Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/22/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to hear all that Soul has to share.

Sat Nam



04/22/2017 Tratakam

Return to silence

To be


In a world

That is only me


A life so pure

So enlightened


Of the ways

That bring peace


Deep within

To share with all


A life full

Of my life


Heavenly creatures

In full form


Walking this earth

With eyes closed



Open your eyes


Realize your truth

To set others free


I am your heart

You live within me


Your feet touch

What I place in front


Forever my gift

To a world apart


In every way

That most believe


Live with the wisdom

That all is one


Nothing exists

Outside of me


I have sent

All with a message


To be received

By those passing


In this world

Without a thought


Of how I live

In their hearts


Unlock my Truth

That is called madness


Your secrets

Are my love


You belong in front

Leading the way


In a new beginning

Of pure love


What others think

When others speak


Be silent

Listen with me


See their blindness

With my neutrality


See them

Surrounded by me


Hear what they say

As a cry for me


Exist in silence

To become everything


That allows my love

To flow from you


To open the eyes

Of the ones there


In front of you

My love


The beings of Light

Are everywhere


To give you strength

To bring you close


Just as you are to do

With all in your form


A transition

Of vibrations


If you trust

My expectations


With all there is



Deeply listen

In silence


To experience neutrality

Sacred stillness


To be the one

That allows my love


To radiate from within

From my love


To the world

Outside of you



Sat Nam

04/21/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Appreciate the experiences that Soul has brought into your life.



04/21/2017 Tratakam

In a single



You will begin

To love


As the river

Flows in you


You will believe

That it is true


That my life

Is for you


I am everything

That you wish to be


Hear your longing

Come to me


Within your heart

You will be


At peace

Within this life


With every breath

A current of stillness


To become

Your Truth


In the moment

That you see


Through my eye

As I see through you


The life

That I created


Is alive

Within each Soul


Your experience

Is nothing


Open your mind

To my Truth


My entire universe

Is in front of you


What part are you

Is of no concern


When you see



All the puzzles

That you create


Life is living

As a flow


There is your world

And there is mine


Let go of yours

To see much more


You are within

My vibration


The time is now

For you to know


That you are within

My love


You are within

You are a part of me


Your body

Is nothing


Let it go

To be one with all


Travel the world

In a blink of an eye


When you open

Your true eye


That is one

Of many


That sees



All have my sight

Even if they are blind


Your life

Is mine


Let go of ruling

Let go of controlling


There is so much more

If there is nothing


Where are you

Within my being


There are only levels

That have no meaning


To be a form

That is formless


To be a single form

That belongs to infinity


So many thoughts

That will merge into one


To realize

That you are within me


With the ability

To see all through me


To see with neutrality

To create pure love



Sat Nam

04/20/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be patient for what is already inside you.  Learn to receive what you don’t see.

Sat Nam



04/20/2017 Tratakam

Is this life

For you


Is this life

For me


What is this life

What is meant to be


You create

As I do


What are your choices

What do you see


A life with me

Or a life away


I can feel

I can see


That what you do

Is a trance


To be a part

Of what is not real


Is a feeling

That all want to be


Where am I

In this you see


I am free

I am reality


It is reversed

From what think


I am your Truth

I am everything


But to most

I am nothing


I don’t exist

As I don’t explore


The simple things

That carry you


Throughout your day



I am everything

I am nothing


If you listen

To every heart


You will find me

Living fully


Aware of each sight

That passes each eye



Where am I now



Is nothing


Because it cannot be explained

With words or ideas


It simple is

A feeling


My vibration

You will feel


If you understand

That you are too


A conscious way

To feel


Every breath

Inside of you


You can be



You already are

My dream


One identity

Can be many


If you become

One with me


In a single moment

You can experience all


If you listen

To your Truth


That I am the One

Inside each heart


Your heart

Is my home


Live each breath

In my home


Rest with me

Until all has passed



To my vibration


For this is where

You already exist



Sat Nam