Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

02/13/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the voice that allows you to feel free from doubt and negativity.

Sat Nam



02/13/2017 Tratakam


Listen to me


Where is your mind

Where is your doubt


What have you

What are you without


I am in the forest

I am in the skies


I am in everything

That you cannot hide


From this existence

That you created


I can only

Be alive


In every heart

In every thought


I am there

I am there


If you forget

I am still there


Stop your worries

That you are not perfect


You are my creation

How could you doubt


That anything you do

Is without me



You are perfect



As each day is given to you


If you forget me

In a moment or two


You have not failed

You are still with me


Relax in my arms

Be with me


I do not judge you

You are a part of me


Release what is not pure

To feel closer to me


You can choose

Your life


Do you choose

My life


Or do you choose

Your thoughts


It is not a question

That you love me


Your life

Can only be full


Of my love

Of my breath


What you choose

Can be all


You can live

Within my breath


As you also

Give my breath


You can be with all

As you are with me


It is your thinking

That you are to choose


Do you choose

To be free


Free from worry

Free from suffering


Free from routines

That keep you from living


Choose life

Choose living


With my love

With my breath


Each day

Will always be new


A new experience

A new understanding


Live with my love

Live with compassion


If I guide you

Then you know


The Truth

My love


Is where

You are to walk


Is where you are to lead

With me


Always in your heart

Always shining my Light



Sat Nam

02/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Release the known.  Receive the unknown with Soul.

Sat Nam



02/12/2017 Tratakam

Relax into the breath

Relax into me


Let others



Who they are

What they are


When with me

When without me


Let them be

A part of me


Experience their pain

As you experience their joy


Accept all

Receive their life


Be in flight

To deliver me


Not to run

From what you have found


Nothing keeps you

From my heart


Do not run

From what I give


Your heart is to be



Remain with me

With all you do


With an open heart

You are to give to all



With my love


If you close your heart

You feel lost from me


Give your heart

Give openly


Teach to give

Give to teach


Love what you receive

Love what you can perceive


My life

Lives in your heart


A moment of strife

Will never tear us apart


My life

That is what you are


You are the way

I receive


I give to you

To give to all


As you give

So do you receive


Receive then

Receive my love


You must be open

To the unknown


What is not

Is always to be


As the heart beats

It keeps the time


Release this moment

Unto infinity


Let go of time

Let go of being


To become the unknown

To experience me



Quieten your mind


Receive my blessings

Receive my love


Relax and release

All to me


Relax your mind

Relax your thoughts


Open your heart

To being with me



With every breath


Love what you cannot control

With my love


What exists

Exists as me






Sat Nam

02/11/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the voice that guides you to peace within.

Sat Nam



02/11/2017 Tratakam

You can grow

As a seed


Until you are

As high as me


You reach infinity

As you grow


With unlimited



As you release

Your mind


To being

So behind


Let go of feelings

Let go of attachments


Let go of the things

That keep you away


Away from my Light

Away from my love


What are you

But me in form



Into who you are


I nourish you

With every breath


You are so



Your heart

So strong


Your life

So gentle


Your song

So powerful



As you do


You love



You grow



Let me guide you

See my Light


It is always there

It fills you


With my Word

Carry on


You are love

You are Light


You are a wonder

To most minds


So kind

So pure



Love fills you


You love

As I do


You love

All my creation


I fill you

With love


You give all



Let all grow

Into the Light


When you

Let go


And turn to me

To let others free



Give to me


What keeps you

From my reality


What you see

That needs me


Send to me

Send me to them


And be free

To grow


Become complete

As you grow with me


Your love

Will be everlasting


To nourish

The earth


To nourish

All Souls


As I fill you with love

You give to all


My Light

That creates All



Sat Nam