Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/19/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Follow the dream that is the rhythm of your heart.

Sat Nam



04/19/2017 Tratakam

Can you exist

As a memory of me


In all that do

In all that you speak


A living

A breathing



Of me


I have been

Where you wish to go


I am where

You run from now



Are you


Your thoughts

Be with me


Your desires

Remember me


If there are questions

Answer them with me



Sit next to me


Speak to me

As you breathe


The answers

I give to you


Not in words

But in many forms


Look at the world

As I do


The animals speak

As a vibration of me


The plants grow

By receiving me


How you perceive

Is in your memory of me


I give to be

An experience


Of the ones

That travelled the land


That have seen

Because they believe


In their thoughts

In their words


They live

As a memory of me


Follow the rhythm

Release and let go


Become one

With the flow


Of my vibration

That is there for you


To live freely

To walk



With me


In the world

There are two kinds


To be one with all

Is how all were born


To be one with me

Is for you to explore


Can you live

With me


In your heart

In your routine


With every word

Project as my Word


With every heartbeat

Reflect my Light


I am the One

Waiting patiently


For your words

To join with mine


Become my vibration

Become one with me


I invite all

To be with me


To live without identity

Is to live as me


Receive my love

As you remember me



Sat Nam

04/18/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be as the moon is to the sun.

Sat Nam



04/18/2017 Tratakam

Believe in the love

That is in your heart


That is for all

As all are one


To be here

In this state


You are here

With me


There may be

No word or sound


That can be experienced

By all around



That it is true


Because you are here

With me


I give you the gift

To see life as I do


This is a blessing

Although it is distressing


To feel alone

In a world of so many


You are always

In my arms


This is your life



In every vibration

That I send to you


I feel

As you do


Reflect my Light

In this state


Of feeling free

To be anything


With full gratitude

Of simplicity


That my love brings

To your heart


Every word

Every thought



Your humility


Quieten the mind

When it sings of blue


Remember the qualities

Of the unlimited blue



That I soar with you


To feel pure joy

In all that you see


My reflection

Through you


A concrete form

That I give to all


A life

That sees life


In their Truth

In my Light


A golden treasure

Of endless wisdom


To be my hand

That touches the sky


While on earth

In this form


To be my love

That fills the world


With neutrality

Of sacred love


Whose sweetness

Cures the wounds


Of limited ways

That are to be no more


The reflection of my love

Is the new world to see


That has existed

For all eternity



Sat Nam

04/17/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Your heart does not feel pain.  Pure love is a sacred vibration of neutrality.

Sat Nam



04/17/2017 Tratakam

A love so pure

There is no cure


To be with me

Is to be everything


In a single glance

It is like a trance


Of pure bliss

Of sacred ecstasy


There is nothing

To be more


Than a moment

In my eye


You belong

In this world


To be a song

For eternity


The life you live

Is the life of grace


To be given

To give


As a mother

To a child unknown


That is all

In every form


To nourish

The ones


That are alive

On this earth


With my love

With my Light


The experience of me

In a way understood


Is a battle

That must be fought


To open the mind

Of the untold Soul


To feel the release

Of the controls


That keep some

Away from purity


To awaken all

To live as one


Is the experience

That needs to be


An example

With endless possibilities


For each one

Is unique in form


With a key

That will release me


From deep within

I dwell in all


How I wait

In tender patience


For the one

In the human form


That I chose

To release me


In the consciousness

Of the ones


That live



In only fantasy

That will end


In a single song

With a single glance


From me

From within you


Open your eyes

Allow me to see


Release your heart

From its cage


Listen to the silence

That vibrates my Word


To be free

To love


As I do

As I am you



Sat Nam