Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

08/11/2017 Kirtan Kriya

The energy found within your stillness can heal the world.

Sat Nam


08/11/2017 Tratakam

What you see

Is in front of me


What you feel

Is inside of me


Relax your mind

Be of every kind


A life with me

Is a life with everything


Always breathe

Your breath as me


Listen to my Word

I give you your love


Love my life

In front of you


How I can be

Is up to you


A world of beauty

A world of wonder


Giving all life

A chance to be


My beauty

My grace


I love all

As I love you


So many see

Only themselves


What is you

Is a reflection of me


See my love

See how you are


Are you walking

With me now


How you act

Is how others feel


Create the world

You want to see


In a moment

You can be free


Simply receive

The breath I give


Come now

Be by myside


One by one

They all disappear


Becoming one

Is simply a dream


To be created

By the one that loves


I created

Love in your heart


To free the world

From everything


What is real

Is what you experience


I give to you

My pure wisdom


My love

Is for all


My love

Is neutral



Infinity is present


To be so aware

Is my gift to you


As others speak

Only hear my love


Let them be

As I created them


As you listen

They will heal


You are neutral

You create


Allow them to be

Safe in your arms


As you relax in mine

Welcome them


Guide them

To my love


As you feel



Pure peace

Inside of you


As you know

You are with me


Creating my vibration

Fills the air


With an energy

Some will flee



Be my stillness


Opening your heart

To welcome their return


Into my arms

They will run


If you live

As you are now


My love

That gives to all



Sat Nam

08/10/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Seek help from those that are with you always.

Sat Nam


08/10/2017 Tratakam

As you are

You are free


As you know

You are with me


Always aware

Always singing





Without worries

Without routines


My way

Is free from these


Nothing matters

Because all do


Quietly listening

To shout my Truth



As I tell you to



As I ask of you


What I present

Is to be your present


A gift

In all forms


Fill my love

Fill with my Light


As I give

Be in pure delight


That you see

The world as I do


A gift from me

If you choose to see



While on my earth


I create



So much respect

You give to my life


Your tears

Are from my heart


Showering all

With my forgiveness


You see

What I need to heal


Bravely walk

To where I am


To be

To become


Know your Truth

Is real


As I am

So are you


You are my life

That I create


To be alive

While yet unborn



Is what I am


A single moment

For you to have


To experience

To digest


If you walk

With my breath


Giving to me

As I give to you


A life

That all can have


So much love

So much reverence


My love

To be awaken


From birth

To death


You will exist

From my breath


That is all

That is nothing


You choose

Your happenings


See as I do

See as all do


I am all

As I am nothing


Into the world

I will go


As a seed

If you plant my love


I give you strength

I give you grace


Be with me

To win the race


To be with me

In all that you do



Your heart


To become

Your Truth



From my breath



From my Word


You will be

A union for all



When others cease



When others fear





As I do

So will you


If you live



In my arms

You are always









Your Truth


Be as one

With me


Sat Nam

08/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in the beauty of your heart.

Sat Nam


08/09/2017 Tratakam

Believe in the reality

That you feel


When you see

What is not real


I have begun

To shine my Light


To all

With sight


This is my gift

This is my vision


To give to you

My eyes


To see

What I know


My Truth

Is for All


The life you live

Will be no more


You will walk

With my heart


On your tongue

In your skies


You will bless

The world that shines


So brightly

From your love


That is my Light

That I give to you


You love me so

I created you so


You look for me

In all things


Nothing missed

Nothing forgotten


You always remember

My Word


I am all meaning

I have none



You can agree


So vast

So full


My trace

Is your breath


As you exhale

There I go


Taking with me

All that I heal


Without hesitation

Here I am


Delivering to you

My breath, again


As you smile

The world will glow


To live

Is to live loudly


Within complete



To hear my voice

You listen


It is there

For all to hear


I am always

With all


So dear a one

To carry my song



You love me so


I love to hear

My voice through you


I love to sing

As you fly


With my love

So pure and true


My Words

So magical


For you

Because you feel


All around you

Is simply me


Every drop

Filled with my love


Always beginning

Always ending


The Truth

Of my world


So relaxed

You will become


As you walk

Within my Infinity



My love



My grace



To feel


What is real

Is here


In this moment

That I recognize


In you

I will always be


My heart

You will always be



My love


Plant each seed

With my love


Sat Nam