Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/07/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Learn from the cycles that confine you.  Be free.  Be the humble student that willingly learns.

Sat Nam


05/07/2020 Tratakam

You are at peace

You are in joy


The world is within you

The Universe wishes to serve you


The day has been born

The moment is now



Living in your heart



Give Light to All


Free yourself

Be new


The moment you sleep

Is the moment that you realize



Is One


Thoughts appear

Let them pass


See my world

Know that you are here


In my presence

Knowing what you are


A moment to be

In the face of what needs my love


A challenge

A great victory


Giving darkness my love

As I do


Give freedom

Give my breath


To treat each equally

Is a gift


Your eyes

My love is in your eyes


Others see

My love in your eyes


Accepting all

Knowing all


Giving my love

Giving my forgiveness



Giving everything I give


Bow to my love

Accept that you are a gift


A gift

Giving my love


Instantly seeing

The beauty in all


Instantly seeing

The moments that need to be released


Release the past

Forgive what you have seen



My love


Care for all

In the presence of all


Give your Truth to all

Be your identity


Sat Nam


05/06/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Be the world so that you can heal All as you heal yourself.

Sat Nam


05/06/2020 Tratakam

You are travelling

Every second


Your Truth is free

Follow it


Your path is blazed

By my Light


Open your eyes

See it



Breathe with me


A moment in my life

Is your entire life



Feel at ease


Your ability to forgive

Is your ability to let go


Silence your mind

Be what you are


As you move on

Your past is let go





Loving each day

Knowing each life


Experience the day

Seek its Truth



Receiving All


Give life

As you receive every life


Give peace

As you guide each life home


To my heart

To my Truth


A guided path

A guarded life



By my innocent hearts


Serving my children

Serving as a way of life


Giving up everything

To follow my command


A life lived by few

A life proclaimed by many



Live as you do


My love

My love is your life



Forgive those that proclaim all


Their minds are full

Help them to empty


Their hearts are empty

Help them to fill


A moment in neutrality

Silences every thought


Every breath

Becomes one with me


Every breath

Becomes known to you


My life

Alive and One


Sat Nam


05/05/2020 Kirtan Kriya

The day is lived as the day is served.

Sat Nam


05/05/2020 Tratakam


Let all go


Resist temptation

Resist control


You are free

You are at peace



My day is here


Enjoy everything that is new

Everything is new


The present moment

A unique existence



Your calling


Confinement is an illusion

See with me


You do exist

You have never left


Free yourself

Be who you are





Allow my day to exist

Forgive what others are



Listen to my Word


Every life

Exists as what they are





A unique experience

Each life lives


Free yourself

Live your life


A moment with me

Is a moment with your Truth


To live as One

Is to live as All


Every experience

As One experience


Live your experience

Live in my Light


The day is here

Bless what you are


Sat Nam