Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

06/02/2017 Kirtan Kriya

The power of the mind is that which you give to it.

Sat Nam



06/02/2017 Tratakam

Your love

Without my love


Is nothing

Does not exist


I need you

As you need me


I give to you

Your breath


To breathe

To feel



To feel





Through everything

That you feel


Be with me

My love


Help me

To feel


What brings joy

What brings pain


Give to me



I ask of you

In your time of need


Give me



That makes you feel



Your breath

Has been delivered


Now give in return

What I need from you


Your tears

Give to me


Your worries

Give to me



To my love


By giving

Everything to me


Feel your hands

Do not let go


You are with me

Even if you don’t know


Feel my love

Not just your self


Feel my hand

It is holding yours


As you grow

You will feel so much


Trust my love

It will always be


With you

Within your heart


Holding you

Embracing you


My love

Is forever yours


I will always Trust

I will always believe


Will you do

The same for me


I live to give

I live to be free


Can you fly

Even though you feel


The unexpected

The unknown


Release your doubts

Release your fears


You are feeling

Smile with me


A pain so strong

It can only be real


Just one step

And you will be free


While feeling



Your love so pure

Your love so



So strong it stirs


A feeling of me

In all that you do



Continue to love


As I do

Is your gift





My love from you



Trust that it is felt

Believe that it has an effect


To be known

To my eyes alone


Trust my love

Is with you always


You are One

With my love


Turn your feelings

Upside down


Laugh at them

They are for me


I want this

So please


Give to me

Allow me to receive


What is felt

In a life


Can enlighten

If approached


With my wisdom

With my stillness



Be with me


Within my sacred neutrality

You will be blessed



Sat Nam

06/01/2017 Kirtan Kriya

The experience of Soul will help you to surrender to your Truth.

Sat Nam



06/01/2017 Tratakam

There is nothing

That can eliminate me


When you are upset

When you are frustrated


Bring yourself

To me


What bothers you

Is your mind’s bore


Simply relax



What you see

Is me


Never question

Never doubt



My love


In front of you

My love


To give to you

An experience


That is not you

That is in your presence


Give your life

A gift


From me

From you


Speak with grace

Allow it to carry you


Across the unknown

Into the known


A gift

That you can see


What I give

To you


Is my life

In another





With all that you know

With all that you see


Give to others

Guide them to me


Shine my Light

That is within your heart



Until I ask no more


What is present

Is what I need


To feel

My love


So quickly you become



When you realize

That I am


In front of you

Asking for love


Pure love

My love


Filled with my Light

That guides me


To you

To my love


That is within you

That is me in you


Give to me

Help me to see


As I am

In a form without


Open eyes

That see as I do


Your hand

Is filled


With my presence

That will create


What you choose

Is your will


To be with me

When you choose


Even when

You feel lost





You can be

With me



Living as me


Give your life

To create my life


In all that come to you



That it is I

Seeking my love





Freeing all

To experience my love


How beautiful

You know


Now you are to give

What is most present


My love

From my Truth


My Word

From within my heart


So neutral

So pure


Creating trust

In just one glance


For all to see

As I see all



Sat Nam

05/31/2017 Kirtan Kriya

As you are, as you breathe, please, be with me (Soul).

Sat Nam



05/31/2017 Tratakam

A chance

To be



With me


Do you choose

Do you predict


A life

That is present


With me

With my love


How the world

Will be at rest


If you choose

To be with me


I am your world

I am your test


I have the answers

That do not exist


I love

As you are


You will be

Everything to me


If you believe

That you are with me


Then you will know

How beautiful


You are

As you are


Give to me

As I give to you


A world

That is my love


Dance with me

Sing my song


Give to the world

As you are filled


With everything

My Light


You can

You will


Because you are

My everything


To be

As beautiful


As a rose

Enticing all


With her fragrance

Of my love


Oozing from her

To give to all


My love

My Light






To love



Feel my love


Be loved

Accept my love


You are loved

With every breath


That I give

To you


For you are always

My beloved


Stepping with glee

Remembering me


How rare

To be


As you are

You represent me


To feel

My presence


In each

And everything


You magnify me

With my eyes


That I give to you

To see


My life

In every life


You are

As I love you


To be

My tears of joy


That you live

Within my heart



Within my Light


Always seeing

Always knowing


That I am



In everything

Is my love


You seek my love

And you find me



In everything


My wisdom

From your innocence


To live



In love

With me


A gift

To all


Your love

Will guide



To me


Your love

For all


Will free my love

From within all


See yourself

As I see you


You are

My beautiful love


As you

Are I


My love

My Light


You give me sight

In your love


For me

For all


You will always be

There for all


To give

To love


As I do

Fill all


With my love

With my Light


To be

As I am you



Sat Nam