Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/22/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Allow the flow of life to carry you to where you are to be.

Sat Nam


01/22/2017 Tratakam

Who are you

When you are not me


Who are you

When you hate


Who are you

When you judge


Who are you

When you disagree


I am only love

I am only neutrality


If you don’t see me

Create me


If you create me

You create love


What do you want to be

What do you want to create


Create me

It is your choice


I am in your heart



I am in your life



Your misunderstandings

Are just that


Move on

Move on to be with me


Let go of your attachments

To what is not me


Attachments to words

Attachments to feelings


Attachments to things

That seem tragic


Let go of these things

Be with me


I am not attached

I freely exist


To live each moment

As the new life that it is


Each breath



Know that in that breath

Is me


In that moment

You can experience creation


Do you choose the experience of creation

Or do you choose the experience of attachment


Attachment to time

Attachment to the past


Attachment to struggles

Attachment to worries


Live your life

Live life






Full of me


I am here

Are you with me


How do you see

What others see


How do you love

How others be


Do you love

What you see


Have you created me

In what you see


See me before you

See me in all that you do


See me in life

And you will live your life


Freely with me

In full trust of me


As you live with me

Others will be


Next to me

In the presence of me


This is your life

To live with me


To create my vibration

To live in each moment


In my Light

In my arms


You are to walk

With me


See me in all before you

See me to create me


Give me an opportunity

To exist in what is before you


Can you do this for me

Can you abandon your attachments


To judging others

To questioning me


Will you receive this opportunity

To give others me


Will you help others

To feel me in their hearts


Create the space

Of pure neutrality


Create this sacred space

So that I may Be


In your heart

In all hearts


I will create

I will exist


In stillness

In love



Sat Nam

01/21/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Let go of what your mind speaks.  Hear the voice of Soul.  Hear the voice of Truth. Experience the Light within you.



01/21/2017 Tratakam

Do you need

Do you want


Are you free

To take your flight


If you dare

If you might


You can jump

You can fly


You can be

Your biggest desire


You can be with me

You can be alive


You are the creator

In your world


If you love

You will soar


With my song

With my sight


You can create

To your own delight


If it pleases me

Then it will please you


You are to be

In my neutrality


If you do

Then you will be





Be as I am

Be as I exist


In pure neutrality

In pure love


Your mind

Is never to be in control


You must believe

You must trust


Your mind

Is to obey me


Obey me

Listen to me


Receive my love

Receive my wisdom


Through your heart

Through your Soul


You can be me

In all that you do


Your heart

Your Soul


This is where I am

There is where you are to be


Let all else go

Give the mind’s world to me


If you live

From your heart and Soul


Then you are me

You will create as me


Are you living in madness

Are you living in pain


Then you are without

Because you are with the brain


Leave your mind’s thoughts

Then you will see


That everything else

Is only me


Your heart sings

It is my song


Your Soul is the part of me

That stays with you always


Why be limited

Why be in the dark


When what you need

You have already received


You are full of me

You are pure


You are my beloved

You are my love


Listen to me

Choose to listen


Live simply

Live simply for love


Do you live for love

Or do you live to eliminate hate


These are quite different

There are not to be interchanged


Live for love

And you will be filled with love


Live to eliminate hate

And you will be filled with hate


Fill yourself

As I fill you


You are filled with my love

You are filled with my Light


Because I live for your grace

I live for your peace


I live to fill you

With my breath


As you breathe

You only receive my love


Because I live to fill you

With what you need


You need my Light

You need my love


I live to fill you

With what you already are


You are my love

You are my child


You are to be

Me in your life


Live as I do

Live with a generous heart


Live to give

Live to obey and serve


Your life will be full

Your life will be honored


In the court of the Lord

You will be received


With open arms

With all to see


That you succeeded

At being me


Live to love

Live to love


As I love you

As I love all



Sat Nam

01/20/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Relax, be patient, and be graceful in the life that Soul has guided you to experience.

Sat Nam



01/20/2017 Tratakam

When you scream

When you shout


Return to me

Return to my breath



Breathe me into your lungs


Fill your body

With my love


Fill your mind

With my wisdom


Your graceful state

You will become


A vision of me

For all to behold


If you breathe me into you

With every breath


Your being becomes

So light and so pure


When you receive me

With your mind


With your body

With your heart


You are to be

With me


Let others be

What I have made them to be


You are to be you

In all that you do


You are with me now

All others can wait


Because they only need the you

That is with me


Feel as they do

But only to understand


That they are me

Even as they walk without me


You can see

My wisdom expand


The hearts of all

That feel your Light


Your Light

Is the Light of me


That I fill you with

When you breathe with me


Do you receive

Do you choose to receive


Me and my love

My wisdom


It is there for you

Feel it fill you


With a most precious state

That is full of grace


As others live

With the Light in their presence


They will begin to see

Me in all that they do


There is only me

How simple life can be


All will receive

The blessing of me


In all that they do

In all that they see


Because life

Is only me


Life is so full of me

So full of love


Wait patiently

For those that do not see





They will

They all do


As you are patient

You create neutrality


This is the only way

That others can grow


That others can see

My reality


By being patient

By being graceful


By being my love

By being neutral


With all

And all their negativities


They are love

They are my love


They may choose

Not to listen


But they are filled

With what you are


I am there

With them


Just as I am with you

I am with everyone


Believe in my Word

Believe in my love


For all humanity

For all my creation


Life is simply me

It is not anyone’s identity


That they created

Without me


How silly to think

That I am not love


That I am everything

That is not aware


Of my love

Of my existence


Live as you are now

With me in your heart


Speak only my Word

Speak only of my love


Do not question

Do not judge


You cannot create negativity

If I am in your heart


Live with me

Live in my heart


Spread the Light

Spread the wisdom


That I am always

What gives you life


I am your breath

I am your life


You are me

As I am All


I love All

I love All



Sat Nam