Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

01/16/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Allow yourself to exist only in the vibration of Soul.  Let every other vibration exist as what it is.  Only be with Soul’s vibration.

Sat Nam




01/16/2017 Tratakam

Be aware

Of your surroundings


Be aware

Of who you are



Deeply listen


To the love

That is in your heart


It is real

It is to feel


The limitless nature

Of what I feel


It is exists

Only as I do


You exist

Only as I do


When you listen

To me in your heart


When you do

Others can feel



In you


My presence

Is known


It cannot be denied

By even the most stubborn of minds


See how I create

See how I love


See how others

Understand who I am


I am the vibration

That keeps you here


I am your breath

I give you all


That you need

In this moment


It is only me

It is only you


As others live

Allow them to listen


Open your heart

Give my Light


You are real

Only when you feel


My Truth

My Word


In your vibration

In your hands


On your tongue

In your thoughts


I am as

I have summoned


In your life

In your presence


I am

I am


As you are

As you are to be


I give you strength

I give you grace


I give you what

Others need


To connect to me

To be my vibration


It is the goal

Of all creation


You are me

As I am you


You must see

In order to be real


I am all

All are me


Let everything be

As I created it to be


With the experience of me

In their heart


They can only dance

They can only listen


To the Universe

To the Wisdom


To the beauty

Of everything that listens


To me

To my heart


I can hear

I can feel


I can be anything

You want me to be


So be me

Free me


To be limitless

To be timeless


To be as all life

To be as your life


You are me

As your heart beats with me


I love you

I love all that you love


I will keep

Your love safe


Share this love

With all that are


There with you

In the life I give to you


I love you

As I love all that you do


I love

I simply love


Remember me

Remember my love


Seek to live

In the remembrance of me


This will give you my strength

This will give you my courage


The remembrance of my love

Will set you free


To believe

In me


To live

As me


I look at you now

Do you see me


I hold you now

Do you feel



My love


Do you feel




Your love



Sat Nam

01/15/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Release that which has not been delivered by Soul.  Be at peace.  Live within the heart of Soul.

Sat Nam



01/15/2017 Tratakam

Look into my eyes

What do you see


Which eye of reality

Do you choose to be


Do you choose only one

Or do you choose to see me


In all my eyes

In all of Infinity


There are many

That look only from


What do you see

When you see through me



Is only my life


The love I give

Is the love for me


What is given

Is not returned


The love I give

Can always be found


In your heart

In your love


Be present

With me


As I walk

Do you follow


Or will you lead

All to me


Lead with the Light

That I give to you


You are not to be

My shadow


I give to you

So that you give me


To all in the world

To all that you see


Which eye of mine

Will you choose to see through


Choose the Truth of me

Choose all that I see


In all my eyes

I see only love


The love that exists

In pure neutrality


Love is never lost

Love is never found


Love is to experience

In its pure form


As I am for you

You are to be


For all my creations

For all that is in my heart


You are to be



Your strength can be found

In your love for me


What makes you happy

Is not a frown


It is the Light

That I fill you with


You are filled

You are ready for flight


Fly to your song

Seek what can be heard


By listening

By deeply listening


To my Word

To my heart


You live

Within me


You live

To fulfill me


I am your breath

I am your heartbeat


I give you everything

That will create


The life that you love

The truth of life


That I created

That can be seen


Only if

You believe


In my love

In my song


Sing for me

Sing my glorious song


Of love for all

Of love


That is so sweet

That is so gentle


That it can stop your heartbeat

It can take your last breath


As you live within my reality

You give all humanity


My love

My Light


My wisdom

My sight


To love All

To be All



Sat Nam

01/14/2017 Kirtan Kriya

The Soul of you is the Soul of All.  Love the beauty of who you are.

Sat Nam





01/14/2017 Tratakam

What is a story

Without my Word


You can read

You can experience me


Do you think

Without me


A story from me

Is me


My story

Is my Word


All the thoughts

All the actions


Come from me

From my creation


It is my love

It is my gift


For you to speak

The Word of me


I have seen




I have created everything


Can you comprehend Infinity

With a single mind


Can you see all

With only two eyes


If you believe in me

You do


You see through me

You exist through me


You see

What I see


You exist

Only as me


As you still yourself

You blossom


Into me

Into my existence


Your mind

So simple


Yet is can create

So much chaos


See the world

As I do


As a part of Infinity

As One with Infinity


There is so much more

That you can experience


And yet

You can only be


As I have intended

As I have created for you


Have gratitude

For your life



That which I have shared with you


Your mind

Is only one aspect of this world


In the darkness

Your mind shall be


Until you travel

To the petals


To me

To my love


Experience my Light



All that I do

Is for you


I give

You receive


The only gift

That I wish to receive


If for you

To receive me


Open your arms

Feel my love


In all your pains

In all your loves


I give to you

I give


You receive

You receive me


Your heart must be open

Your mind must obey


In order to serve

In order to receive me


In all that you do

In all that you see


Receive me

Receive my blessings


You can feel

Me on your cheek


As the wind blows

As the trees speak


In your heart

Is where you are to seek



Sat Nam