Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

12/07/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in timeless living.

Sat Nam


12/07/2018 Tratakam


Simply live



This moment


Follow your heart

Feel alive in each breath



Take your time to breathe


Do not confine

Do not create expectations


What do you like

How do you feel


What you sense

Is real


Travel alone

Or go with a group


You choose

Each day



Today is real


What will happen

Will be for tomorrow


You awoke

You hid away


Would you like

To come out


Do you want

To be alive today


Just live

Simply live


Do not question



Do not hesitate

Before everything



Begin this day


The moment is real

Enjoy it


Lost in you time

Eliminating the day



Open up to your life



Feel my love today


Grant your healing

To the world


Be with me

Allow me to be real


In every heart

You can be


In every sight

Bow to my energy



Breathe with me


I am waiting

For you to see me



Is a door


How many will enter

Into my heart


I am here

For eternity


Sat Nam


12/06/2018 Kirtan Kriya

What is more aware than your Soul?

Sat Nam



12/06/2018 Tratakam

Speak to the One inside you

Do you live in a world this is filled with love?


When you seek change

Do you send love?


Love all that is not you

Love all that is not what you wish to see


When you send my love

You send my healing


As I change

Change with me


As I lead

Lead with me


There are games

And there are challenges



Win in my name


Defeat hate

Defeat judgment


Send my love

Become my magic


In every light

Find my Light


Radiate the world

Heal my very love


You will begin

Feel your wings



Lifted by my breath


This world left behind

To be the world itself


Be my creator

Vibrate my name



As you lead to my embrace


You can be

Everything in your heart


Softening each word

As you are soothed by my Word





So much love

Given to this world


Letting go

You will surely fly



Your true guide


As you have always known

You shall know again


My love

Begins with my prayer


Every word

Send with my love


Every thought

Send with my love


Every step of magic

Begin with what needs grace



My love



A single step to be led



A single step to lead


Sat Nam



12/04/2018 Soul Journal


Love as the love that gives life.


Sat Nam




12/04/2018 Tratakam


What is difficult in life, is being who you are.  You want friends.  You want recognition.  You want money.  Your wants go on and on, but who are you? You are not your wants, but you live serving your wants.  You don’t have to serve your mind, yet, you choose to do so.  You listen to what you feel is necessary in order to fulfill your day.  When you do not live as your Truth, you complain.  You listen to your complaints as if they are the word of God.  Are they?  Does God complain?  Does God live as the want of your mind?  Do you believe that God is going to fulfill your wants?  Do you need the life that gives you the image that you are chasing all the time?  You need to wake in the morning and punish your mind.  Do what is going to make your mind complain.  Teach how to obey!  Choose to do what is going to fulfill God!  When your mind wants, then give it what it needs.  Sacrifice, commitment, grace, patience.  Do you understand?  Will you obey?  Will you serve your mind, or will you teach your mind to serve you?  What you live as each day, is your choice.  Can you train your mind?  You know that you can.  You enjoy the luxury that the mind provides.  You have selfish needs.  Needs that can only be fulfilled by the mind.  You have convinced yourself that you have sacrificed your whole life.  Have you?  Have you sacrificed your life?  Bow when you choose to remember the One that gives you life.  Humility will carry you to your destiny.  When you complain, you encourage your mind’s games.  You reinforce your mind’s actions.  What is happening to you?  Explain it to yourself.  You created your drama.  Now explain your dramas as what they are.  They are your mind’s life that you have allowed to take control over yours.  Live.  Live as you choose.  If you want to continue to suffer through your endless complaining, then live as your complaints that you are giving life.  If you want to feel the hand of God’s that is always holding yours, then live.  Live as the angel that you are.


Sat Nam