This is the very basic meditation of Kundalini Yoga, and you can use it any time!  It is the base or "default" meditation for all the other kyias and meditations for the best reasons--simplicity and power!
It may take a little time at first to read these pages,
but once you get them down,
it all takes about a second to get going!
SIT STRAIGHT AND TUNE IN! Please click here to learn that.
LONG DEEP BREATH Please click here to learn that.
Please close your eyelids and roll your eyeballs up to look at your "third eye point" from the inside.  Your third eye is located at the point between your eyebrows and just above.  Then actually pull on those eye muscles as you look up.  That sets off a marvelous chain reaction to get your pituitary gland secreting and upgrade the energetics of this amazing "chakra."
Now, you can increase the power of this wonderful long, deep breath by attaching a foundational mantra to it!
To do this, as you slowly inhale (long deep breath), think of the primal sound "SAT" that rhymes with "hot," drawing out the sound of that syllable for the whole inhale.  Sat is translated as Truth--that total ineffable Truth that is the Universe and all It's particular workings and manifestations.
And on the exhale, mentally vibrate the word "NAM," that rhymes with "mom."  Nam means identity.  In other words, you identify, or call on, or put yourself in the presence of that totality of Truth.
All this doesn't look like too much, but put them all together and you have a whopper of a package to activate your energetic system and connect your everyday self with your Infinite Self!  Try the experience!
So, try doing this for a yogic time interval such as 3, 5, 11 or 31 minutes for a full meditation!  So simple, but so powerful!
CLOSE the meditation space.  Please click here to learn that!
And for continuous support from the Infinite, try doing your meditation regularly such as every morning or every evening, as well as when you need it during the day.