Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen when Soul is slowing your life.  See what there is to see.  Experience a new reality that Soul is showing you.


01/09/2017 Tratakam

Life can be free

Life can be me


If you see

Your true reality


What you want

What you desire


Can only be me

What my heart desires


For I am who

You are to be


When you doubt

When you fear


Is when you are struggling

To not be me


Simply live



As you receive

Receive me


You can be above

You can be below


It is how you choose

To be


Why be worried

Why be doubtful


When you can be



With a loving smile

With a loving embrace


Of what is in store

For you to explore


Your only trace

Will be me


As I am

Who I am


A living reality

For life to be



In all


Life is so grand

So wonderful to be


Time is now

To go and see






For all to see


I am there

In all


How life is mystery

Is not to understand


Enjoy each day

Be kind to everyone


What you see

As you are me


Is beauty

Is love


In purity

Of form



I command you to


You are to be filled

With me


With each breath

I fill you


With my Light

With my love


Travel the world

Bring only what you store


In you

As me


As long as you live in neutrality

There will be nothing but me


Be as the day

Has brought you to be


You have no desires

You have no routines


You wake

To be me


You listen

To experience me


You live

So that I live


Through you

To share through you


Embrace yourself

You are me


I love life

I love living


I want you to feel free

In this reality


With me

With my love


To keep you light

To keep you free


Live now

As me


As you surrender

Your life to me


A infinite world

Will become


Your reality

As me



Sat Nam

01/08/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Take the time to deeply relax in all that you do.  Living, breathing, and radiating, as Soul.

Sat Nam


01/08/2017 Tratakam

As you dream

Of delivering me


Remember me

Remember my heart


Listen to my Words

As you think your thoughts


I will decide

Who is to receive


You must simply

See me


In all

That I send to you


No more

No less


Love All

And all that they do


Do not worry

About there being enough


Of me

Of my love


I am already everyone

I am all


I will be present

In all that you do


When you love me

When you share me


As you dream of my love

Being delivered to all



That I already do


Love you

Love all


I am in your heart

I hear your calls


I give to you

All my Light


To vibrate

To give sight


Share your self

Share your gifts


Honor me

When you honor yourself


Believe that I have created

Your entire world


Everything that you say

Everything that you see


So relax

Your life is me


Walk as though

You are weightless


Think as though

You are fearless


You are me

In all that you do


Listen in silence

Listen to me


Give others space

To experience neutrality


This is what they need

This sacred space of neutrality


In neutrality I can be





In every thought

In every breath


I exist



You are so loved

As you love so sincerely


The ones before you

The one before me


Your humility

Brings tears to me


You love my creations

So dearly, as me



Sat Nam

01/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Your Truth is Soul.  Your true identity is Soul.  Let all else go and be Soul.

Sat Nam


01/07/2017 Tratakam

Just relax

When you feel you cannot


It is simple

If you breathe


With me

For me



Breathe for me


Life is better

When you have purpose


Your life

Is for me


Live for me

Breathe for me



For me


You can relax

With a simple act



As me


As you inhale

Feel my lungs


Filled with Light

Filled with wisdom


As you exhale

Feel life


Being filled with me

Being radiated with love


Life is a gift

Are you present


With me

With my love


For all the days

That go unnoticed


Did you listen

Did you hear


That life

Is a choice



Will you hear


Will it be me

Or will it be despair


Always listen

Deeply listen


To me

To my Word


I am love

I am kindness


I am Truth

I am life


I will only be

As I am


Relax here with me

Allow me to fill you


With my Light

With my love


So that you can share

With all that find



And me



Rest your mind


Stay with me

In the stillness


You can be

As you truly are


Trust me

I will shout


When you doubt

When you question


Trust me

Trust that I know


What is best

For you and all


Life is not a box

It is limitless


What you experience

Is what you choose


Will you choose me

Or will you choose to be limited


You are my beloved

I want the whole world to know


I fill you

So that you can sing


I am always here

I will always be here


For you to love

For you to know


That I exist in all

I exist for all



Sat Nam