Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

11/24/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Consistency in nature is your path to fulfillment.

Sat Nam


11/24/2019 Tratakam

Lift yourself

Lift your life


Bring yourself

Bring yourself closer


To my life

To your life


My Truth

Is pure


My Light

Keeps you safe



From what is impure


Look at each darkness

The darkness within the Light





Observe others

Plant seeds of darkness in the Light






Is the highest mountain



To the top



Their minds


What others need

Is to be recognized



To feel satisfied


With their life

With their fears


As you are free

Your life is consistent with me



Only my Word


Present your heart

Remain in my arms



What is not needed



Seeds of my Light


Be neutral

With seeds of darkness



Is not my goal


Being your Truth

Is my prayer


Hearing my Word

Is my blessing


Being neutral

Is my glance of grace



With all that I present to you


Sat Nam


11/23/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Patience with yourself and others will begin your life as one that is at peace.

Sat Nam


11/23/2019 Tratakam


Be at peace


Be with those

That bring you grace


Serve my life

Be with me



Share my presence


In this world

There are so many


Share your experience

Remember your humility


What I give

Is for all


What I share

Is to be shared with all


My life

Is for all


My life

Is all


Your life

Is for all


In everything that you do

Share what I give to you


Empty your mind

Fill your heart


Give my love

Receive my love



Listen to my sound


Release everything

That limits you


What you feel

Is what you allow


The experience of me

Is not a feeling


The experience of neutrality

Is not a feeling


The experience of me

Is creation itself


Purify yourself

Eliminate all impurities


Impurities dim

The Light within you


From your body

From your mind


Be at peace

Be your guide


Be the one

That radiates my pure Light


Your ability to command your mind

Relies on your breath



Breathe with me now


Wake in the morning

Breathing with me


End your day

Breathing with me


Know my Word

Live with my Light


Your life

Is to be neutral



Is found in purity


Purity of mind

Purity of body


Your life

Is my life


Care for my body

Relax my mind


Walk with me

Experience my world


In this world

You are to be





Your innocence

Is your true home


Sat Nam


11/21/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Change does not control.  Change frees.  Allowing everything to flow is allowing it to be free, continuously changing, always living, always present, always simply being.

Sat Nam


11/21/2019 Tratakam


To your song


Your song

To be



And free


A message

From my heart


A message

To be


Your life

Your love


Your everything

That brings you to me


Change will create

Change will destroy


Let me organize

I will keep you at peace



If you allow yourself to be



Alive in this moment





My message

Coming to you





Your entire vibration

One, with me



In your life



In your wisdom


I am before you

Now you must admit


That you are to be

Present with me


When you become still

When you open your eyes to me


You are at peace

You are at home finally


Be with me

Breathe with me


Live with me

Allow yourself to be free


Be with me

Where your heart longs to be


A moment with me

Is a moment of grace



Your heart’s longing


The ability

To stay present with me


The ability

To look into negativity


The ability

To love every darkness


My life

You are my child


Walk with me

Give me your insecurities


Trust me

As I taught you


Live every moment

In your trust of me


As my student

You will live


As my Teacher

You will begin


To be

My grace


Close your eyes

See everything


Rest your head

As you open your heart


Be with me

Climb easily


Every step

Brings every life closer


Be my resilience

As are leading


My love’s embrace

Keeps you at peace


My silent messages

Cherish your listening


My love’ s grace

Lifts your wings


Carry yourself

To my world’s beginning


Sat Nam