Our Mom--Mother Earth,
also known as Adi Shakti, Primal Earth Power
has been giving us good advice.
Below is her "vibrational call," her mantra in the first box,
and in the second box is her introduction to herself.
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The words of the mantra that Mother Earth tells us would bring union and power to our own Earth change for the good of all are:
Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo, Namo.
Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo, Namo
Pritam Bhagwati, Pritam Bhagwati, Pritam Bhagwati, Namo Namo
Kundalini, Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo, Namo
She tells us that we have the power to ease the Earth and all present through the upcoming changes by repeating this mantra.  Her instructions are to do this with all your heart and soul while you hold hands with all of humanity in a communal spirit!
You can do this as a meditation, as a song, or as a prayer.  It is often done for 11 or 31 minutes.  It's best to do it daily, and you can play it all the time on auto replay in your home or office.  Projecting this mantra also takes away negativity, eliminates fears and brings fulfillment of desires.  So, prepare to be uplifted!  And this mantra is also sung so sweetly to a woman on her 120th day of pregnancy when the Soul of the new little one enters its body.  And, of course anyone--man, woman or child can use this lovely mantra to contact and bring forward their own powerful feminine as well.
(One more use--actually my son-in-law GuruMeher Singh, the wonderful teacher from Los Angeles did this mantra every day for a full year to attract a great wife--that would be my daughter, Siri-Atma Kaur.  And for that same year, she was actually doing the So Purkh verse to magnetize a fine husband!  They have now been married for over 20 years, have two amazing kids, and continue to discover and deepen their happiness together!)
The word "Namo" means "I bow to."  But in so doing, you also blend with the One that you bow to.  Therefore, the translation is:
I bow to:
Adi Shakti, the Primal Earth Power
Sarab Shakti, the Goddess Power
Pritam Bhagwati, that which creates through the Infinite Creator
Kundalini, Mata Shakti, the unlimited power that can rise up an individual's spine, the Infinite Mother Power.
To listen to Guru Ganesha Singh Khalsa sing this wonderful meditation on his CD "Pure Ganesh," you can click the second to the left icon on the sound bar below!  And to stop the continuous play, click the right icon.  The length of this cut is 7:13.
And to order this CD, you can click here go to Spirit Voyage or call them at 1-800-735-4800.  The cost is $17.95.

To hear Sada Sat Kaur's beautiful and traditional version of this Adi Shakti meditation ( the one that we sing at a woman's 120th day of preganancy to welcome the great Soul into its new little body in utero), please click the arrow button on the left side of this icon.  The cut is 11:09 and will play continuously until you click it off with the button on the right side of the icon.
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For your convenience, here are other versions of this powerful mantra that are sung beautifully on cassette or CD that you can get from Ancient Healing Ways.  Your choices are:
  • CD by Dev Suroop Kaur, "Mudras and Mantras,"  $18.  The length of the Adi Shakti cut is 6 min. that could be put on auto replay.
  • CD by Guru Das Singh and Kaur, "Adi Shakti, Gobinde Mukunde,"  $17.98, 31 min.
  • Cassette by Nirinjan Kaur, "Adi Shakti,"  $11, 31 min.
You can reach Ancient Healing Ways at www.A-Healing.com, or call:
800-359-2940 from the USA and parts of Canada, or 505-747-2860.


Sat Nam,
Is it OK for a man to do the Adi Shakti meditation or is it only for
women? Thanks for your answers

Yes, To relate to the feminine power is vital for all off us, since
the universe is a polarity of masculine and feminine; both are in us
and in everything.
One could say that the imbalance of fear and disrespect of the
feminine is the root cause of our many current global crises. Yogi
Bhajan taught about this.
I meditated with this mantra to overcome my fears and heal my past
traumas regarding women. Yogi Bhajan suggested I start a family,
which freaked me out since I was very insecure about my abilities to
handle the commitments of long term relationship. I felt an immediate
relief after one sitting that I vowed to do it daily until the first
night of the marriage I wanted. That ended up being a year.
It really worked for me, easing the fears and building a healthy
respect for the feminine. Meditating on that mantra brought me an
amazing wife with whom I am happier than ever after 25 years.
So that is my experience of Adi Shakti Namo Namo....


GuruMeher Singh, Los Angeles (a great teacher and coach, and Siri Gian's son-in-law!)

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Preface to Soul Answer Earth Passages…

Published May 11, 2006


Recently, Mother Earth tapped me on the shoulder and started talking to me. Really! You can imagine my surprise! She said that she has lots to tell us, and that she would like me to dictate her messages for all of us.

So, here she is introducing herself and starting to give us extraordinary information for our special lives here, participating together in her gracious planet! This will be the first in a series of her messages. Enjoy!



As we know, Earth has a soul of her own!

Sometimes she is called Gaia,sometimes Adi Shakti--as primal Earth energy, and sometimes just good ol' Mother Nature. Some maintain devotion to her through the figure of Our Lady of Guadalupe and other spiritual symbols. But whatever you call her, she is always feminine, the receptive aspect of creation that forms our wonderful home planet and the energetic processes that motivate Life and Change here.

If we thought about it, we would have so much respect for her--all her beauty, all her power, all her supporting capability are so enormously sophisticated! Although scientists try so doggedly to understand her secrets, her working mechanisms are so profound that science in all its avenues is just now literally scratching the surface of her mystery. And her mystery is that she is not just mud and water and air and chemicals necessary to the formation of life as we know it. No indeed! She is so much more!

Mother Earth is a powerhouse of connective, conscious energy! She not only "knows" in a most profound way "when you are sleeping and when you are awake," but she as her vivacious energy field is the source of our dreams--our lives on this fair planet being essentially a dream when viewed from absolute Reality. She is the active medium or milieu of energy that provides the base or the fundamental potion for the existence of all on this big blue planet.

When we consult astrology, we are looking at how the magnetic pull of other very far away planets in our shared solar system affect our individual energy fields. In fact, when we do that, we calculate Earth as a stable given base line (by our birth time and place here) that is always the same in these calculations. So now, begin to contemplate the enormous effect that our Mother Earth's energy field has on us. It is us! It is all that is around, above and below us! And she is fully Conscious. That is why Yogi Bhajan said that if we call on her, she has the capacity to take our cares away.

But Mother is in a time of transition. That means that we ALL are in transition. She is "changing her gown," which could also be thought of as revamping her intrinsic flowing nature right now. Her magnetic field, or you could call it her essential operative energy is shifting its nature right now. And we all--humans, plants, animals, seas, atmosphere and land are all part of that grand shift. And when Mother makes that shift, all will be different--including us!

Lakes and mountains may be in different places, ocean floors may develop strange new rifts, species of birds and other animals may be different, and so on. But for us, we humans, our consciousness--our awareness, our operating systems, our memories, the way we do things, what is important to us and so on will be different! And the path to becoming different is absolute and profound CHANGE. That is change to a level that has not been experienced by humankind in all of human memory. Change is never really easy for humans. We like to rely on what we already know--habits that get us through. But this process of change will leave our habits worthless.

On the other hand, the greatest assets that humans have are adaptability, will andconsciousness. So, take heart! We will be exploring Mother's transformations and developing our ability to swim right along with her changes in this upcoming series of Mother Planet Passages in a number of our Soul Answer Newsletters.

The crux is that whatever doesn't move with Mother's changes will eventually be thrown off as debris. So, with that ultimatum, this series of articles will be devoted to learning how to swim with Mom! We'll explore more next time.

Your loving Mother! (by way of Siri-Gian)


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On Mother's Day, May 11th, 2003, our Beloved Teacher, Siri Ingh Sahib Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji wrote to us:

My Dear One in Divine,

Sat Nam. Greetings in the Name of God, the Light of every Soul.

I am writing this letter very personally to you with all my love and affection on Mother's Day.

On this Mother's Day, let us accept Mother Earth as our real mother. She needs our help, respect and understanding. God created everything in balance. There is no difference between a grain of sand and a mountain. One day there shall be unbearable consequences for little mistakes that abuse Mother Earth.

A Mother freely teaches values and virtues to every child for their prosperity, peace of mind, and consciousness. Let us honour our Mother for our own integrity and happiness. May we learn to serve and protect our Mother Earth with an open heart.

My love and prayers are with you and your family now and forever.

In the Name of the Cosmos which prevails through everyBody and the Holy Nam which holds the world.

Humbly yours,

Yogi Bhajan.



Perhaps the rarest of mudras in tatva yoga this is a complete body mudra

This is the mudra that connects to the Universal Mother.

Yogi Bhajan tracked the yogi that knew this meditation for three months in the Himalayas and then waited in Gurupranam (a yoga posture) outside his home for two days to get it.

Start Time 16 minutes.

Sit with the right foot flat on the floor, knee to chest.

The right elbow rests on the knee with the hand cupping the ear. The fingers are straight back.

The left leg is flat on the ground with the toes on the Achilles tendon of the right foot.

Left hand goes behind the hips.

Relax and chant deeply

Mmmaaaaaaaaa. Mmaaaaaaaaaa Mmaaaaaaaaaaa. Long Ma