Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/30/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be comfortable with yourself, as you are alone, as you are with many.  You are always with the same One Soul.

Sat Nam



05/20/2017 Tratakam

As you are

A flower


With one petal

With many petals


Each catching the dew

Of my sacred life


At the center point

All will go


To what is my heart

All are connected


What fragrance

Other than my love


Such a beautiful scent

Attracting all


To my Truth

Gravitates all


My Light

Guiding all


My beautiful flower

Open yourself


Allow the world

To see


My love

Within your heart


Gently flowing

Within my Word’s breeze


Experiencing this world

As I am your focus



As you are


Radiating my love

Simply because you are I


Enjoying your beauty

Will release all


From the illusion

Of being hand-picked



Is only a fantasy


Each a petal

Each a flower


As One

As my center


A beautiful connection

Together by love


My love




Sat Nam

05/29/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is a sacrifice of the ego.  When you experience true love, you are divinely neutral.

Sat Nam



05/29/2017 Tratakam

How will you be

Alone with me


I am with all



Be as one

For I am the One





It is all the same

When you are with me


I climb every mountain



I dive off every cliff



For I know



To be honest

It is a choice


Are you your Truth

Or are you your front


You are

As you present yourself


What are you

Why are you here


You are my flower

For all to adore


A fragrance so beautiful

All will be aware


That you are I

In living form


When you present

Your Truth openly


How can life



Without my breath

That I long to give


Fulfill my heart

Feel my touch


In such wisdom

You dwell


With my Light

You have no thought


Pure creation

From my hand


You feel

What has no words


For all are

My Word


A dance to be

Within my vibration


Moving freely

Flowing everywhere


Letting go

To fall into my love


Moving fluidly

In sacred neutrality


My love

My open heart


You are to be

You are to share


Your life

Is my gift


Trust as you are



With me

Holding my hand


We are one

To be given


Collecting all

With my Light’s attraction


Uniting all

By bowing


To each vibration

That is my love


Accepting all

With arms wide open



To create unity



Sat Nam

05/28/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Welcome people into your heart.

Sat Nam



05/28/2017 Tratakam

Do you wish

Do you dream


To live

With me


Do you believe

Do you trust


That I am

Your heart


A perfect you

Is you


As you are

Every day





You can be alive

While with me


A life so full

Giving to all


Never wanting

Never asking


Simply receive

My love


With grace

Carry your day


You run away

To find yourself


You are you

When you are still


By following your heart

You will hear a pin drop


So silent

So still


When you listen

To my Word


Receiving my love



What a blessing

To receive


To ask for nothing

To love your life


By believing my Word

That you are loved


You are loved

You are loved


When you open your heart

To receive my love


In all forms

That come to you


Receive my love

As you see me in them


Now is the time

To receive


Giving my Light

Giving my wisdom


Without any wants

Without any desires



By receiving openly


A beautiful tear

To nourish all


Letting every identity go

To listen to my Truth


All my love

To bring my Truth


Into the awareness

Of every heart


A new world

That creates love


Because my sacred love

Has been planted


In the hearts of all

By those that see as I do


Nourish my love

Grow by thy will


To be

My Soul



Sat Nam