Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/20/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Relax and let go to receive.

Sat Nam



05/20/2017 Tratakam

To be

The other person


What you say

What you do


Do you understand

Is it true


What a mind can do

To separate you


From my Truth

From my reality


As others roam

Be focused


With me

Alongside me


Fly with my wings

To soar with my wisdom


What others see

I choose


Do not question

What I do


Do not ponder mysteries

That are not my Truth


What you hear



That I speak

When I speak to you


When the world rotates

Do you notice


What is there

That exists


Without your thought

Without your control


So much more

Than a mind can hold


Be with me

To experience more


That is presented

To your life


A single moment

To be with you


How to choose

What is in front of you


Close your eyes

Believe it is true


That I am there

With you


In silence

You will feel alive


With all the Words

That I fill you with


With your heart open

I can fill you


With all the world

That I wish for you


For you to feel

And to remain with me


Is what I want

For you


To be

Forever free


With what I give

To you


Bless each feeling

That you receive


Send my love

To what comes to you


Bless with silence

Bless with stillness


Bless with your heart

That is full of me



Is what I give to you


I am the world

That is within you


I am giving you

Please receive


Remember me

With every breath


I believe

In you


Your life

Is my gift


For you to receive

With an open heart


You will understand

That you are loved


Your remembrance of me

When you receive


Will be a blessing

That is


Filled with my love

You will change


The world

Within you


A smile

To bring


With you

To give to all


All to love

All to serve


How beautiful

You can feel


When you trust

That I love



For eternity


You can be

My true identity



Sat Nam

05/19/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be as the One that is Soul.

Sat Nam



05/19/2017 Tratakam

What to see

That can’t be seen


See the unknown

As you live within me


I am

Within you


I see through you

I see as you



As I do


Into the world

We will go





That I see

Through all


I am the voice

That carries you


Over the ocean

To be


With me

For eternity


I am the whisper

That can bring tears


Of a world

That you will enter


To be

With me


As you are

As you have always been


Let go

Of what you don’t have


There is only I

There is only One






In Oneness


I have given

A life to many



Is One


If you see

Through me


I give

My love


To all

As One



Stay with me


I can be

Your every breath


If you remain



Within my heart

Within my Word



As One with me





Is to be



While you are free

Within my space


That keeps you

Close to me


Free to choose

My love


Free to experience

My life


Free to live

In unity with all



As I am


My life

Is yours


Little one

Of the Light


Give me sight

Give me flight


Pray for those

That want more


Become the source

That you are


Of my compassion

That gives passion


To live

In humility


For all will know

My presence


Is to behold

Within their heart



Sat Nam

05/18/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Soul is listening, always.

Sat Nam


05/18/2017 Tratakam

In a single moment

The world can cease


Will you

Live with me


In a moment

Without time or space


A way of life

No one exists


In reality

This is my reality


You can see

What is in front of me








No way to understand

What is more than you


Simply believe

That you are there too


So much more

So much less


To walk ahead

Is to walk alone



There is only One


Merge into me

To live my love


To be

To be no more


To let go

To be


I have given

Will you receive


This world

In your palm


All vibrations

Can be felt


Be the strength

That I give to you



With every breath


Feel what is sent

From my heart


Remain with me

In this moment





That what you receive

Is from me


What you feel

Is for me


To transform

To enlighten


To bless those

That are presented


To you

My love


From my heart

They will go


With many blessings

If you remain silent


Allow my life

To be yours


Softly listen

To remain


As your Truth

As my beloved


Cease to exist

For a moment


To give to me

What I have given to you


See as I see

Hear as I hear


To release

From All


What is to be



With my Light

With my love


That I fill you with

To give to all


My way

Is presented


In many forms

In many lives


Open yourself

To breathe


My gift of life

Inside you now



Sat Nam