Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

03/14/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Allow the guidance of Soul to relax you.

Sat Nam



03/14/2017 Tratakam

You can be



When you are



Of seeing

Only limitations



What limits you


As what you need

To give to me


Let it go

Be free by giving me


All that you think

You do not need


All that you think

You need


Give me

And I will give to you


A mind

That is free


Of limiting thoughts

Of limiting desires


Your life

Is to lead


Be your stillness

Be your awareness


Be that

Which gives you grace


Let go

Of the unnecessary


Of what makes you mad

Of what makes you sad


Let go of every



React to none

To be with me


See these things

As only a game


A game so real

The mind makes


To keep you away

To keep you caged


Let go of everything

To become everything


Be with me

As you learn to still


Your mind’s thoughts

Your hearts longing


Simply be

As you already are


Nothing will change you

Except your stillness


Let go of anything

That you want to change you



Breathe what I give


You will fly

As soon as you breathe


A moment with me

Is a lifetime with me


A change now

Will create the future


You are always

My heart


What you need

Is your lack of control


Your letting go

Your ability


To be still

To listen


Sit with grace

Believe you love



Love you


Life is there for all

To love all


If you judge yourself

All will judge you


Life is always

As you want it to be


How is life today

What did you create today


Do you want



Do you want



You can only be

With me


In the present

In this moment


So live

Live with me


In this moment

Hear my prayer


Receive my blessings

For you to share


You only have to be



Let go of yesterday

Let go of tomorrow


Be today

Be me



Is beautiful


This breath that you breathe

Did you receive it


Or was it forgotten

Even in the moment


Love your breath

Love your life


What tomorrow is

Only I will now



Sat Nam

03/13/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Trust that Soul is guiding you.

Sat Nam



03/13/2017 Tratakam

Can you connect

To my heart


Can you live



That you are to be


You are to be




Listen to my heart


It sings

To you


My vibration

Fills you


With your love

Of my life


Everywhere you see

Everywhere you go


You are with me

And I know


You give me

Your thoughts


You give me

Your prayers


Give me

Your ability


To hear

Only me


Let all go

To be with me


Let go

Of what you hold dear


Place yourself

Inside my heart


You are already




You are free


Others pain

Give to me


You are my Light

You are my joy


What you feel

Is what others destroy


Life is grand



You can feel this

You have lived this


How many steps

Can you climb


Will you enjoy

Or will you complain


Will you trust

Or will you contemplate


My love

Is neutrality


You fly with me

As you carry me


To a world

Only humans will know


You give me sight

Where all eyes are blind


You sing for me

To watch me grow


You are my trust

You are my belief


That all humanity

Is always me


Your heart is brave

To walk boldly with me


Your words speak

Only to vibrate me



Love to love


Your heart

Will always be my strength


Your innocence

Is my grace


Speak the unspeakable

Love the unlovable


You are forever

My guiding Light


To be aware

Of me in dark form


That you welcome

With my smile


As you know

You are seeing me


Your humility

Will serve all


My Light

In its purest form



You are my love



As you love


All tears that are shed

Are to bring you


Back to me

To my humility


All hearts

Are free


Some empty

Some full


All are beating

As I make them so



Listen deeply


To the pulse

Of each heart


With the wisdom

That all are in unison


With my heart

With my vibration


I am all

I am One



Sat Nam

03/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Relax and allow every aspect of you to be with Soul.

Sat Nam


03/12/2017 Tratakam

Feel lost

With me


Let go

Of what others say



To me



My hand


You are never separate

You are always one


With all creation

With all that you love


Simply walk

With me


Others will be

Able to see


The Truth

Of my life


Without hesitation

You will live


As I do

As my love


What others think

Give to me


I will listen

I will heal


Simply stay with me

In neutrality


I will decide

What others can hear


Simply stay with me

So that I can feel


The life I create

In human form


Allow me to reach

To new ones


The ones you meet

The ones you love


Be neutral with them

So that I can create


Be with me

When you are with them


You can become

An angel in human form


If all you do

Is remember me


You will deliver

What I fill you with


To the most stubborn of minds

I will combat with


My love

My light


This is for you

To remain steady


Relax into your prayer

Of being with me


You are with me

Believe this now


For when you doubt

The whole world falls


Stay within my grace

Speak to my face


As you see everything

That is presented to you


Speak with me

Love with me


As you are with all

They will experience me


Your love

Is the love that I fill you with


Your love

Is me


Give to others

What I give to you


The most graceful patience

The ability to listen



Listen to me


In all my forms

In all my human realities


Stay with my Truth

Stay with my reality


You will be

Free with me


Free from pain

Free from worry


You will listen

To be connected


To my Light

To my love


As you give

To what you receive


As you listen

Your steadiness will grow


As you listen

Your love will grow


For all life

To gift to all


My love

My Light


To give my love

Is my gift to you



Sat Nam