Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

02/18/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be with all, not just some.  Be with Soul as One.

Sat Nam



02/18/2017 Tratakam

What has begun

Is your life


Your life

With me





Will you resist

Will you delay


Or will you flow

Deeply with me


I am not a person

I am not a place

I am not a thing


But I exist

In all


I am everything

I am nothing


I am the One

In pure form


For you

For all


To be filled

With my love


Jump into the waterfall

That I present to you


This is not a test

This is a beautiful thing


An experience

To be free


From your reality

From your dream


Wake with me

In your heart



As I give


A blessing

That might be crazy


As you say

As you do


What is strange

May be true


Be open

Trust as I do





Live with trust

Open your heart





To be in my

Living reality


Life is a mystery

Life is a puzzle


Don’t be foolish

With such views


Live life

Live your life


It is full of wonder

It is full


Of everything

Of my love


Take that step

Walk with me


Trust in me

Is your only test


Everything person

Is me


Every place

Is me


Every thing

Is me


What is your question

If you believe


That I am giving

To you



That you will receive


Take that step

Don’t hold your breath



Breathe with me


Receive your breath

That I give to you


For you to see

What else is for you



You can see


All the life

That you delay


You will sing

My hearts song


Simply feel me

In every breath


Open your mind

To new experiences


Free yourself

From your life’s thoughts


Live life

With me


As freely

As the wind blows


As still

As the mountain views


Your life

With me




Sat Nam

02/17/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Live your life so that all will trust you.

Sat Nam



02/17/2017 Tratakam

The world is in a crisis

When your heart is in a crisis


When will you trust

And walk with me


I have shown you

What is to be


Let go of your fears

Of leaving the past


The future

Is waiting


Become aware

Of your present


Your present

Is your present from me


Accept what I give

You will only receive


What you are to be

What I need you to be


Live with your heart

Filled with me


When your thoughts

Are without me


What do you create

How do you inspire


Is your world

As you want it to be


Face change

With your strength


Live as your courage

To love a life


Without routines

Without strings


Only me

Living purely


In the present

Without barriers from the past


To fully experience

All that is present


A life that has no beginnings

Will never have endings


Lost in a loop

Of attachment


One simple thought

One simple prayer


One breath received

Completely from me


And your wings will open

And your heart will sing


You will fly



Just one step

Is the only step


The first steps

Are the moment of change


Will you

Could you


Believe in me

Trust my Light


Such a silly thing

When you feel me


In your heart

In your thoughts


You will run

Across that step


Because you know

That you are already



With me


The step I ask of you

Is to free you


Into a world

That is only me


I will be

With you always


What has brought you here

Is my logic


No question

Will ever be answered


Simply feel

What I create in you


Love your life

Love your life


Respect your life

Respect other’s life


You must become



You are never to be



You are my heart

You are my song


Live freely

To be who you are


I will give you

All the wind


That you need

To lift you


If you trust

If you believe


Everything you need

You will see


Has always existed

Has always lived


In your heart

In your ability


To be with me




Sat Nam

02/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Let go of your life to become one with all life.

Sat Nam




02/16/2017 Tratakam

What can your life be

If you are not looking at me?


What is life

If you are not with me


Life is a chance

Life is a gift


To be free

Within confinement


You must believe

That you are more


Than you imagine

Yourself to be


You are unlimited

You are without words


You are everywhere

You are nowhere


All the time

Without the existence of time


You are with me

As I am with you


We dance

We sing


We know more

Than you allow to be



Allow yourself to be


Radiating the life

That I intended to be


I am your heart

I am your life


I believe

That you can be



Within this confinement


I believe

In you


In your heart

In your courage


To live a life

Without nothing


You are alive

Within every being


Give them

As I give to you


My love

My light


You can give

You can be



For everyone


If you remain

Within my thoughts


Within my Word

You are to be


With me

As my creation



Deeply listen


Lose yourself

Lose your identity


To become free

As you have always been


You are creating

As we are speaking


A world of love

A world of light


A world that will give



Of my love

Of my existence


My life

Is your life


Create as me

Because you already do


Believe in your vibration

In your projection


Create that which you know

Will create love for all


Those of the aware

Create simultaneously


Be aware

Of your connection


To the rhythm

Of the world


Create the vibration

That you wish to receive


Receive me

With an open heart



Until you can only give more


My love

Is for all



To me


What I give

Is for all


Your strength

Is your ability to share


Your humility

Gives you courage


To believe

To trust


In my Truth

In my Word





I am the Light

I am the darkness


I am



I am your



That you wish for

That you long for


I hear your heart

Call to me


I am there

Inside your heart


Filling you

With my love



Sat Nam