Given January 31, 1996
Sit in easy pose with your chin in and your chest out.  Stick your tongue all the way out and keep it out as you rapidly breathe in and out through your mouth.  This is called Dog Breath.  Continue the panting diaphargm breath for 3-5 minutes.
To finish: inhale, hold your breath 15 seconds, press the tongue hard against the upper palate.  Exhale.  Repeat this sequence two more times.
This exercise brings energy to your immune system to fight infection.  It is a very healing exercise.  When you feel a tingling in your toes, thighs, and lower back it is an indication that you are doing the exercise correctly.
"If the food you eat makes your mind go berserk and your body is churned in pain, that food is worthless."  Guru Nanak
From page 45 of the Kundalini Yoga Manual, "Reaching ME in Me," by Harijot Kaur Khalsa, and published with permission by Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, MN. Used with permission from KRI. Available at Ancient Healing Ways.