Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/27/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is an endless source of Light.

Sat Nam



05/27/2017 Tratakam


Is what you need


To fly

Is to be still


Within my Light

Within my love


You are free

While you are still with me



Listen to my song


What you hear

Is because of me



In this moment


Be free

As you are


To nourish the world



Is to treat all



Who can be

Neutral with me


The one I choose

That is All


How do you do

Is the question for you


Please request

That I give to you


Pray for guidance

So that you see


My love

Guides all


Into neutrality

So you will walk


To love all

With my hands


To send my Light

Feeling the world


What is you

Is no more


Walk with my tongue

Speaking for you



Let go


Only you as your Truth

Will be presented from now


What is no longer needed

Is already known


The past is gone

So are the longings for it


The future

Will always be unknown


My most precious gift

Is the present moment


When you live



So much to experience



So much to give



So much of your Truth

Now within my being


You are here

Beside me now


Feel my Light

Molding you


Into a formless unknown

To give meaning to all


The world is a gift

That is my life


To experience

Is to bow


In reverence of life

That gives life


What you receive

Is received by all


What you give

Will be given by all


Take my step

Place is gently



That you will create


A present moment

That will be felt by all


My love

My life


You are

My Light



Sat Nam

05/26/2017 Kirtan Kriya

As the waves of emotions come down upon you, smile, as Soul is holding your hand.

Sat Nam



05/26/2017 Tratakam


For a moment


A present moment

With me


All the world

To see


In a cycle

That follows


What is running

What is spinning



Stand still


With me

With all


You can feel



Be relaxed

As you are grace


You deliver

All into peace


When you exist

To exist


As my Truth

Within my stillness


You know

That wisdom is free


If you trust

If you believe


My love is free

To explore


Within your being

To bring forth to all


My life

Is yours





A heart

That is pure


Deep within

So close it is heard


Within your being

A call so loud


You are to be

My Light in all


To fill my love

What is received


Is to be given

A moment


Within my breath

A precious gift


Embracing each heart

With tender love


That creates

From nothing


All will be

A present moment


That is no more

Without my eye


To see through me

Is everything


That will be

From my stillness


A movement so flows

To cover all



Without hesitation


Singing of my love

To generate my Light


In the heart of all

A mission


To be

My present moment


Hold my hands

Feel the world


Through each form

An existence of its own


As One

When felt through me


A gratitude

To live


Through my thoughts

Through my lips


A current

Of my flow



Sat Nam

05/25/2017 Kirtan Kriya

As the Light of the One guides you, feel how beautiful everything in your life truly is.

Sat Nam



05/25/2017 Tratakam

What is your reality

Are you smiling


Feel that which is brought

Into your life


Is a vibration

That you feel


You are there

To be my life


To serve me

Simply by staying


Within my sight

Within my heart


You will transform

The entire world


What you feel

Is sent to you


What you are

Is my Light


Always believe

That I am you


You are courage

You are strength


When you relax

And flow


In my stillness

You create


Allow my hands

To work


Through you

To transform


What is there

That requires my Light


To be

My love


A moment of unrest

Creates too


Much more

That you believe


Be as I am

Within my eyes


Seeing everything

Become nothing


As we are One

Within one Light


Holding your heart



You will go

Into the unknown


Causing so many vibrations

That are not owned


I bring them to you

To bring them to me


You are within me

As I am within you



My love


In all that you do

In all that I can send to you


I am giving

Please receive


With your heart

That trusst me so





To my pulse

To hear yourself


To bring you to

Your inner Truth


Remember my love

When you hear


My vibration

That needs my song



Sat Nam