Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

08/14/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the sound of the One that vibrates everywhere.

Sat Nam


08/14/2017 Tratakam

Hearing my heart

Walk with me


I am here

Beside you now


As I am

I am always


Do you feel

Do you see


What I have

Is in your hand


My hand

Holding yours


Be my strength

I give it to you


Be my stillness

I create in you


My love

You are my being


To give

Is what I ask of you


How I fill you

Is for you to receive


To give

To give to all



Listen to my Word


Your heart

Is my gold


A purity

From the heavens



As a blessing


Caring for you

To watch you grow


Into my arms

A life so full


My dreams

Are your Soul


As you smile

The world will glisten


Your Light

Is my love


Your eyes

Are my vision



Walk for me


To the places

I wish to see


With your eyes

I will give to all


My blessing

From your heart


Your heart

My everything


Your humility

Comforts all


To be graceful

In all that You do


Is my love

That I bestow


To give to you

Is to give to all


As you share

My breath


You will become

My breath


Sat Nam

08/13/2017 Kirtan Kriya 

Fulfillment is achieved by living with Soul as an inescapable dream that makes you divinely free.

Sat Nam



08/13/2017 Tratakam 

A living image

Of my love



To bring my life


Into the spaces

That have yet to behold 


Fill my love

Into every pore


Where you are

Is for my love


Release to me

Your dreams


What I give

Will be for you



Into my life


You are here

Despite your might 


To be free

Is to be One


With every experience 

That makes you run



Still your mind


All the world

Making extremes


Sit with me

Feel peace


As you enter

My sacred space


You will feel



As you feel 



Sit in silence 

Breathe my love


Fill your needs

With my Truth


You are alive

As I wish you to be


Opening your eyes

You see through mine 


An experience of Infinity 

Can you remain 



Within my heart 


My dream

Is for your life


To be with me

Is your mission 



Keep my love alive


Within every sight

Within every flight


Quietly listening 

To my Word


Bringing stillness 

To all the world



Sat Nam

08/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya 

Listen to sound that Soul hears through you.

Sat Nam


08/12/2017 Tratakam 

Listen to the breeze

That speaks as me


Listen to the clouds 

That sing in flight 


Changing shapes

To my delight 


Giving you

My love 


My life 

Is for you


See each gaze

Feel each breath 


Creating in you

A gift 


Will you give

Will you receive 


A moment 

In my life


So in love

With each step



As you create 


To be a song 

And hear it too


My love 

To give to all


A life

Frozen still


To become 

Fully aware 


Of so much 

That moves you so



Continuously flowing 


From one

To another 


A single drop

As each other 


So many 

So little 


A single grain

To feed all


To be

Is to be out 


Out of lines

Out of shapes


So much more

Than objects in space


My world 

Completely felt


In a breath 






All of you

As all



Sat Nam