The Adventure Will Start


12/29/2019 Kirtan Kriya

As the energy around you approaches, gracefully remain the Light that you are.

Sat Nam


12/29/2019 Tratakam


Be with the Soul



What you are


What is approaching

What is far


Be my Light

That touches All


The moment you feel

Return to my love


My love

Be neutral


The day will pass

The adventure will start


Be my one

That projects my love


Into each eye

Reflect my love


Be my presence

That remains neutral


Chant my Word

Send all to me


The world is waiting

To be healed by me


My love exists

In every life


Walk my love

Give everyone my sight


My presence



My love

Is real


My life

Awakening in All


The moment you feel

Focus on my Word



You will be neutral


Remember my Word

Give everything to me


Your day

Is where I am


Relax every cell



Feel my peace

Surrounding you


Let all feel at peace

Remain peaceful


What others are

Is where they are


Allow each to be

As they are


You are to live

As your Truth


Place each foot



Create my path

For others to choose


Each choice

Is one that I choose






In reverence of All


Sat Nam