brought your heart

To me


To others

To all


This is not just an assignment

Or a confinement


This is your awareness

This is your enlightenment


Of what I am

In all my forms


That free you

From your attachments


That keep you bored

That protect you from nothing


You are becoming

That which is in your heart


You are me

As I am you


This is your identity

For eternity


Hold my hand

As you always do


Be excited

Be grateful


For all that you do

Is what I do


I do love you

I do hold you


In the arms

Of your beloved


You shall always be

You shall always be


Sat Nam

12/26/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Be patient.  Soul is already with you.

Sat Nam


12/26/2016 Tratakam

When you sleep

I will be


A living

A breathing



For you



You are sleeping


You are dreaming

Of me


You are the reason

For my season


Of ripening

Of renewing


Of being

That which it is meant to be


My life

Is here for all


To share the glory

Of every reason


To be with me

In the eyes of all


How glorious

How victorious


How can we be

Forever and more


Be as me

When you see


The doubt in others

That makes them blind


To Truth

To being alive


With me on their tongue

They do believe


That all life

Is created by me


It can become

A dream


My reality

Can be only what you see


Your reality

Can be me


It is the One

It is All


It is everything

It is nothing


To be



You can believe

Because you do trust


My Truth

Is the only reality


Everything else

Is only the mind’s reality


You must relax

You will be put to the test


Of creating me

In all minds


In the life of all

With only Light to shine


You will be me

In living form


I am an energy

I am a vibration


When you speak

Allow me to create


A reality

That will be


All for some

And all for All


If they want to refuse

They will only diffuse it





Their life is not real

But you must believe


That I am

Their reality


You are to walk

With me



In all that you do


Leave the mind’s representation

Of you


You are more

That you may want to believe


Because you serve me

Because you believe


You can bring me

Into the hearts of all


Because I am

Already there


This is your secret

This is your dream


That I am present

In their realities


Because I am

Already there


You giggle

Because you recognize me


In their eyes

In their hearts


It tickles you

It delights you


To share me

With another heart


To make someone feel free

Is your reality


You know this

As you have always known this


Fly my little one of the Light

Helps others to fly


As you do

So will others


You are my representation

You are my path


Create as I do

A simple task


For others to awaken

To their true reality


They are flying

With me


And with



My child

I love you


Sat Nam