Initiation into Intuition

By Yogi Bhajan, November 3, 1992

From the book: “Praana, Praanee, Praanayam”  Copyright, Kundalini Research Institute, Espanola, NM 87532. Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®

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Sit in Easy Pose (cross legged position) with a straight spine, chin in and chest out. Balance yourself effectively on your hips, making sure that the pelvic bone holds the weight evenly. Use your thumb to lock down your Mercury finger (pinkie) and keep the other three fingers extended straight. When the Mercury finger is securely locked down, it becomes possible to extend and keep the other three fingers straight. Rest the outside base of the hands on the knees, fingers pointing forward and slightly down, and palms parallel to each other.

Put your eyes at the tip of your nose. “If you really put them at the tip of your nose, you’ll see a blue circle underneath. It is called the ‘Blue Pearl.’ It’s a little black-ish blue, but it is just a huge pearl. It has a hemisphere and you just see part of it. Keep it visible.”

Curl your tongue inside toward your throat as much as you can and pull it hard. “All we need is the central nerve of the tongue pulled backward. If you pull that tongue correctly, your forehead will become heavy like lead in a few minutes.” Continue with a steady and solid pull on the tongue for 11 minutes.

To Finish: Inhale deeply, hold the breath 20-25 seconds, pull the tongue with a force and synchronize that pull with tightening every muscle in the body. “On the last time, pull the tongue to the maximum and tighten the body to the point of kampana, which means ‘shaking.’ The whole body will shake. If you pull on the tongue and consolidate the body, energy will go into every fiber and that is all you need.” Then relax.

Yogi Bhajan’s Comments:

“If, in this posture, you are perfect, your Mercury finger is under control and your tongue is pulled to the maximum, it will give you initiation into intuition. Intuition is a priceless faculty that mankind must have to live on this Earth. If you pull hard on your tongue, your ears may buzz and your forehead will just be lump of lead. You will feel like you are having a terrible time. You can do it. Your mind is the servant and you are the master.

This kriya is my gift to you. If you do this exercise for eleven minutes every day, you will develop such a powerful intuition that it will clearly warn you of any danger or calamity. And that is not the best part. That is a gimmick. The best part is that you will have self-control when you are angry. This is a rate human quality. If a human can control his anger, he can rule the world.

“In seventy-two hours this exercise will show its effect. You will wake up from sleep and problems will start being answered for you without your doing a thing. This is how effective it is. All confused items in the past will start being solved within seventy-two hours. If you have done even three minutes correctly out of the eleven minutes, you have won the game.

“Your power is in how the mechanism of the brain works for you and how much vitality you have to face the viciousness of the time. Life is not what you think it is. Life is a high frequency process, pressing itself through you, and it is as powerful as you can imagine.”