Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/10/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Place the health of your body and your mind before anything else.

Sat Nam


04/10/2019 Tratakam


Listen to the trees


Providing you health

Is not a mystery



Where you start


Every drop

Creates an ocean


Every cell

Is nourished by you


What do you create

How do you support


Enjoy your tasks

Or eliminate them


Where you feel stuck

Change it


There is a way

There are an infinite number of ways


My life

Is every life


I am not stuck

I am not afraid



Live my way



Being free


Directing your life

Free from controlling it





Love your life

It is mine


We walk

As One



Fulfill your dreams


Life is beginning

Welcome it


Life is ending

Comfort it


Every ending

Is a new beginning



We are One


As neutral

We are aware


In stillness

Our dreams become the air



Breathe with me


Our work

Begins with each breath


Our work

Ends with each breath



Focus on my Word



Focus on our love


In our heart

We care for the world


Be my stillness

Be my life


Hear my song

Begin your flight


Sat Nam


04/09/2019 Tratakam

In the distance

I am near


In every corner

I can see


In every end

There is a beginning with me


See past the earth

See past every dream


I am the sound

That captures your Soul


I am the moment

That you lose control


I am

Everything that flows


Who will listen

Who will ignore



Sing as you do


If the tree spoke

Whose ears would it reach



Resonates my sound


As you are

You are to be


Long for nothing

Seek every breath



Your life speaks



You are being filled


What you are

How you are to speak



I have made that way


Your day

Begins with me


Your night

Ends with me


As you sleep

I create in plentitude



I can be found



What you already have



A plentitude of ways



Walks towards me


Sat Nam


04/07/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Breathe the air that is lifting your wings.

Sat Nam


04/07/2019 Tratakam

You have been born

With my name on your tongue


Your gift

Is to welcome all that are born


This world

Is a world for me to see


Through your eyes

We see


With every interaction

My glance comes through



Is to share with all


My life

There is so much in store


Every day

Life brings so much joy


Every day

Life challenges this way



To challenge each challenge


Give them to me

I will conquer them all


As we are together

Be free


Eliminate feelings

Eliminate reactions


Give each challenge to me

Remain where you are with me


Each challenge

Is born as a feeling


Each challenge

Is given life as a reaction


Conquer them

Eliminate them completely


As they appear

Remove them from your mind


They are not real

They are not needed


Tell your mind

To please not waste your time


Your time

Is to be with me


What takes you from me

Is to be eliminated now


Tell your mind

You have given your command


Your command

Is my command


You have been born

With your ear open to hear


You have been born

With your eyes open to see


You have been born

To release your love for me


What you give

Is what you create



My love


Look at your challenge

Recognize what it needs


It needs

My love


As it screams

As it attempts to destroy


Give it

My love


Be neutral

Be still


Listen to me

Be silent and peaceful


See your challenge

See how I am with it



As I am



Brings you back to me



Keeps you as One with me



Leads with victory


Love that is equal

Is love that is neutral


Love that is neutral

Is my love



Release my love


Sat Nam