Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/27/2016 Kirtan Kriya

As you breathe, breathe with Soul.  Allow this experience to overcome your identity, until you are nothing more, but Soul.

Sat Nam


12/27/2016 Tratakam

I need to see your face

Even when you feel in disgrace


You are never anything

But perfect to me


You are perfect

Because you are imperfect


Whoever does not understand

Will surely fail


At life

At love


At understanding my Truth

At fulfilling my wishes


I want you to love freely

I want you to be loved





In humility

With your full grace


I want you to believe

That you can be with me


I need you to understand

That you never need a helping hand


I am with you always

Live with this wisdom


With your decisions

With your actions


I am there

And I understand


How you go about your day

How you wish your life away


Live for me now

In the present


Do not worry

About your future failures


Dare to dream

That you are complete



With me


Yes, it is true

Your identity is real


It is the Light

It is my Love


It is for All

It is for You


Love yourself

Today you must


Accept the roads

That I made you travel


I wanted to be

You in these experiences


I wanted to feel

What you felt in these experiences


They were necessary

And you may never now


How much I loved you

During every moment


I dried all of your tears

With being neutral


For you

For your sacred purpose


Don’t forget all your smiles

That filled me too


As I watch you now

I am listening to you


All of your thoughts

All of your prayers


I am with you

It is for you to listen


To me

To my Word


I have much to speak of

Will you be able to listen


To things that are above

Your level of consciousness


You must grow now

You are just my seed


You must become

My living reality


Grow as I water you

With my Words


Fill yourself

With my Light


This is will

Your ability


To love all

When there is only darkness


This will be your grace

When you are being struck by humanity


When you love as I do

You create a new reality


For all to behold

For all to see



And their Truth


You must become

You must grow into


Your full identity

Your Truth


That I have planned for you

That I have planned for all


You must obey

When you want to shut down


You must listen

When others are speaking


Only to me

Only to my Words


Begin to feel

My heart


Within you

Within your thoughts


I can become you

With your permission


You must surrender

What keeps you behind


Your mind

Your foolish mind


Life is for me

Life is for becoming me


There is nothing else

It is only in your mind


Once your mind

Truly experiences me


It will leave

Its reality


It will know



Who is to lead it

Who is to command it


Who are the only thoughts

Worth documenting


It is me

It will understand


That I am

For you


I am

To save you


To rescue you

From what the mind stores


To free you

From what it protects you from


The mind will know

That I am the One


I will protect you

I will keep you safe


In my arms

In my Light


You will be

My prize


You are my



You are my



You must be me

So that I may be you


I will be




Sat Nam

12/28/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to your heart.  You will find Soul there.

Sat Nam


12/28/2016 Tratakam

Look at your feet

Where can we meet


Where will you allow

My Light to take you


You will go

Where others fear


You will be silent

When others will shout


You listen to me

When there is doubt


You ignore others



To me

To my love


I don’t represent them

I don’t represent their complaints


I represent love

In its most pure state


I need you now

To be with me


To help others

To see me


I am in the shadows

I am in the darkness


I am in the riches

I am in the all the spaces


Of their mind

Of their thoughts


I can be



And I can be



Most do not understand

My humility


I do not hate

I do not judge


What are you doing

When you judge


You are not representing me

You are not being me


If you think you are right

You are clearly out of sight


Of me

Of my neutrality


I will never lie

I will never cheat



Not even me


I only live

In neutrality


You must believe

That you are wrong


I do not give you missions

To end other’s darkness


I only wish

That you send them Light


You will not change

If you want others to change


You must surrender to me

To your heart


You are only given

What is only a small piece


Of the wisdom

That is my reality


You can speak

So not you must listen


To me

To my love


Trust what you hear

Before you speak


Walk with me

I am with you always


You must be



You will not understand

Until you become me


What you are to do

Is nothing that you have seen before


Forget all your thoughts

Abandon all your missions


I am here

Before your eyes


I am what

You must explore



And with trust


In me

In my love


I will give you

All that you need


If you only believe

In me


You are not here to judge

You are not here to question


Even if you think that you are right

You are not in my state


This is for you

All before you


You must open your eyes

You must begin to listen


To me

To my heartbeat


To the rhythm of the universe

To my vibration


I am who I am

For all to be


Without me

You do not exist


You must refrain

From your mind’s thoughts


You must become



Introduce yourself

To your feet


How will you walk today

Will you be with me


Breathe every breath

With me


Place each footstep



This is your life

This is for you


The gift of consciousness

Within every moment


Be alive

In every moment



Where you have been



Where you are going


As you walk

With me



Sat Nam

12/29/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Soul is the meaning of life.

Sat Nam


12/29/2016 Tratakam

What do you see

When you see me


You see my love

You see my Light


When you see your reflection

Looking back at you


It is you that you feel

It is me that is you


You are real

You are Light


You are beginning

Your flight


With me as your wings

And my Words as your wind


I am you

Look at you


In my eyes

You will forever dwell


You see me

When your eyes are closed


You see me

In everything


I can be

The true reality


I can be

I already am


See the difference

Do you understand


For some I can be

For you I already am


I am I am

You know You know


I am reality

I am infinity


I am only



I am already



For you to be

In the arms of me


You simply

Must listen


To the breeze

That tickles your check


That makes you run

Into forever


My life

Your life


Take a moment

To be at peace


Maybe you don’t know

What the future stores


But what if I

Only live in the present?


This is the Truth

You already know


I only exist

In the present


You must believe

That I don’t plan your future


It all happens



In the present

As you be


I create

Only in the present


I may have wishes

I may set the courses


For you

For all


If you are to be

Then it is up to you to be


On your path

In the present


With those on the same path

In the present


Enjoy this life

It will not happen twice



Is a new adventure


With me

With life


As you believe

Believe in the present


The past is gone

It will never happen


Let go

Let God


Do you understand

This significance


You are to be free

As if the present is your only reality

You are the present

Nothing more


You are nothing

Because you are only in the present


Nothing exists

Outside of this reality


You are nothing

Scream about it


You are free

From the nonreality


Of what does not exist

Of what is nevermore


What is here

What needs to be explored


Life is so wonderful

If you only see



In everything


Look for me

Be with me


Breathe me in

And release what is no more


You are my everything

But only in the moment


That you

Are with me



Sat Nam