Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/13/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Commit to breathing each breath consciously.

Sat Nam



04/13/2017 Tratakam

Be open

Be free


If you believe

In sharing me


With your world

With your life


Become the experience

In everyone’s heart


Of the dance

That keeps you



To me


Every moment

You stray


You are so close

To me


I hold your hand

When you run away


I fill your heart

When you feel empty


The world you see

When you are with me


Is the only experience

That I wish for you


The mind

So creative


The will

So demanding


Only I

Am the One


To be your strength

That I give to you


Is your life’s purpose

That I gift to you


Silence the mind

Believe in your life


What you feel

Believe it is true


Your life

So beautiful


Your heart

So pure


You are the one

That fills my heart


Your life’s way

Of humbling me


Must be silenced

To move along


With your life

As I give to you


You are to be free

You are to be one with me


Let go of the mind

Let go of your will


Surrender to me

To become my world


Listen to surrender

Your mind’s control


Listen to control

Your powerful will


Your life

Is to be graceful


Like every bird

That soars in place


The evening star



So many fires

Burning my love


To give you the reality

Of my being


A moment of peace

In pure ecstasy


Of what you say

Is complete stillness


That explodes wisdom

Throughout your vibration


Giving you me

In my loving arms



Sat Nam

04/12/2017 Kirtan Kriya

The Truth within you are the whispers from Soul.

Sat Nam



04/12/2017 Tratakam


Into me



On filling yourself


With me

With my love



Each breath





What you need

You receive


What you don’t

Release to me



With me



On the gift


That you receive

With each breath


This world

Is a dream


Stay with me

Stay with my breath


That I give

To you





You are my



As you do

You are seen


With love

With compassion



On what is needed


Let go

Of what is not





From my eyes



Create love

From my heart


A perfect world

Within a breath





It is there



To be created

By the pure of heart



On my life


Without images

Without descriptions


A vibration

A feeling


That fills you

With me


A life

That exists


As a single breath

That is received


This world

Is my existence


To be understood

As a single life


Seen as many

To each eye


Close your eyes

To trust


The Truth

Of my Word



Your mouth


To experience



Focus on love

Focus on Light


Live each breath

From my joy


Of living



With each breath

Received as a gift



Sat Nam

04/11/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love the way Soul leads you with the Light into the darkness.

Sat Nam



04/11/2017 Tratakam

Lead with your heart

Not with your head


The heart in your mind

Is not the One


The heart of the Soul

Is what you know


As the Light

As the vibration


That gives you flow

That gives you freedom


To be with

To be without


Without any thoughts

Only listening


To my Word

You can go


To hear my sound

In this heart


Is my gift

To you


What becomes

Is for you


To choose

As my way


The choice to be



With anything

That happens


To walk calmly

Is the challenge


When you want

When you long


Be with me



The gift of life

Is your song


My gift

Is your heart


To be together

While alone


Is a beautiful experience

That I give to you


Cherish this

Have reverence


For the experience

Of pure freedom


To be



I am the One

That gives you


To the ones

That are to be gifted


Believe your life

Is my life



That I know


You know

Such a beautiful smile


That fills the world

With my Light


I am the One

In every form


You know

Because you care


Of every breath

Of every life


You care

For my life


Feel this embrace

That completes you


You are full

Because I give to you


Be the gift

That is inside you


All my love

All my Light


In the whole world

For all


You see



Give the experience

That I gift to you



What I have already given



To create receiving


The gift

Of my love



Sat Nam