Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

08/17/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Life is complicated because it is so simple, with Soul.

Sat Nam

08/17/2017 Tratakam

You can be

The highest mountain

You can be

The deepest sea

Can you be

With me

In your heart

You will always be

Your best

Your Truth

Do you dare

To be You now

As you walk

You will fly

To be in love

With you

Your human


Your human


Can you see

Me there too

In all the ones

That carry my song

Can you sing

To be the one

That sings for me

To nourish

Each breath

That fills

Every breath

That empties

Can you give

As I do



With pure love

To heal

Take the step

That I ask of you

The world is waiting

For your song

Your life

Is mine

Give it

To all

A beautiful moment

Of peace

So grand

So small

Laugh at walls

Jump as I do

There is only now

For you to see

Be as I am

Be free

Your heart

Is formless

It encompasses

The world

Feel your love

Feeding all

With my Word

You will always be

Give my love

Set all free

Quietly listening

To serve

Patiently waiting

For my everything

You already are

What I made you to be

You are

My love





Sat Nam

08/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is the heart of all

Sat Nam

08/16/2017 Tratakam


To the One

That makes you run

That makes you fly

What keeps you


Is what you feel

Is not for you


Run outside

Feel my love

That is

Inside you


Outside you



For you

My love

For eternity

You will be

Free with me

I love you

As I love all

I will be

Your world

If you live

From your heart

I fill you

With all

Be at peace

Feel my love

All to heal

All to feel

Give my Light


Heal each one

With my breath

Remain still

As I fill you

Every feeling

Is to be overwhelmed

With my stillness

That I give to you


Love my love

Be the One

As I am you

Sat Nam

08/15/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the Word that surrounds everything.

Sat Nam


08/15/2017 Tratakam

Do you see

The Truth


That I am

That you seek


I am

As you wish to be


I am

What you are to be


I am

Your Truth


I am your breath

I am your life


What you are

Is how you stay


Within my moment

If you wish


A Word

For you


A tear

From you


To be alone

Is to be a part


Of the world

That is unknown


To the part

Of the known


That walks

To be a part


Of the world

That does not exist


Walk with me

Feel your Truth


In the moment

A single Word


That releases you

Into your heart


A dream

To become


A wish

To be


My world

My life


To be my love

To give


A single moment

To be within


My wings

Carrying all


To what believe

Is the end


Is the beginning

To those that are alone


Alone with me

Alone with all


Within a word

Are my Words


Are you alive

Are you real


Can you feel

My breath in you


So many

So few


Which way

Is for you to choose


My feet

Are beside you now


As they are

For all to feel


As the One

Within one


As the One

Within all


Each moment

Slowing down


To reach my Light

Is to be alive



In a single breath


That I give to you

With eyes wide open


See my breath

Fill your heart


Swirling stillness

Throughout you now


A beautiful experience

To become


With each breath

I grant to thee


Receive each breath

I give to you



As you have been blessed


So many vibrations

Which do you choose


To walk beside

To welcome you


Feel the ones

That create


As I do

You will too


To be within

Is to be with all


Your Truth

Is my Word


Your heart

Is my Light


Bless each breath

That I give


Bless each one

That I present


To your eyes

To please mine


I grant to you

Your consciousness


Embrace your life

With pure stillness


That creates in you

My full awareness


Sat Nam