Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be the one that focuses on the One.

Sat Nam



04/16/2017 Tratakam

Can you believe

In a reality that is me


Can you stay

In this state


Without a cause

Without a reaction


Only love

Only compassion


To be alone

Is a fantasy


You will always

Be with me


Your self

Is only an illusion


You are one

With all creation


The life you live

Is for me


To see the image

From the ones


That are motionless

That are flowing


Into a state

You will become


If you relax

Into love


Of pure thought

With no hesitation


To be neutral

When there is need


To be with me

When others weep


To be me

When all are challenged


Is the highest form

That you can achieve



If you believe


That you are me

In human form


I am inside

Every dream


If all is gone

Where am I


I am here



In the heart

Of all


Feel the trembles

Feel the pain


Give to me

To receive


My Light

That will heal


All the darkness

That is without


Breathe my love

To be with me


Remember my name

To be still


I am the One

That will always be


In the one

That has humility



Sat Nam

04/15/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love everything as a gift from God.

Sat Nam



04/15/2017 Tratakam

Look deeply

With your heart



To feel


The reality

That is Truth


What you feel

Is my Light



Everything as this form


This is the Truth

This my creation


How you appear

Is only one form


Be my creation

Be my form


Within yours

As others see


Allow them

To experience me


Through you

Feel me


As you do

Others will too


In this space

There is no trace


Of the reality

That is not true


Through this connection

Will be pure projection


Of my Light

Of my love


This is the way

Your life is to be





To the vibration

Of me


Through you

I will project


As long as you

Remember me


This is your mission

To simply listen


With every thought

With every word


You remember

My love


Your breath will become

So sweet


As you remember

That it is me


Entering you

To release you


From this limited

Way of being


Without judgement

Without opinion


You will be free

When you are with me


Only speaking

Of the Truth


Which is now

Alive and living





See each moment

As a new beginning


Pure creation

In your eyes


You will see

As I do


My life appears

As a single tear


That fills the ocean

With tender fear


That life

Is nothing without me


Your life

Is a gift


If you remember

All life


Is a most precious gift

Created by my hand


If you listen

To its true vibration


You will feel

My love



Sat Nam

04/14/2017 Kirtan Kriya


Be patient with the mind that longs to be with Soul.

Sat Nam



04/14/2017 Tratakam


To the Truth


It is within






That is causing you

To feel


Return to me

To feel free


All the universe

Is within my palm


Do you understand

Can you comprehend



Is me


Let go of the world

That you think you know


You know



How can you



Your mind to feel

Greater than me


In this world

I am the One


To give you strength

When you doubt


To give you life

When you breathe


A simple task

For me


Is to create life

Out of nothing


Do you know



You have become



With me

In my heart


You are nothing

When you are free


From your thoughts

That mean nothing



On what has true value


My love

My existence


Inside you

With each glance


How can you know

The love in you





Nourish your body

Quieten your mind



With me


Become nothing

With one conscious act


A breath




With humility


That you are nothing

Without me


You are nothing

With me


Where you are



Are you with me

In this moment


If you are

Then you are everything


Cherish this world

For it is me





Is my life

Is my love


Serve each feeling

With my love


You are the one

With my prayer


That will return to me

To free all


By receiving

Each breath



Sat Nam