Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

06/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Experience each challenge as a victory.

Sat Nam



06/09/2017 Tratakam


Is where your life is to be


When you stir

You create whirlwinds


That unsettle the world

That is within you


You are the universe

You are my dream





To my Word

That is your life



Be still with me


I am your life

I am your breath


I am

So you are to be



To create for humanity


A world

That is only me


Let it go

What seems real


Only I

Will grant your being





In this moment



Within my heart

If you listen


To what you create

With every dream



My love



My stillness


Within a sacred moment

Contains the universe


You my love

Are my being


Here to share

What is real


My Truth

My Wisdom


For all to believe

That I am the way


To eternal stillness

To be free


To be nothing

In infinity


A smile

To be



With humility


Fly with my wings

To be graceful


For a love

That sees


A world

A life


That is unspoken

That exists


From nothing

To be everything


All are one

In this radiant stillness


Beautiful tears

To color



With individuality


To be free

To be one


As you are all

You are one


My love

My life


You are my stillness

That creates


In all its chaos

In all its wonder


Sacred stillness

When you have peace


Within your heart

Because you believe


That you live

For me


You must

Be free



Sat Nam

06/08/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the peace that exists within the flow of the heart.

Sat Nam



06/08/2017 Tratakam


With love



With peace



While being free


From the world

That has turned away


To be alone

Within one’s head


You are alive

You are free


There is nothing

That contains you


You must learn

That you can be your Truth


When you fear

When you doubt


You are still your Truth

You are always with me


Face the world

As with me


The life of a lie

You see


Send your love

Remain with me


As you listen

Your heart grows



What is my love


The illusion of wealth

Is not for Oneness


You are separate

Because you are one


With my love

With my heart


You see through

What others create


To keep themselves confined

Is a life that is wasted


Free yourself

From the routines


That you become

To continue the illusion


Of living life

As it should be


Listening to me

With each breath


Is your gift

To share with humility


Walking with me

Will free you


From where you serve

That which is not me


Serve my love

Serve my Light


Selfish needs

Are not of my life


You are to lead

You are to be


What you are

As I created you to be


Leave this mind’s enslavement

You are only to serve



My presence


Believe my Word

Is within you


Create the ability

To resurrect my love


From deep within

The hearts of all


Once ignited

It will only grow


My eyes that see

What is beneath each shadow


Touch these gifts

With my love’s purpose


To give true life

Where life is lived


As a simple

Set of routines


Forget safety

Leave behind control


Run with glee

As you are released


You are free my love

You are not enslaved


You are my child

To be One with me



Sat Nam

06/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be present with the life that Soul guides you to experiencing.

Sat Nam



06/07/2017 Tratakam

To be

Alone with me


Be free

Allow yourself to see


That all are one

Together with me


You are more

Than what your eyes see


Create a life

That represents me


See the present

To release


What should be forgotten

What has not happened





As one

With me


You can

And you will


Develop a life

That is growing


Like a seed

Continuing upward



Becoming something new


Feel my tears

Watering you


Your pains with growth

Are an illusion


Enjoy your experience

Feel your transformation


What you are

You will not be tomorrow


Be present

Learn from what is now


I give

In the present


You live

In the present


My breath

In the present moment


Connecting you to me

To give you everything


What is more

When all are one


What is here

Beside me now


Your awareness

Your humility


Your strength

Is in this moment


Carry me

To expand my love


To give to all

What is in your heart


A life

With my love


As you walk

You are one


Live for each breath

To feel


My Truth

My Wisdom


Will bring you

To my vision





You are the seed

That creates my love


Nurture your life

With my Word


Welcome your growth

Into a new world


That will bring awareness

Of your Truth


Smile my love

You are beautiful


When you are

One with me



Sat Nam