Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Life is simple if you believe in Soul’s love.

Sat Nam



05/07/2017 Tratakam

Love is love

Is what you hear


But what is love

If I am not near


Love from your mind

Is not my kind


My love

Is so much more


There are no ups

There are no downs


I simply love

To create


From what

Most have not found


Deep within

A message


For you

For all


That I am love

In its true form


There can be

Only love


When you live

With me


Forgive yourself

For your mind


Your way

Is not mine


I give

To give


I take

To take


Life changes

In a moment


With no reason

It simply happens



Simply change


What you do

In a life


Is up to you

To change


What is your plan

What is your hope





To give

To take


To change

What you are


To become me

Is waiting


I am patient

With you always



Is love


Never a doubt

Never a question



To love


Let go

Of duality


This game of the mind

It should be no more


Become a being

That can change instantly


Not confined

To needs and wants


Let go

Become me


I am

To be


I live

To live


What can happen

You will see


If you believe

Life exists


Outside of you

Within me


You are a life

That needs to feel


Because I give

The experience


Not to confine

Not to be overwhelmed


To feel

Is to be alive



To feel



To allow me to feel


Through you

An experience for me


Then become

Your present moment



With me


Always living

Always flowing



My true love



Sat Nam

05/06/2017 Kirtan Kirya

Feel the One in your heart.

Sat Nam



05/06/2017 Tratakam

Feel the vibration

Of the entire universe


What is inside you

Is what surrounds all


Throughout you

Within you


Eliminate your self

To know your Truth


You can be



If you realize

What you are


You are my vibration

You feel me


Because I am you

And all that you do


When you feel

My love


You are feeling

My true existence


I am a vibration

Just as all are


You are just as I am

A vibration


Your body contains you

Not to limit you


To experience life

Is a precious gift


Not to be explained

Not to be doubted


A life is more wondrous

Than you allow yourself to know


You can experience

Lifting a book


You can experience

The scent of a rose


You can experience

Feelings and sensations


That is more than I do

It is how I live


Through you

From within you


I create

More wonders


Become a part

Of what you already do


Feel my love

Beating within you


I give you your heart

Two kinds you know


To walk

To love


What more do you need

I know


Your breath

To be alive


To smell life’s spices

Even its hunches


To be with me

In everyway


You will know

If you allow


To feel my vibration

Is to experience yourself


Your true worth

Is life itself


Proclaim your worth

You are alive


While others

Are without form


They too



Experiencing everything

That you refuse to


You can be



With me

With my love


Life will soar

With love in all


Flying with me

Is becoming yourself


Allowing yourself to be

The vibration that you are



Sat Nam

05/05/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Surrender all thoughts to Soul.  Allow Soul to release that which is not needed.

Sat Nam



05/05/2017 Tratakam

Into a shadow

You will run


To feel alive

To contradict


What is real

What is Truth


Will you return

To feel my love


Where are pains

Where are troubles


In your mind

To keep you hollow


You are full

With my Light


Release the thoughts

That make you tremble


You are a force

As great as the sea


You are me

Living in the illusion


Of a different reality

Of my love


If you choose

You are one


With my life

With my wisdom


Let go

To be free


All the world

Running to be free


Simply breathe

To be still with me


Divine stillness

Within every heart


Will you choose

To connect to my heart


All can be

One with me


Because all are

One with me


A thought

A mind’s thought


Is the only thing

That separates you


Thoughts are real

Thoughts are not real



To deliver me


To yourself

To others


Deliver my love

In every form


Take control

Of what you create


It is for you to choose

To be with me


Be with me

If that is your longing


Quieten the mind

It is so boring


Over and over

The complaints are the same


Let them go

Experience infinity


Never a moment

Without my love


Choose this thought

Accept no other


Speak the Truth

Of my day


What is happening

Is simply me


I am

I am


Repeat my words

To be as I am


I am

I believe


Only trust

Only my Truth


My only option

Is to be


I live purely

From my heart


I create

Because I do


Accept the fact

That you do too


Every thought

Every action


You create

Do you know


Accept that you do

Accept that you choose


Become what you long for

Eliminate your doubt


Now you must

Walk with me


As your choice

To accept my hand


You will receive

If you choose


To live only in thought

Of my pure Truth



Sat Nam