This meditation is to develop highly refined, balanced and
very successful leadership abilities
based on genuine character!
Something we often find in short supply!
Assessment of Personality &
Facets Through Intuition
This Projection supports you to act on your duty and to deliver your identity regardless of conditions.  It builds your projection of character.  When refined and balanced, your deep insight into situations and people lets you instinctively know what someone will really do for your project and what they won't.
You can utilize people in ways that bring success to them and to you.  You inspire confidence and people follow you automatically based on your judgement.  It gives you the capacity to apply a regime of change and development within yourself.  You never are depressed by blockages.  Your rule is that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback, lessons, and new strategies.  You can demand and evoke the best from your staff and team.
If it is too strong, you may assume everyone knows himself or herself as clearly as you do.   You do not aggressively supervise and critique others who depend on you for that insight.
If it is too weak, you can be influenced by fame and recognition.  You underestimate the personal interests of others.  You can believe your marketers and public and, out of a positive mind, stop short of the final purpose you aim toward.


Sphinx Kriya


Sit Straight and Tune In

Put your body into cow pose--on the hands and knees with the back gently arched down.  Bend the elbows until the forearms come onto the ground.  Bring the forearms together.  Place both palms flat on the floor with the sides of the thumbs touching.  Raise the head slightly.  Look at the tip of the nose.  Inhale deeply and chant the mantra out loud 8 times as you exhale.
Sat naam, sat naam, sat naam, sat naam, sat naam, sat naam, wha-hay gu-roo
Continue for 31 minutes.  Then inhale, hold the breath, and concentrate at the brow.
Relax at least 1 1/2 hours and have water available to drink when finished.  This kriya gives the power to know the past, present, and future.  It opens the intuition and gives your words great powerful impact on others.
This Kriya comes from the book, "THE MIND, ITS PROJECTIONS AND MULTIPLE FACETS" by Yogi Bhajan, PhD with Gurucharan Singh, PhD on page 187.  According to Ancient Healing Ways from whom you would normally order this book, it is currently out of print (10/21/06).  But please check it out for yourself by clicking here. Used with permission from KRI.