Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

02/10/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Feel the experience of Soul as a part of you.

Sat Nam



02/10/2017 Tratakam

Others will feel

Others will know


The experience of me

When they look at you


Accept who you are

Accept how you feel


As a part of me

That you know is real


The world laughs

At the unknown


This is where

You feel comfortable


What is me

What no one can see


Is your home

When you are with me


You long for me

You threaten to be with me



Listen to me


You are with me

I am with you


I hold you close

You are so dear


To my heart

To my life


What can I do

But follow you


As you walk with me

To share with all


I give to you

As you give to me


A life to achieve

In the presence of me


Is what you have

Is everything to be


With the humility

That you display


Gives the example

Of me


Of my Truth

Of my Word


In living form

In sacred neutrality


You create

My love


As you love me

You love all


So simply

So beautifully


You see all

You respect all


As you bow

To the world


You fill their hearts

With my love


I am your heart

I am your life


I have made residence

In your presence


To be

As you are to be


The creator

And the creation


Have become



You are with me

As I am with you


You are me

As I am you



As me


As you will receive

You will give


The experience

Of me



That you are


The Light

Of me


That fills you

Fills all


With the experience

That you share


So freely

So openly


In purity

In neutrality


With the innocence

Of my child


You love

As I love



Sat Nam

02/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

See as Soul sees.  Be with Soul with every breath.

Sat Nam



02/09/2017 Tratakam

Take a sip

Of my breath


Breathe the life

That I fill you with


Where am I

When you are without


I am the moment

In front of you


What you ignore

Is for you to explore


As you are frozen

You keep me far


To be without me

Is your biggest fear


To be as others are

To be without love


Filling their hearts

Filling their tears






As I give


You are here

You are with me


Let go of what

Is without me


Radiate my Light

To fill what has so sight


Protect yourself

With my Light



Within this Light


With every breath

With every thought


You can be

Safe with me


As they come

To the Light



With me


Receive my Light

Shine more brightly


Become one

With me


Allow all to come

To Thy Light


Be free

As you free all


It is my Light

That they approach


Remain with me

Remain very still


And Listen

Deeply listen


To me

To my love


What they experience

Is of no concern


Stay with me

Fill yourself with me


You can give

Only as you receive


You must give

As you receive



And my Light


Relax within my Light

Relax to radiate this Light


Without attachment

Without hesitation


You will be safe

With me


In this Light

All will come to see


A vision

Of me


Of my Light

That gives all sight


Of love

Of compassion


Be free from games

Be free with me


Stay with my Word

Stay with me


Your life you give

To me


As you give

I shall receive


The ability

To be


In a world

That is no more


Than pure love

That pure Light


All darkness

Is an illusion


Allow it to approach

Allow its compulsion


To challenge

My Light


To demand

More life





Deeply listen

To remain still


Still with me

Still within me


You will be

My love for all


To receive



To be a blessing

To give to all


Is your life

That you have given


To give and give

Is what I give to you


To be graceful

To be grateful


Of all

That I give to you



Sat Nam

02/08/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is the experience of Soul.

Sat Nam



02/08/2017 Tratakam

If you can be

The experience of me


Then you live

In my reality


Nothing that you give

Will keep you from me

I fill you

With my Light


To be given

To all


When you give

Give openly


Give without thought

Of giving


Live in a state

That is pure grace





Let go

Of everything


Be with me

Free from all


As you give

You receive all


In your purity

As you receive


You will be given

A life that is me


To give

And give


Until all are full

With me


My life with you

Has unlimited possibilities


You have the ability

To create for me



That you can be





Without form

Without fear


You can walk

As me


To believe

In me


I give you all

That you need


To achieve

A victorious life


Of living

In pure neutrality


Give your heart



Your thoughts






Your words






Every word

Every thought


Can create



In the hearts of all

I will live


If you create

A world of me



Live to give

















As I give

Every breath


Give your life

To receive


A life so full

Of humility


Will give you



That you need

To be free


To live

As one with me



Sat Nam