Soul Journal Daily Tratakam from Shabad Simran

04/04/2017 Kirtan Kriya

The Soul of life is the life of all.

Sat Nam



04/04/2017 Tratakam

What is the change

Of the seasons


What is the difference

When you are worlds apart


What has become

What is yet to be


All the answers

Are with me


I see you live

I see you hide


What is happening

Is to be your life


Believe in the possibilities

Believe in the life


That is travelling

With me as a guide


The life to be

Is the life with me


What others see

Is up to me


How you hear

How you listen


Is up to me too

So accept your mission


To love all

To serve all


When others can’t

When others doubt


You simply walk

With me


Your thoughts are real

Your heart is full


Serve the ones

That I ask of you


You are the reason

For the change in season


You are the gift

That I give to all


To love

Without fear


To love all

With my Light


Creates the tears

That fill the oceans


The vibration of creation

Is the rhythm that you feel


You believe in the world

That was created by me


You believe in love

As I intended it to be


You can feel

You can see


Be relaxed

Be comforted


By the ability

To remember me


In each moment

You hear my song


You see my wings

Carrying all


What do they see

What do they feel


See them with me

See them with you


In the heavens

As they relate


To a world of change

To a world of creation


With no beginning

With no ending


The Light in all

Is never ending


I feel the moment

That you look to me


For your life

In perfect harmony


With all of nature

With all the ones


That walk with me

In my place of home


You are there

Within my heart


Your days

Are mine


Your nights

Are mine


To be my Light

To give to all



Sat Nam

04/03/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Be safe.  Be under control.  Be the breath that releases all.

Sat Nam



04/03/2017 Tratakam

Your eyes are closed

Your lips are sealed


What you hear

You don’t see


Is it real

Is it me


Can you believe

Can you trust


That I am the One

In every form


What you create

Is real


All of creation

Is a reflection


Of what you speak

Of what you think


I am all

I am never incomplete


Of all love

Of all Light


That you see

In front of you


What is there

Behind you


All around you

Do you feel


A place of being

Out of control


Having no need

Or want in the world


Because you are free



Of all bonds

Of all cages


That are real

Because you create them


There is nothing

In the world


That keeps you away

From my sacred heart


Even in the negativity

My love


Continue to grow

In pure neutrality


Will the world be

If you remain


In your state

Of purity


What you think

What you create


You project

Like an arrow


Creating a target

Of your unknown


What has it hit

What has it destroyed


Choose your thoughts

With me in your heart



With my love


Every thought

Every word


Is your creation

Feel its vibration


What is there

In its path


Is the unknown

Is the unseen


That you create

That you destroy


As I do

Create with love


From neutrality

To create as One


Without the future

To alter the reflection


With no past

To change the beginning


You are free

When you breathe



Every breath



To become me


Project with focus

Of my Light


That creates

With intention


To live consciously

To live for all



Sat Nam

04/02/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love separates trust from doubt.

Sat Nam



04/02/2017 Tratakam

You can be free



In your heart

In your mind


If you release

Your limited ways


Everything you do

Everything you say


Leave them behind

For yesterday


Do not think

About the past


Never pursue

The future


Live now

In the present


When you do

You live as you


You can be everywhere

In a moment


To breathe with me

Is your present


That expands

Your experience


That commands

The mind


To feel comfort

In the breath


That I give

To you


Do as you must

In order to trust


Walk with me



Let go of chores

Let go of ultimatums


Simply be

Present with me


There is nothing

To achieve


There is nothing

To become


There is only me

In every form


Around you now

What do you see


Where am I

Do you enjoy me


In everything



Find your breath

To find your life


Discover this life

To become your Soul


In the present

Creating life


The vibration you create

Is the vibration that is felt


What you feel

You created


Be now

As you are with me


What have you created

That you think you run from


Oh little one

You are of the Light


Your Light is me

You are me


Be as the flower

That releases the seeds


Into the unknown

To create the known



Of my Light


Where you go

You will never know


The life to live

Is always changing


If you trust

If you believe


That you are with me

Because I carry you


To all the world

That I need to see


Through the eyes

Of humility


Your state of grace

Is to be


The way

You represent me


Alive with love

Alive with passion


Your grace

Will create neutrality


In the most

Beautiful world


That you create

To include all


In unlimited thoughts

In unlimited actions


A world of grace

From a single moment


A present moment

Within my breath



Sat Nam