Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

08/03/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in the One that rises every morning with you to give you the sun and falls asleep with you every night to dream under the moon light.


Sat Nam


08/03/2017 Tratakam

You will believe

In my eternity


I will always be

Without mystery


I exist

As you exist


Simply being

A part of you


Living each day

With no yesterday


Will you walk

In the present with me


The future is near

But not enough


Be here now

To call your own bluff


Laughter with me

Will bring you to me


A simple Word

And you are here


Loving each moment



In this moment

To be


Simply being

Right here and right now


A choice

To be alive


In this moment

By my side


I am not in the past

I am not in the future


I am now

Be who I am


Right now

What to do


Look around

Please this moment


I created this day

Now live it


Running away

To care for tomorrow


Living today

Has no regrets


Living today

Has no worries of tomorrow


Live now

Live with me


Run to the day

Play by my breath



Always today


Each sky of today

Is perfect in the day


What you need

You will receive


If you live it

In the moment


Testing you

To be your Truth


Testing you

To let go of worries


What can you do

What can you not do


Let go of thinking

Be now


Every moment

Within each breath


Is my life

Feel it


So much wisdom

Cast away



To be with me


Your word

Is my breath



By your breath


Relax each cell

Calm the world


One by one

They will form


My Light

Within their heart












To bring more



To cherish life



To respect all forms


Calm my life

Live with me now


Letting go

Of the adventures of tomorrow


Letting go

To dive deeply


Into my love

That will silence all


Sweet peace

Within each one


Becoming my love

Being my breath



As I have gifted


A choice

To live with


With all

With everything


From my breath

You are all


Sat Nam

08/02/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Everything begins with you.  Begin being you.  Start the beginning of everything.

Sat Nam


08/02/2017 Tratakam

Where are you

Amongst the stars


Where is

My love these days


Every mountain

Watching you


Freely living

With my love


Feel the way

My love begins


As a seed

Inside of all



As the trees shade



As the rain feeds


Always reaching

For my love


Please know

That it is inside you


Your first breath

I gave to you


Such a moment

To remember


With love

With compassion


You were born

As nothing


You were filled

With everything



So small


It goes unnoticed

With all


This is the secret

Of all life


Remember my love

With each breath


As you breathe

Breathe with me



Who you are


As you are born

You know


What you are

And where you come from


You are

As I made you


You are

As I wish to be


In your silence

You will discover



That is my love


Some days



Some days



Some days

Different from what had


Enjoy each day

As it is


My love is there

In my silence


Have reverence

For each day I give


Quiet your mind

Discover you Truth


What you are

Is only Truth


My Light

Inside of you


Can you believe

Will you trust


That my love

Is so beautiful


You must see

That I love


As you grow

You become You


My tears

Are for your growth


Receive from me

Run to my stillness


Sat Nam

08/01/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Focus each breath on the divine connection within you.

Sat Nam

08/01/2017 Tratakam

Feel the innocence

In the air

It is happening

Be aware

My world

Will be

Relax into being

Free with thought

Every sound

Every idea

In one mind

A full spectrum

Of ideas

That create me

What you feel

So do all


Is no more

So many illusions


Together again

As it had always been

One by one

Becoming one

A single thread

Connecting all

My life

Is in all

With this wisdom

You will feel all

All together

All apart


When you are me

I am everything

That you know

I am much more

Than you know

Follow my steps

Believe your trust

You are following


Each breath you take

You feel my love

Each tear you release

To nourish a seed

Grow my love

Grow with care

Give the rest

That each need

To grow

Requires patience

Patience requires


All forms of strength

Need all forms of health

Vanish each part of you

Until you are no more


Be One with me

Let all else go

Deliver my love

So much you do

When you breathe with me



Allow my divinity

To be aware within you


While fully aware

I love you

As you are

Ignite my love

Create my life

As you walk

Walk with me

All else will be

If they choose to be

With my identity

That is within all

Sat Nam