Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

05/10/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Have patience for the path that is there in front of you.

Sat Nam



05/10/2017 Tratakam

For just one glance

Is a daydream


To be with me

When all are near


How in love

You can be


When you are far

You are so close to me


To walk



Is a feeling

That is living


It is a way

To seeing me


In all that you do

In all that you speak


Become this peace

That I give to you


Stay here

With me


In my vibration

You will always be



To fulfill your dreams





What is different

What is difficult



When you are free


With me

With my love


Remain in silence




Is my vibration


Become the glance

That I give to you


With each breath

Carry you


Through each path

There is only one path


To follow me

Is to walk with me



In my Light


Being as One

To be alive


While living

To be nothing


Is to be

My love


How you sing

How you dance


Is your choice

It is your romance


With the world

That has been forever


To be in love

Is my gift


Of realizing

My love


The Universe

Is for you


So many gifts

For all


How many you receive

Is up to you


See through my eyes

To see my glance


As you become

My living reality


Your body

Has the ability


To contain

My being





How you see

You choose


A vessel

To concentrate


My love

To send



With purpose


Direct your consciousness

Speak with me


Give your love

As I give to you


In this state

Your purity is your grace


Give from your heart

That exists as me


I am your love

I am your Light


I am

Your everything



Sat Nam

05/09/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Live to serve your heart freely.

Sat Nam



05/09/2017 Tratakam


Listen to me


You are a burden

When you are away



Planning your doom



Why be so far away


Be the Light

That encourages


Be the love

That fills empty hearts


How you behave

Will affect all


You can live

As one with me


Giving hope



Forever in thought

Of what is not


Do not waste

This life


Your biggest regret

Will be the days unlived


Be your Light

Be your courage


Be your grace

When you are abandoned


You are always

In my arms


Forever living

In my Light


See this

With my eyes


You are the world

In a single eye


You are a mountain

In a single stone


Everywhere you see

You create my reality



With your heart



With my hands


That experience

That you are to have


Bless this earth

With each breath


Your lack of steps

Will hinder your growth


Command the stars

Light the sun


With my love

In your hands



With me


The whole world

At your fingertips





Happily singing

My beautiful song


You are my Light

That becomes you


When you are still

When you trust


That all my love

Is for you


To create understanding

In all that you do


Accept my Truth

That presents to you


You are my love

You are my life


You kiss this world

With each smile


You clear the darkness

With each tear


Each step fuller

Each step brighter





A being of Light

Representing me



Sat Nam

05/08/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Release the love that you have been empowered with.

Sat Nam



05/08/2017 Tratakam


That you feel



To me


Be the beloved

That I created you as


Be the warrior

That I trained you as


Your tears

Create the sea


That you will travel

To reach me


There is a lift

From your wings


That will carry you

To me


Feel your Truth

Become this


Is what I ask

For you


The way

Is right in front of you


My path

My life


Is always

A part of you


There are choices

So choose


What becomes

I promise


Will be the gift

That I sent to you



Receive my love



Take the first step


You are travelling

With me


You are with me



How many times

Can I fill you


With all my love

Until you are frozen


Within the stillness

That allows you to listen


I am here



You experience me



Which will win

My love


There are only steps

With me


So many steps

With me


I give each breath

To carry you across each step


Release this gift

That you keep within


Your love

That can bring all


Into a state

Of my pure love


To be at peace

Is a gift


When you are filled

With every distress


My sacred vibration

Creates love’s pure stillness


That you have been

Filled with



Sat Nam