Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/30/2016 Kirtan Kriya

Love as Soul loves.  Speak as Soul speaks.  Calm your mind with thoughts of Soul.

Sat Nam


12/30/2016 Tratakam

As you love

Are you in bliss


Are you with me

With every kiss


Of every Word

Of every breath


Are you experiencing



In this state

You are with me


You are neutrality

You are free


To experience life

As it is to be


To live for others

To live for me


To be neutrality

Is for you to see


That all of life

Is a mystery


You can climb mountains

You can cross seas


But all you have to do

To find me


Is to look within

Is to see with humility


That I exist



In all that you do

In all that you see


I simply am

What I have to be


I can be with you

If you only believe


That you are divinity

Because you are me


Your body will test you

Your mind will destroy you


You must never submit

Except to me


To be purity

To be the Light


You must never fight

You must never flee


Stay with me

And win as me


As a saint

As a sage


As a human

Who only sees



In the eyes of all


How can it be

That I am them


You know

Because your heart tells you


That I am every whisper

That sets you free


To experience

What does not exist


To exist

As none can resist


To be bountiful

To be beautiful


To be blissful

With each breath


Can set all humanity free

Can win me


You are here

As a blessing


You are experiencing

As none can see


As you learn

From your lessons


You are brought

Closer to me


You are below

You are above


You have become

A state that is none


You can be

As you can breathe


You are infinity

Because you are me


As you open to

This new reality


How beautiful

All have become


How bountiful

Every experience is


How blissful

Life is with me


I love you



As you become stillness

You become me


You will let go

Of your mind’s insanity


In order to be

Free with me


As your Truth

To shine your Light



With me


Is your path

That you see


There is no more searching

There is no more planning


You have found me

You were always with me


See your path

As your reality


You must believe

You must Trust


That yes,

You are not in the dark


You are where

You always want to be


You are here

With me



Sat Nam

06/04/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be the example of trust in the power of creation with my Light.

Sat Nam



06/04/2017 Tratakam


To my love



What you receive



Who you are



From my heart


My heart

Is your heart


What you feel

Is for me


To transform



A single drop

To become the ocean


A single prayer

To be heard by all


What you see

With your eyes


Is seen

By all my eyes


Always learning

Always curious


Your life

Is a mission


To become

The graceful one


In all circumstances

That become your present


In a moment

A new present becomes


Survive each moment

With my love


To support you

To guide you


For you to be



To battle the mind

Is your daily commitment


To defend the world

Of what the mind creates


You will win

You will survive


Every mind

That is a test


I believe

Believe in me


My love



My hands




My Word


Every moment

Every breath


You are to trust

You are to believe



You are to live


While enjoying life

With me


I am your center

I am your focus


Live here now



My world

In the presence of all


Guide all

With the Light I give you


What you believe

With our heart


Will become

Our reality


You are me

As I am you


We are one

To create for all



As I do



As I do



As I do


What you have

The whole world will


If you create

For all


A life of love

A life of peace



To give more


Commit to serving



Commit to my life

Surrender to me


Your wants

Your needs


Let go

Become one with me


You can love

You can be


As you are

With more to see


More eyes

Through your eyes



As I do


My heart

Exists in all



Sat Nam

06/03/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be the One that can send love in all conditions.

Sat Nam



06/03/2017 Tratakam

To love life

As all life


To be with me

As to be with all


In this world

There will be


A show

To please the mind


A shadow

To make you scream



Stay with me


Leave all behind

Create a new kind


Of living

Of being


In love

With life


In love

With living



Your beginning



Your first breath


How brilliant

My Light


In your eyes

In all that you see


So excited

To breathe


So reverent

To be gifted


A chance

An opportunity


To be alive

In this human form


What it means

You must return


To living

To loving





Drop your illusions

That you think I give to you


You are to love



I made all

As they are


They will return

To my arms


Just as you will

So will all



My love


In all life

Not just as you choose


My heart

Is in all


My song

Can be heard in all



Sing what you hear


Do you dare

Believe in me



For all to hear


I am your life

I am your breath


Give me a chance

To be alive


Within your heart

To create


A world

As it is to be


A world

Of neutrality


Stay focused

Stay within


Be the one

That can walk


With me

Within each breath



My love


Stay focused

I command



To my Word


You are to be

My song


To feel others

Is a gift


Now express

Your gift


To be

With me


In neutrality

In pure love


As you feel

The entire world


Send my Light

When you feel


What is within you

Is the whole world


With any suffering

With any doubts


Send my love

Send my Light


Remain my child

Within my stillness


You exist

So alive


Within my neutrality

You create


The whole world

Within a still moment


Can you feel it

Can you express it


My entire being

Within a word


Yes my love



So much

So little


Your heart so still

Your heart so full


This is my life

This is your life


As you love

I follow



Sat Nam